Keito Hasumi mini event archery ground
"・・・・・・おい。 何だ転校生、忙しいのかは知らんが顔色が悪いな。 生活習慣が悪いなら早めに直すことだな"

"......Oi. What is it, transfer student? I'm not sure if it's because I'm so busy, but my complexion leaves something to be desired. If you have bad lifestyle habits, you should rectify them sooner rather than later."

Location: Archery Ground
バランスの良い食事 A balanced diet. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "当然だ。 食べたもので体は構成されているのだぞ。 ファーストフードやコンビニの食べ物などあり得ん"

"Of course. You are what you eat, after all. Something like fast food and convenience store food is unthinkable."

ストレスを溜めない Unable to control stress. Luck Down
Character response: "俺に喧嘩を売っているのか? ・・・・・・いや、たしかにストレスを発散させるのは間違ってはいない。これから少し貴様のプロデュースについて話をしてやろうか。"

"Are you trying to pick a fight? ......No, you're not wrong that one should try to relieve their stress. Now, let's talk a little about your producing instead, hm?"

早寝早起き Early to sleep, early to rise. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "俺は実家が寺だからな。朝は夜明け前には起きている。まぁ、夜はおまえのように遅くまで起きていられんがな。"

"Because my parents live in a temple, I always wake before dawn. Well, I suppose I can't stay up late at night like you do."

Correct Choice: Early to sleep, early to rise (早寝早起き)

Keito Hasumi mini event hallway

"Hey, Transfer Student. I have a few samples of the hand fans for our costume here. Which one do you think suits best?"

Location: Hallway
紅葉の柄 The maple leaf pattern. Blue Fragments
Character response: "ふむ、古風なイメージが紅葉と合いそうだと。年中は使えんが、参考くらいにはしてやろう。"

"Hm, an old-fashioned image would match the maple pattern best. I wouldn't be able to use it all year round, but I'll give it some consideration."

彼岸花の柄 The red spider lily pattern. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "縁起の悪そうな柄を選ぶな、当てつけのつもりか? まぁいい、一意見として聞いておこう。"

"Don't pick such a ominous pattern, just what are you implying? Whatever, I suppose I did ask for your opinion."

桜の花柄 The cherry blossom pattern. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "桜のように華やかで、どこか儚げな印象か・・・・・・。 貴様には『紅月』がそんなふうに見えているのだな"

"A brilliance akin to cherry blossoms, with a fleeting impression... So, that is how you see Akatsuki."

Correct Choice: The cherry blossom pattern. (桜の花柄)

Keito Hasumi Mini Event Library
"......ふう。なんだ、転校生? 今、俺が何をしていたのか見ていたのか?"

"...*sigh*. What is it, Transfer Student? Were you watching what I was doing just now?"

Location: Library
精神統一 Mental concentration.
Character response: "たしかに、静かな場所ほど余計な思考は無粋だが。何も、こんなところでするほど修行馬鹿ではない"

"It's true, the quieter the place, the more your thoughts can wander. Nothing is stupider than training in a place like this."

筋トレ Muscle training. Red Fragments
Character response: "気になる本を立ち読みする時でも、片足立ちなり有効なトレーニングはすべきだろう。積み重ねが大事だからな。"

"Even while flipping through a book you like, it's effective to stand on one foot as a means of training, you know? This pile here is important."

本の整理 Organizing books. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "本が本来の場所から一冊でもずれていると、気になるだろう。個人的趣味だが、定期的に見てしまうな。"

"If a book is out of place by even one spot, it makes me uneasy. It's my own personal hobby, so please don't watch me too often."

Correct Choice: Organizing books. (本の整理)

Keito hasumi mini event library2
"なんだ、転校生。 俺の顔に何かついているのか?"

"What is it, Transfer Student? Is there something on my face?"

Location: Library
裸眼の視力はどのくらいか How bad is your vision without your glasses? Trust Up
Character response: "これが厄介なことに、眼鏡を外すとほとんど見えん。ライブ中が一番気が気じゃないな。"

"It's such a nuisance, but I can barely see when I remove my glasses. I'm the most uneasy during a live."

眼鏡が似合う Glasses suit you. Red Fragments
Character response: "ふん。何を言うかと思えば、くだらん。似合わなければ眼鏡をしているわけがないだろう。"

"Hmph. Think about what you say, idiot. If these glasses didn't suit me, I wouldn't be wearing them."

眼鏡は何個か持っている? Do you have more than one pair of glasses? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "・・・・・・ほう。いいところに気がついたな。方が一に備えて、ロッカーにこの眼鏡のスペアを3つ用意している。"

"......Oh? You noticed something good. To be best prepared, I have three spare pairs arranged in my locker."

Correct Choice: Do you have more than one pair of glasses? (眼鏡は何個か持っている?)

Keito Hasumi mini event stuco1

"What's up, Anzu? The thing in your hands...... looks like a package of some sort? You had no need to prepare documents, so what could it be for?"

Location: Student Council Room
差し入れです A gift. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "生徒会が忙しそうにしているから、わざわざ気を遣ったのか・・・ まったく, 度し難いやつだな。だが, ありがとう"

"Because the Student Council is so busy, you were worried, huh... Honestly, you're an incorrigible one. Regardless, thank you."

会長から頼まれました The president entrusted me with it. Blue Fragments
Character response: "・・・・・・おまえにわざわざ渡して、どういうつもりだ?つまらない悪戯じゃないだろうな・・・・・・まぁ,とりあえず預かろう"

"...Why are you bothering me with that? It's not some trivial prank, huh... Well, I suppose I'll hold onto it for now."

落し物です It's a lost article. Blue Fragments
Character response: "そうか、わざわざ届けに来たんだな。あとで校内SNSで発信しておくから、それは預かっておこう"

"I see, you bothered to deliver it all the way here, huh? I'll send out a school-wide message later, so I'll keep it safe for now."

Correct Choice: A gift. (差し入れです)

Keito Hasumi mini event stuco2
"ん? じっと俺の顔を見てどうした。言いたいことがあるなら言え"

"Hm? You're staring at my face, what is it? If you have something you want to say, say it."

Location: Student Council Room
襟に・・・・・・ Your collar...
Character response: "シャツの襟に赤い線がついている?あぁ, 書類の記入をしていたから肘をついていたときにでも付けたんだな"

"There's red pen on my shirt? Aah, I was filling in documents before, I must've gotten it on my collar while I was leaning on my elbow."

髮に・・・・・・ In your hair... Red Fragments
Character response: "髪に羽が付いている? ・・・・・・はぁ、日々樹の鳩が生徒会室に入ってきたからだな。まったく、度し難い。"

"Is there a feather in my hair? ...Haah, the pigeons in the trees find their way into the student council room on an almost daily basis. Honestly, how incorrigible."

眼鏡が・・・・・・ Your glasses are... Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "眼鏡が似合うだと? まぁ、この眼鏡に落ち着くまで散々吟味を重ねたからな。当然だろう。"

"My glasses suit me? Well, these went through numerous thorough examinations before I was satisfied. It's certain."

Correct Choice: Your glasses are... (眼鏡が・・・・・・)
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