Shu Itsuki Mini Event Hallway

I can't pass with you standing there. Make way, or do you have business with me?"

Location: Hallway
マドモアゼルに用事があります I have business with Mademoiselle. Luck Down
Character response: "Don't just talk to Mademoiselle, Mademoiselle is currently talking to me!"
斎宮先輩に用事があります I have business with Itsuki-senpai. Blue Fragments
Character response: "...You are calling for Kagehira, you say? I am just about to head there, there's no need for you to go out of your way."
道をあける Make way. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "ふふん、素直に言うことを聞くのは感心なのだよ。君は見所があるじゃないかッ!

Fufun, I admire your frankness. You have a charm point after all!"

Correct Choice: Make way. (道をあける)

Shu Itsuki Mini Event Handicraft Club Room
Location: Handicraft Club Room
驚かしてみる Try scaring him Small Yellow Jewel
Character response: "何をしているッ、こそこそと近づいたところで気配くらいわかるのだよ! 僕を見くびるなッ!

What are you doing, I can tell you are trying to sneak closer to me! Don't belittle me!"

顔色をうかがう Look at his expression Luck Down
Character response: "Wha- what are you doing! How rude to suddenly come close to me!"
声をかける Call out to him Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "『Oh my, do you have business with Shu-kun? Shu-kun's busy right now! Instead, why don't you talk to me about it?』"
Correct Choice: Call out to him (声をかける)

Shu Itsuki Mini Event Soundproof Lesson Room
"『あら、あんずちゃん! 宗くんにご用かしら? えっと、見せたいものがあるのね?』

『Oh my, Anzu-chan! Do you have business with Shu-kun? Hmm, you have something you want to show him?』"

Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
スポーツドリンクをわたす Pass him a sports drink Red Fragments
Character response: "『So you are aware that he is practicing. I am grateful that you are with Shu-kun. ♪』"
クロワッサンをわたす Pass him a croissant Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "How is it that you know what I like? I suppose this is to be expected of the producer; you can't afford to be negligent."
手品をみせる Show him a magic trick Red Fragments
Character response: "『Ah, Shu-kun looks rather displeased! I'm sorry, but perhaps you should come back later?』"
Correct Choice: Pass him a croissant (クロワッサンをわたす)

Shu Itsuki mini event handicraft room

Did you come for a schedule confirmation? Even if you don't bother to come, you can also hear necessary information from Kagehira, right?"

Location: Handicraft Club Room
伝えに来てください Please come tell me
Character response: ""
電話を取ってください Please pick up the phone Heart
Character response: "Ah. I find it annoying during work, so I usually have it turned off. I think of it as good luck if you notice."
メールをください Please email me
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: 電話を取ってください (Please pick up the phone)

Itsuki Shu mini event handicraft club room 3

You want to do a design consultation? For the sewing itself you should ask a teacher, but if it's a design, I suppose it's alright."

Location: Handicraft Club Room
色のバランスが…… About the color balance... Blue Fragments
Character response: "……ふむ、散らかっていて美しくないねッ! いいかね、まずはこの色をここに置いて、こうしてだね……"
コンセプトが…… About the concept...
Character response: ""
細かいところが…… About the details... Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "なるほど、やりたいことは理解できるがイメージがまだ曖昧だね。ちょっと貸してみたまえ、ヒントくらいあげよう"
Correct Choice: 細かいところが……
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