Mika Kagehira Mini Event 2nd Floor Passage.png
"んふふ。おれたちの活躍してたころ気にするやろ? 昔のライブ映像持って来たから見てみる?

Nfufu. You're interested in our old activities, right? I've gotta video of our performance from back then so wanna watch it?"

Location: 2nd Floor Passage
迷う Hesitate Red Fragments
Character response: "Eh, if you're gonna hesitate then alright... I'm not gonna show it to you even if you ask me later, got that?"
見たい Want to see Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "せやろっとくにお師さんが格好良く映ってるやつ持って来たんよ〜!よう見ときや〜♪

Right!? I've got a video showcasin' Master's best moments~ You better watch closely~♪"

遠慮する Hold back Red Fragments
Character response: "Uwa, I got rejected! This is a premium video fans would desperately wanna get their hands on, y'know!?"
Correct Choice: Want to see (見たい)

Mika Kagehira Mini Event Hallway.png
"んあ? あんたも飴ちゃんいる? 今持ってるやつやったら、こんなんあるんやけど?

Uwa? You wanna piece of candy too? I've only got the ones I have with me though."

Location: Hallway
青い包みの飴 Blue-wrapped candy Yellow Fragments
Character response: "This one's real fun 'cause it fizzes up in your mouth~ ♪ The flavor's alright though."
紫の包みの飴 Purple-wrapped candy Luck Down
Character response: "Ah, this one's real fun. It's an eye-ball candy~ Scary and cute, right?"
赤い包みの飴 Red-wrapped candy Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "That's my current favourite right now~ It's got the right amount of sweetness so it's yummy~ ♪"
Correct Choice: Red-wrapped candy (赤い包みの飴)

Mika Kagehira Mini Event Handicraft Club Room.png

Hmm... I'm in the middle of remakin' this stuffed toy, but somethin's missin'..."

Location: Handicraft Club Room
緑色のリボンを勧める Recommend a green ribbon. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "That's totally awesome! It looks great on this stuffed toy! Besides, I like the colour green~ ♪"
ハートの飾りを勧める Recommend a heart decoration. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Good idea. This part o'er here looks kinda lonely, so I'll put it there. Yep, it turned out pretty nice ♪"
眼帯を勧める Recommend an eyepatch. Luck Down
Character response: "Woah, I bet it'll look real cute! Ahh, but it'll be a shame to hide its eyes since they're so pretty..."
Correct Choice: Recommend a green ribbon (緑色のリボンを勧める)

Mika Kagehira Mini Event Fountain.png
"んあ? おれが外でぼ〜っとしてるんが、気になるん? 何してると思う?

Nnah? I was standin' out here lost in thought, so ya got curious? What do ya think I'm doin'?"

Location: Fountain
迷子 You're lost. Red Fragments
Character response: "えぇっ、ここ学校やで!? おれそんな方向音痴でも、そんなに忘れっぽい性格でもないんやけど……?

Ehh, this is the school though!? I may have a bad sense of direction, but I don't have that much've a forgetful kinda character, y'know...?"

ひなたぼっこ You're basking in the sun. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Right on ♪ It makes ya feel nice and warm, so basking in the sun. Doncha think it's important to have those times where ya just do nuthin'?"
待ってる You're waiting. Red Fragments
Character response: "Waitin', ya say... For Oshi-san? Oshi-san ain't 'boutta go outta his way to get me. I'm always the one goin' ta get him."
Correct Choice: Basking in the sun. (ひなたぼっこ)

Mika Kagehira Mini Event Garden.png
"うう、お腹減ったなぁ……あぁ、あんずちゃん。お弁当わけてくれるって? でもお師さんに怒られてまうし……

Uu, 'm hungry... Ah, Anzu-chan. You'll share yer lunch with me? But Oshi-san'll get angry..."

Location: Garden
一口ゼリー Bite-sized Jelly Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "あか~ん!それちっちゃいころ好きやったやつや! 味を思い出したら我慢できひんやんっ

Nooo way! I done loved these since I was a kid! Whenever I think of that flavor I can't hold myself back."

冷凍食品 Frozen food Blue Fragments
Character response: "If it's this, I don't think my stomach'll break or anythin, 'n' it also looks delish... C-can I have just one...?"
おにぎり Rice ball. Blue Fragments
Character response: "我慢してそのへんで蹲ってたら、それもお師さんに怒られるし……おにぎりやったら食べてもええかなぁ

If I give in after trying so hard, Oshi-san'll get angry just the same... Maybe it'll be alright if I just have a rice ball..."

Correct Choice: Bite-sized Jelly (一口ゼリー)
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