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"Ah~... Hey. Have you seen my brother around here?"

Location: Garden
見たかもしれない I might've seen him. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Huh, where? There? Here? Walking around the school grounds avoiding my brother is gonna be difficult if you're gonna be all vague like that~"
そこの角を曲がった He went around that corner. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Ah~... Is that so. Well then, I won't go that way."
見かけていない No, I haven't. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "そう? それなら別にいいや、何でもないから気にしないで"

"Really? Nevermind then. Don’t worry about it."

Correct Choice: No, I haven't. (見かけていない)

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"んん……、転校生? なんだ、片付けしてしてるんだ。お腹すいたから何かあると思ったんだけど……?

Hmm...Transfer student? Oh, you're cleaning up. I'm hungry, so I was just wondering if there was anything here...?"

Location: Garden Terrace Kitchen
残り物ならあるけど There are some leftovers if you want. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "ふうん誰かのためにとっておいてるわけでもないの……? じゃあ、遠慮なくもらっておこうかな……♪

Hmm? You weren’t saving them for someone else…? In that case, don’t mind if I do...♪"

炭酸ジュースならあるけど There's some soda if you want. Red Fragments
Character response: "Umm. Well, I’ll take it, but I was hoping for something to eat... Just kidding. Don’t worry about it, okay?"
これから作ってもいいけど I could make you something. Blue fragments
Character response: "It's fine, it's fine. I'm not so hungry that I would force you to make me something...?"
Correct Choice: There are some leftovers if you want. (残り物ならあるけど)

Ritsu mini event hallway options.png
"あれ? あんたもう下校時刻なのにまだいるの? あ~……俺はさっき起きたからちょっとだけ練習、みたいな?

Huh? You haven’t gone home yet? Ah~ ...I just woke up a while ago, so I was thinking maybe I’d practice a little."

Location: Hallway
ダンスの練習 Dance practice Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "So you’ll come along with me for lessons? Well, if you want, but I doubt you could give me any good advice...♪"
パフォーマンスの練習 Performance practice Red Fragments
Character response: "I’m not going to show you flashy appeals so easily, you know? And I don’t have any energy until it’s late at night, anyway…"
歌の練習 Singing practice Trust Up
Character response: "どうせ発声練習とか基礎しかしないけど?俺の歌が聴けるとかちょっと期待でもした……?

I’ll only be covering the basics like vocal exercises, though. Were you expecting to be able to hear me sing...?"

Correct Choice: Dance practice (ダンスの練習)

Ritsu Sakuma Mini Event Garden Space.PNG

Ah~... I’m sleepy. I feel like I could still use some sleep. My neck hurts since I slept in a weird position though, so I could use a pillow..."

Location: Garden Space
タオル Towel Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "You brought it for practice, but I can use it since it’s leftover? Well, I guess it’d be better than sleeping without anything at all. I’ll take it, thanks… ♪"
膝枕 My lap Luck Down
Character response: "Nn. You’re pretty bold to offer something like that in a place with all these other people around… But I’d rather not."
抱き枕 Dakimakura Fever Up
Character response: "Well, that’d work, but... You wouldn’t find one even in the infirmary. Or are you saying that you’ll be my dakimakura?"
Correct Choice: Towel (タオル)

Ritsu Sakuma mini event garden terrace.png

Hm? What’d you say? It’s rare for me to be awake during the day...? I’m hungry, so I just came to replenish on nutrients."

Location: Garden Terrace
トマトジュース? Tomato juice? Blue Fragments
Character response: "Just because my brother’s always drinking it, don’t go assuming that I do too. It’s seriously a bother to be considered the same type as him…"
甘いもの? Sweets?
Character response: "Well, it’s fine if you buy me something, but I can make them myself. And anyway, it’d be better that way since I can make it taste how I like..."
人間狩り……? Human hunting...? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "あんたも意外と物騒なこと考えるんだね……。狩らないけど、その場合あんたが提供してくれるの……?

You have a surprisingly dangerous way of thinking, too… I don’t hunt, but if I did, are you offering yourself...?"

Correct Choice: Human hunting...? (人間狩り……?)

Ritsu Sakuma mini event rooftop.png

Hey… Anzu. The sunlight here is keeping me from sleeping, so block it with something."

Location: Rooftop
ハンカチを渡す Give him a handkerchief Red Fragments
Character response: "Huh? You think the sunlight can be blocked out with this thin piece of cloth…? So annoying that you’d mess with me like this..."
傘を差す Open an umbrella Red Fragments
Character response: "むう……頭しか守ってくれないけど、ないよりはまし。ありがと、あとは静かに寝かせて~

Hmph… It’s only enough to cover my head, but it’s better than nothing. Thanks, now just let me sleep in peace."

洗濯物を干す Hang up some laundry Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "あぁ、ちょうど遮ってくれるしいいにおいがする……。よく眠れそう〜……♪

Ah, it blocks it out just enough, and it smells nice, too… I think I’m gonna have a nice nap~…♪"

Correct Choice: Hang up some laundry (洗濯物を干す)

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