Kaoru Hakaze mini event rooftop

Oh, transfer student. Why not join me for tea after this?"

Location: Rooftop
後ずさる Step back Luck Down
Character response: "Now, now, don't be scared. I don't bite, you know? I'd just like to have a nice chat with you over some tea~"
また今度 Maybe next time Yellow Fragments
Character response: "There you go again~ I wonder how many times you'll keep saying that before you finally take me up on my offer."
つき合う Keep him company Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Oh, lucky me~♪ It's not often that you accept my invitation. Let's get going before you change your mind!"
Correct Choice: Keep him company (つき合う)

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"お疲れさま、転校生ちゃん! プロデュースはもう終わった? これから繁華街でお茶しに行こうよ♪

Good work today, transfer student-chan! Are you finished with producing? Let's go downtown to have tea! ♪"

Location: Lockers area
まだプロデュースがある I still have producing work to do. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Seriously? You sure are busy all the time…You'll collapse if you keep working so hard, you know~? You should take everything in moderation! ♪"
片付けが残っている I still need to finish cleaning up. Blue Fragments
Character response: "You're the one producing them, so you should just leave clean up to the other members! Come on, come on, let's go! ♪"
ガーデンテラスに用がある I need to go do something at the garden terrace. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "ガーデンテラス? じゃあ、そっちでお茶しようよ。最近新しいドリンクメニューが増えたみたいだし♪

The garden terrace? Let's have tea over there, then. I've heard that they added some new drinks to their menu lately ♪"

Correct Choice: I need to go do something at the garden terrace. (ガーデンテラスに用がある).

Kaoru Hakaze mini event rooftop 2

Ahh, 'morning, transfer student-chan ♪ Nnn, it's too late to say "morning" now? Yeah, but I was asleep up until a little while ago."

Location: Rooftop
サボり? Ditching class? Fever Up
Character response: "Well, I guess you could say that? There's not much point in always going to class like a good student. I want to live with a bit more freedom… ♪"
寝不足? Not enough sleep? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "あれ、ばれちゃった? ううん、ちょっと最近お疲れ気味っていうのかな? 君に会えたからちょっと元気になったけどね……♪

Whoops, is it that obvious? Yeah, I've been feeling a bit tired lately. But I'm feeling a little better after seeing you… ♪"

体調不良? Not feeling well? Luck Down
Character response: "Oh come on now, no need to be so worried! I always feel great whenever I'm with you, after all… ♪"
Correct Choice: Not enough sleep? (寝不足?)

Kaoru Hakaze mini event school gate
"あっれぇ、転校生ちゃん! 今日はもう帰るの……ってどうしたの? くんくんして、何かにおう

Oh, transfer student-chan! Are you going home already.? Huh? What's wrong? Sniffing like that - do I smell or something?"

Location: School gates
甘いにおい You smell sweet. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "あれ? 甘いものなんて持ってたかなぁ? あっファンの子からもらったお菓子がポケットにあったかも。一緒に食べる? 
Huh? Was I carrying anything sweet on me? Oh, it's probably because of the sweets in my pocket that I got from my fans. Want some?"
不思議なにおい You smell strange. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "It must be because you think of me as a man with a mysterious vibe ♪ While I'm at it, I'll walk you home. That's fine, right…?"
いいにおい You smell nice. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Ah, really? I'm giving off a nice smell? I'm so happy that I got a compliment from you… ♪"
Correct Choice: You smell nice (いいにおい).

Kaoru Hakaze mini event rooftop 3
"屋上でよく会うね? もしかして俺が屋上によくいるの知ってて来てたりする?"
Location: Rooftop
人に聞きました I asked a person. Red Fragments
Character response: "たぶん奏太くんでしょ? 奏太くんほどじゃないけど、お互いいる場所がだいたい同じだよね~"
鼻を借りました I borrowed a nose. Red Fragments
Character response: "鼻……? あぁ、わんちゃんね。からかって呼んでるけど、ほんとあの子の鼻ってわんちゃん並だよね"
呼びに来ました I came to call you. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "あぁ、レッスンのために探してたんだね。女の子に探させるとか良くないけど、俺はちょっと嬉しいな・・・・・・ ♪

Ahh, you were searching for me since we have a lesson. It's not good to make a girl search, but I'm a bit happy... ♪"

Correct Choice: I came to call you. (呼びに来ました)

Kaoru Hakaze mini event rooftop 4

The reason I'm drying my surfboard on the roof? Well, after school I'm going to the beach, so it's the best place to put it."

Location: Rooftop
悪戯されませんか? Blue Fragments
Character response: "今のところないよ? ・・・・・・まぁ、昔だったらわかんないけど今の子たちはおとなしいから大丈夫、大丈夫 ♪"
楽しいですか? Is it fun? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "おっ、あんずちゃんもサーフィンに興味出た? やってみたら良さがわかるからさ、今度一緒にどう?"
撤去されないんですか? Blue Fragments
Character response: "意外とそっとしておいてくれるんだよね。ほら、うちの部活とかもっと変なものを外に置いてることがあるからさ"
Correct Choice: Is it fun? (楽しいですか?)

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