Natsume Sakasaki Mini Event Soundproof Lesson Room
"レッスンしているときのボクの足並み? 揃わなくたっていいだろウ。 ボクはボクの思ったとおりに踊るだけダ。

Are you curious about my steps during lessons? They don't have to be Even. I'm just dancing how I want To."

Location: Soundproof Lesson Room
まわりと揃えたほうがいい It would be better if you matched them to those around you. Red Fragments
Character response: "ボクは縛られないヨ? 強制させられるなら、ボクはどこかへいこウ。 雲のように大気に流れていくのサ・・・♪

But I can't be tied Down? If I'm forced, I'm just go somewhere Else. I drift around the atmosphere, like a Cloud... ♪"

まわりを気にしたほうがいい You should be mindful of those around you. Red Fragments
Character response: "それこそまわりを気にしていては、成長できなイ。 自分が自分であり続けるために、ボクは自分を信じるヨ。

Paying attention to my surroundings wouldn't allow me to keep Growing. In order to continue staying as myself, I believe in Me."

まわりを参考にしたほうがいい You should observe those around you. Heart/Fever
Character response: "なるほど。 新しいヒントを得られるかもしれない、そういう考えかたもあるネ。 たまには目を向けるのもいいだろウ。

I see. You mean that by doing so, I might learn some new Hints. I suppose looking once in a while isn't a bad Idea."

Correct Choice: まわりを参考にしたほうがいい

Natsume Sakasaki Mini Event Rooftop
"授業にあまりでていないと留年しちゃうっテ? それはボクの自由だし、何者にも縛られないヨ。

I'll be held back a year if I don't show up to class Enough? I'm free to go or not as I wish, and I won't let anyone tie me Down."

Location: Rooftop
勉強が嫌い? You dislike studying? Luck Down
Character response: "学ぶことは嫌いじゃなイ。 ただ、興味のない話を聞いたりまわりに合わせたりするのはボクの趣味じゃないんダ。

It's not that I dislike Studying. I'm just not interested in listening to dull talk, and having to match my pace to those around Me."

留年しても問題ない? You don't mind repeating a year? Blue Fragments
Character response: "留年したら、それはそれで新しい発見があるかもしれないネ? そう思うと留年も悪くないナ・・・・・・♪

If I'm held back, it might teach me something new in its own Way? If I look at it that way, repeating a year doesn't seem so Bad... ♪"

授業より楽しいことがある? Is it something more fun than classwork? Heart/Fever
Character response: "ボクの興味はいつでもどこでも湧くからネ。 そうだ、思い出したことがあるから失礼するヨ。 Good Night......♪

My interests can be drawn by things anywhere and Anytime. That's right, I just remembered something, so I'll be Leaving. Good Night... ♪"

Correct Choice: 授業より楽しいことがある?

Natsume Sakasaki Mini Event 2nd Floor Passage
"やァ、子猫ちゃん......♪ 質問してもいいかナ?君が楽しいときってどんなときかイ?

Hey there, little kitten... ♪ Could I ask you Something? When do you find yourself having Fun?"

Location: 2nd Floor Passage
ライブのステージを見ているとき When watching lives on stage Heart/Fever
Character response: "フゥン、ボクたちもステージの上は自分が最も輝く場所だからネ。 幸せの共有ができているのなら嬉しいナ。

Hmmm, I suppose it's because we are at our most radiant on Stage. If you can share in our joy, you'd be happy Too."

学院のみんなといるとき When in school with everyone Yellow Fragments
Character response: "この学院はとにかく個性の集まりだからネ、騒がしいと思うのだけれド。 そこが良いんだネ?

This school is basically just a collection of individuals, and all I find it is Noisy. Is that what you Like?"

仕事をしているとき When working Luck down
Character response: "仕事熱心なことだネ。 悪いことじゃないけど、ほどほどにしないと倒れてしまうかもしれないヨ?

I see you're a Workerholic. That's not a bad thing to be, but if you don't pace yourself, you might Collapse?"

Correct Choice: When watching lives on stage. (ライブのステージを見ているとき)

Natsume Sakasaki Mini Event Classroom
"Hmm? You want to know my favorite Food? I don't think about it that much, so I don't think I can give you an interesting Answer."
Location: Classroom 2-A
興味があるから I'm interested in it Blue Fragments
Character response: "『プロデューサー』としてのお仕事ネェ・・・・・・?熱心なのは感心するけド、いまは気分じゃないナァ。"
お弁当のため For your bento Heart/Fever
Character response: "ヘェ、子猫ちゃんの手作りカァ・・・・・・栄養管理はしてるけド、たまには嗜好に偏るのも悪くなイ ♪"
把握したいから I want to understand Blue Fragments
Character response: "『プロデューサー』としてのお仕事ネェ……?熱心なのは感心するけド、いまは気分じゃないナァ

For your work as a producer, yES...? Your passion is admiraBLE, but I'm not in the mood right nOW."

Correct Choice: For your bento. (お弁当のため)

Natsume Sakasaki Mini Event Game Research Club
"You're always beside us watching our Games, why not Participate? I'll grant you a favor if you Win."
Location: Game Research Club
手品を見せてほしい I want you to show me some magic tricks Heart/Fever
Character response: "手品なら渉にいさんにお願いしたほうガ、面白いもの見せてくれる思うけド。いいヨ、とっておきをお見せしよウ♪

"If it's magic you want, you should go ask Wataru nii-san. He'd show you something even Better. but it's Fine. I'll Show you a trick I have up my sleeve ♪"

仲良くしてほしい I want you to make some friends Red Fragments
Character response: ""
授業に出てほしい I want you to go to class Red Fragments
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: I want you to show me some magic tricks. (手品を見せてほしい)
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