Jin Sagami mini event 1

I'm done with work. Maybe I'll go get myself some food. ...Still, even if you change the store, quick-serve lunches sure get old fast, huh."

Location: Infirmary
手作りジュースを渡す Pass the homemade juice Luck Up
Character response: "なんだなんだ、見たことのない色してるぞ。……健康に良さそうなものを全部入れた? 味は保証してくれるんだろうな……?

Hey wait, it has this color I've never seen before. ...You just put in everything that looked nutritious? Of course you can guarantee the taste, right...?"

手作りクッキーを渡す Pass the homemade cookies Luck Up
Character response: "ほう、マメなところは女の子だな。……うん、いいにおいだ。珈琲飲むときにもらおうかね

Hooh, that diligence is as you'd expect from a girl. ...Yeah, it smells good. I guess I'll have some while drinking coffee."

手作り弁当を渡す Pass the homemade bentou Luck Up x2
Character response: "……え、こんなおっさんにくれるんだな? 寝ぼけて誰かと間違えてないか、そうか。いや、ありがとうな

...Eh, you're giving that to an old man like me? You're not half asleep and giving this to me by mistake? No? I see... Thanks."

Correct Choice: Pass the homemade bentou (手作り弁当を渡す)

Jin Sagami mini event 2
"俺のいる時間帯がわかってきたか? ここにきて、そろそろ慣れてきたことも多いだろ。どうだ、最近?

Looks like you've grasped at what time I would be here. You must've gotten used to lots of things compared to when you first came. How's it been going?"

Location: Infirmary
勉強が大変です Studying is hard. Luck Up
Character response: "こらこら、学生の本分は勉強だぞ? とはいえ、机にかじり付くだけが勉強じゃないからな。積極的に体を動かすといいさ

Hey now, studying's your duty as a student, y'know? That said, sticking to the desk isn't exactly studying. You can try to be more active and move your body."

体力がつきました I'm exhausted. Luck Up
Character response: "前の学校と比べりゃそうだろうな。今のうちにしっかり体を鍛えたほうがいいぞ? 大人になったら衰えるだけだからな~

Guess you would, compared to your previous school. You should work on your stamina while you have the time. After becoming an adult, you'll only get weaker, you know~"

毎日楽しいです Everyday has been fun. Luck Up x2
Character response: "そうか。おまえが来てからここは少しずつ変わってきている。遠くで見守ってるから、これからも生徒たちをよろしくな

I see. Things have been changing since you came. I'll be watching over you guys from afar, so I'm trusting those kids to you."

Correct Choice: Everyday has been fun. (毎日楽しいです)

Jin Sagami mini event 3

Haah, I'm so old... I can't go on without a bottle of beer, but I can't afford to drink one now. You're a producer, so won't you get me something?"

Location: Infirmary
炭酸飲料を渡す Pass the sodas Luck Up
Character response: "あ~……、炭酸は勘弁してくれ。若いもんはいいが、おっさんには胸焼けして飲めないのよ

Ah... Spare me soda. It's nice when you're young, but that stuff will just give an old man like me heartburn."

野菜ジュースを渡す Pass the vegetable juice Luck Up
Character response: "野菜ジュースね、一時期飲んでたけど続かないよなぁ。健康に気ぃ使ってる気にはなるんだけどさ

Vegetable juice, huh. I drank that for quite a while in the past but it didn't hold on. It does make me want to watch my health, though."

あったかいお茶を渡す Pass the warm tea Luck Up x2
Character response: "お茶ってべつに何てことないけどさ、湯のみ持った瞬間ほっとするよなぁ…… すまんな、転校生。ありがとう

There's nothing special about tea, yet you just relax when you hold a teacup with your hands, huh... Sorry for that, Transfer student. Thanks."

Correct Choice: Pass the warm tea (あったかいお茶を渡す)

Jin sagami mini event 4
"どうした、転校生? 今日は体調でも優れないのか? それとも、サボりか~

What's wrong, Transfer student? Feeling unwell today? Or are you skipping?"

Location: Infirmary
貧血で休みたい Want to take a rest due to anemia Luck Up x2
Character response: "……そうですか。ここんところ動き回って疲れが溜まってるんじゃないか?自分の体調も気にかけとけよ

...I see. You've been busy all over lately, so the exhaustion must've caught up to you. Take care of your own health."

元アイドルとしてのアドバイスが聞きたい Want to hear advices from a former teen idol Luck Up
Character response: "ふん。アイドルやってた頃なんて昔の話だ。今のおまえたちには参考にならんさ

Hmm. My being an idol is a thing of the past. It won't be much help for you guys living right now."

提出物のプリントを届けに来た Bringing printed submissions Luck Up
Character response: "あ~、それね。職員室の机の上に置いといてくんない? こっちじゃなくしそうだしさ

Aah, that. Can you leave them on my desk in the staff room? I might lose them if here."

Correct Choice: Want to take a rest due to anemia (貧血で休みたい)

Jin Sagami Mini Event Infirmary 5
"『プロデューサー』の仕事ももちろんだが、勉強はどうだ? どれ、先生が見てやろうか?"
Location: Infirmary
アイドルのことを聞きたいです Luck Up
Character response: "アイドルの先輩の意見ねぇ? 俺のときとは時代が違うし、現役のアイドルたちに聞いたほうがいいんじゃないか"
次のテスト範囲が知りたいです Luck Up x2
Character response: "よぉし、次は教科書のここから~って……教えるわけないだろ? そこは経験と勘で見事当ててみせろ♪"
先輩に聞いたりしています Luck Up
Character response: "ほう、先輩とも仲良くできてるんだな。 そうやって『先輩~♪』って懐いといたほうがいろいろ得するからな~"
Correct Choice: 次のテスト範囲が知りたいです

Jin Sagami Mini Event School Store
"購買部って若い子向けの商品ばっかりだなぁ。 酒のつまみになりそうなものもなくて困ったもんだ。

All the stuff at the school store is aimed at young people. There's nothing that goes well with sake so I'm at a loss."

Location: School Store
駄菓子はどうですか? How about some candy? Luck Up x2
Character response: "あぁ、それならいけそうだな。 おぉ、俺がガキのころに流行ってた駄菓子もまだあるんだな~♪

Oh yeah, I think that'll work. Ooh, they still have the candy that was really popular when I was a kid~♪"

パンはどうですか? How about some bread? Luck Up
Character response: "総菜パンか……腹が膨れちゃうしな~って、いやいや。 独り言だからおっさんの相手なんかしなくていいからな?

Deli bread, huh... Nah, it'll really fill me up. I'm just talking to myself, you don't have to listen to an old man like me, okay?"

スナック菓子はどうですか? How about some snacks? Luck Up
Character response: "だよなぁ。 ちょっと脂っこいけど、これにするか。 おまえも、スナック菓子の食い過ぎは気をつけろよ~?

That's true. It's a bit oily, but I guess I'll go with that. You should be careful not to eat too many snacks too, okay~?"

Correct Choice: How about some candy? (駄菓子はどうですか?)
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