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"……へっくし☆ 何だよ、テメ~変なもん持ってんじゃね~か? 急に鼻がむずむずする……

….Achoo☆ Hey, you have something weird on you, don’t you? My nose's itchy all of a sudden..."

Location: Hallway
花瓶の花 Vase of flowers Red Fragments
Character response: "Q-Quit it! Don’t come near me! Keep those lilies, or whatever flowers that give off a lot of pollen away from me! Ah... Achoo! ☆"
創のサシェ Handcrafted sachet Trust Up
Character response: "Hah? Lavender? Herbs, seriously? I start sneezing around anything that gives off a strong scent."
干したての衣裝 Freshly dried costume Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "乾かすときに強く叩いたんじゃね〜か? 毛羽立った繊維が鼻をくすぐって、どうもむず搾いぜ……

You pat it too hard when you dried it, didn’t you? The fuzz coming off from the fiber is making my nose seriously itchy..."

Correct Choice: Freshly dried costume (干したての衣装).

Koga Oogami mini event hallway 2.png
"あぁ、クソッ! 靴紐が切れてんじゃね~か! おい、転校生。何か持ってね~か?

Ah, dammit! My shoelaces snapped! Hey, transfer student, don’t you have anything on you?"

Location: Hallway
セロハンテープで留める Keep it together with duct tape Blue Fragments
Character response: "You really think that’ll hold? Ugh, how lame. Guess I’ll just head home and take Leon on a walk or something."
靴紐を結びなおす Retie shoelaces Red Fragments
Character response: "Are you telling me to do this myself? As if I’d bother with this kind of delicate work!"
安全ピンで留める Keep it together with a safety pin Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Well, better than nothing... Heh, and it looks kinda rock, don’cha think? I’ll deal with it like this for a day."
Correct Choice: Keep it together with a safety pin (安全ピンで留める).

Koga Oogami mini event 1st floor passage.png
"……あぁん? 俺様は腹が減ったから今から食堂だ。俺様の指定した焼き加減の焼き肉定食が待ってんだよ

I’m hungry, so I’m headed for the cafeteria. The steak meal set that’s cooked to my liking is waiting for me."

Location: 1st floor passage
ウェルダン Well done. Luck Down
Character response: "Like I could eat meat that’s had all the juice taken out of it! There’s no point in meat that’s not juicy!"
レア Rare. Fever Up
Character response: "You telling me to eat raw meat? I’m a wolf, you know. What if I get sick because of some filthy germs?"
ミディアム Medium. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "まあ、そのくらいも悪くはね〜けどよ。どうせならもっと血が滴るくらいのワイルドな肉がいいだろ〜がよ……♪

Well, it’s not bad when it’s cooked about that much. Personally, I like meat that’s more on the wild side with blood dripping from it... ♪"

Correct Choice: Medium (ミディアム).

Koga Oogami mini event grower barn.png

Hey, don’t just stand there with that blank look on your face. You’re getting in my way."

Location: Grower Barn
落ちているゴミを拾っていた I way picking up some trash that was on the ground. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Just leave that for the janitor. Even if you pick it up, that’s not gonna make much of a difference if the person that’s littering is still around."
次のレッスンメニューを考えていた I was thinking about the next lesson plan. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Not that’s being passionate is a bad thing, but think a little harder about where you’re standing. Don’t blame me if you get hurt."
差し入れのジュースをばらまいた I dropped all the drinks I bought for everyone. Heart (Fever Up)
Character response: "Tch... Think about how much you’re gonna carry first. I’ll give you a hand, so I’ll be taking one as a tip."
Correct Choice: I dropped all the drinks I bought for everyone (差し入れのジュースをばらまいた).

Koga Oogami mini event hallway 3.png
"何だよ、さっきから下向いてうろうろして? 何か落としもんでもしたか?

Hey, you've been staring at the ground for a while now. Did you drop something?"

Location: Hallway
気分がちょっと…… I don't feel so good... Red Fragments
Character response: "馬鹿かテメ〜は! そういうのは早く言えって、保健室に行くべきか悩むもんじゃね〜だろ!

Are you stupid or something? If you'd said it earlier, there would be no need to worry about going to the infirmary!"

ちょっと考え事 I was just thinking Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "難しいこととか専門的な話じゃね~なら話してみろ。俺様がビシッと解決するかもしんね~ぜ?

If it's not something too complicated and not about work, you can try to talk to me. You might have the chance to get things fixed up, you know?"

ちょっと消しゴムが…… My eraser... Red Fragments
Character response: "・・・・・・あぁ、ここに転がってんじゃね〜か。持ち物なら俺様の鼻がすぐに嗅ぎ当てるからよ。

...Ah, it didn't roll around here. If it did, my mighty nose would have smelled it."

Correct Choice: I was just thinking (ちょっと考え事)

Koga Oogami mini event school grounds.png
Location: School Grounds
気にしない派 The "I don't care" faction Blue Fragments
Character response: "ふぅん。まぁ、気にするかは自由だけどよ。あとで塗っとけばよかった〜なんてなんね〜といいな?"
日傘派 The "parasol" faction Blue Fragments
Character response: "そういや吸血鬼ヤロ〜も差してたな? 街中じゃよく見かけるけど、傘差してるほうが涼しいのか?"
気にする派 The "I care" faction Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "オカマ野郎は男だけどよ、ああいう細かいことばっかして女って何か大変そうだよな。"
Correct Choice: 気にする派

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