Sora Harukawa Mini Event School Halls.png
"HiHi~ Do you play video games, Anzu? Sora recommends old retro games!"
Location: School Halls
テレビゲームをする I play video games. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "あんずの弟がいろいろ持ってるから、たまに遊んでるのな~♪ それなら今度、宙ともゲームをしましょう!

Anzu's younger brother has all different kinds, so you get to play them once in a while, huh~? In that case, let's play together next time!"

スマホのゲームをする I play mobile games. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Mobile games are easy to play, huh~? Simple is good too, but Sora prefers to play on a big screen!"
最近はあんまり Not so much recently. Luck Down
Character response: "You're so busy that you can't play them at home, huh~? I know, why don't you come to the Game Research Club? We have lots of different games to play, okay~♪"
Correct Choice: I play video games. (テレビゲームをする)

Sora Harukawa Mini Event Garden.png
"Haha~♪ The weather's nice today too, huh~? Basking in the sunlight will help Sora grow fast!"
Location: Garden
洗濯日和だね Perfect day to do laundry. Luck Down
Character response: "HiHi~ Speaking of which, there's some laundry drying up on the roof, huh~? Senpai said it's important to be frugal, yeah~?"
レッスン日和だね Perfect day for a lesson. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "HiHi~♪ レッスンで身体を動かしたり、踊ったり楽しいな~♪ 後半のレッスンもお願いします!

HiHi~♪ Dancing and moving your body in lessons is fun, you know~♪ I'd like the second half of the lesson too, please!"

お昼寝日和だね Perfect day for a nap. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "HuHu~? Sora is full of energy because he sleeps a lot every day! When Anzu's sleepy, it's better to go to sleep early, okay~?"
Correct Choice: Perfect day for a lesson. (レッスン日和だね)

Sora Harukawa Mini Event Fountain.png
"HuHu~♪ When we take a break, let's resupply with sweets, yeah~? Sweet things will bring out our energy!"
Location: Fountain
量は調整したほうがいい An adjusted portion is better. Red Fragments
Character response: "HeHe~ Even if we're exercising a lot, it's no good, huh~? Sora will remember to put nutrition in his diet!"
心も元気になる Our hearts will also become energized. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "HeHe~♪ Exactly, yeah~ When you eat it, it feels pink? Yellow? It's a happy color!"
塩分も摂ったほうがいい We should take something salty. Red Fragments
Character response: "HoHo~? Since we're sweating a lot, salt is important too, huh~? Master said everything should be well-balanced!"
Correct Choice: Our hearts will also become energized. (心も元気になる)

Sora Harukawa Mini Event Garden Terrace.png
"Anzu, you look kind of down~. If you're feeling sad, Sora will try to do something interesting to cheer you up~ How's that sound? ♪"
Location: Garden Terrace
眠かったから…… It's because I'm sleepy... Blue Fragments
Character response: "むう? 眠いなら、お昼寝します? ししょ~が『シエスタ』は健康にもいいって言ってました!

Hmm? If you're sleepy, why not take a nap? Master was saying that taking a siesta every now and then is good for you!"

暑かったから…… It's because it's hot... Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "HaHa~、暑くてぐったりしてたのな~。それなら購買部でアイスを買いましょう! 冷たくて、甘くて、幸せの味な~

HaHa~, you were feeling sluggish from the heat, huh~? Let's go get ice cream at the school store then! It's cold and sweet, so a taste of it'll make you happy~"

疲れてたから…… It's because I'm worn out... Blue Fragments
Character response: "HaHa~? あんずはおつかれさまです、無理したら倒れちゃうのな~? 宙が飲み物買ってきましょうか?

HaHa~? You've been working hard, huh? If you push yourself too hard, you might collapse~ Want Sora to go get you something to drink?"

Correct Choice: It's because it's hot... (暑かったから……)

Sora Harukawa Mini Event Classroom.png
"Sora's really good at finding lost stuff and missing people! You could call him Super Detective Sora ♪"
Location: Classroom
居場所が見えるの? Can you tell where they're likely to be? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Yeah! Sometimes, Sora can just tell where somebody would leave something~♪ Sometimes Sora just finds stuff randomly, though."
音で辿れるの? Are you good at tracking sounds? Red Fragments
Character response: "Sora could probably tell if something was making noise or moving...? Other sounds get mixed in, though, so Sora doesn't do that much~"
においで辿れるの? Are you good at tracking scents? Red Fragments
Character response: "Nnn, I guess Sora can sometimes do that~? But there are people with better sense of smell than Sora, so it'd be better to ask them~"
Correct Choice: Can you tell where they're likely to be? (居場所が見えるの?)
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