Izumi Sena mini event tennis court

Haa, I'm thirsty. I can't believe I forgot to bring my water today, of all days...Come on, bring me something, Transfer student."

Location: Tennis court
お手製ドリンクを渡す Give him your homemade drink. Luck Down
Character response: "What is this? I don’t even know what’s in it. Could you not try and make me drink weird things?"
スポーツドリンクを渡す Give him a sports drink. Yellow Fragment
Character response: "Nn. While it may be good for keeping hydrated, it has a lot of calories, so I don’t wanna drink it. I’m fine with water."
水を渡す Give him water. Heart (Fever)
Character response: "Phew, that's a lot better. Thanks. Looks like you can be quite useful... ♪"
Correct Choice: Give him water (水を渡す).

Izumi Sena mini event tennis court 2
"Huh, you don’t look so good…Wanna go to the infirmary? Though I don’t really have the free time to walk you there."
Location: Tennis court
気のせい It’s just your imagination. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Oh, okay. Don’t make me worried about you for no reason then, okay? It’s super annoying!"
大丈夫 I'm fine. Red Fragment
Character response: "That’s fine then, if that’s the case. You’d better stay true to your word and not collapse until I’m out of sight, alright…?"
ありがとう Thank you. (Heart/Fever)
Character response: "Haah…. Don’t go making such a pitiful face, it’s super annoying! It’s just that if something happened, I’d hate to be one blamed for leaving you by yourself!"
Correct Choice: "Thank you." (ありがとう)

Izumi Sena mini event stairs
"What do you want, transfer student? …Wait, what’s that keychain on your bag? A handmade mascot character?"
Location: Stairs
“Knights” のマスコットです It’s the ‘Knights’ mascot. Blue Fragments
Character response: "…Seriously? And what makes you think that kind of boring character design would fit us? Well, not like I really care much about my unit, anyway…"
後輩からもらいました I got it from a kouhai. Blue Fragments
Character response: "Hmm? So you mean you’re close enough with them to receive a present? Well, not like I’m going to give you anything…"
瀬名先輩にもあげます I’ll give one to you too, Sena-senpai. Heart (Fever)
Character response: "Eh? But I don’t want it…Wait, so it’s a matching design with Yuu-kun? Well, I wouldn’t use something this lame, but I’ll take it off your hands…"
Correct Choice: I'll give it to Sena-senpai (瀬名先輩にもあげます)

Izumi Sena mini event 1st floor passage
"なぁに、転校生。俺の顔に何かついてんの? あぁ、さっき飲んでた大量の薬みたいなの気にしてんの?

What is it, transfer student? Something on my face? Oh, are you curious about all that medicine I took earlier?"

Location: 1st floor passage
あやしい薬 Suspicious medicine Red Fragments
Character response: "Hey! If you’re going to be my producer, at least keep track of everything that I’m going to be putting in my mouth."
風邪薬 Cold medicine Red Fragments
Character response: "What makes you think I’d catch a cold? I’m a pro at taking care of my health. I’m not so fragile that I need you worrying about me."
サブリメソト Supplement Heart (Fever)
Character response: "Yeah. I eat in moderation, so naturally, I won’t get enough nutrients without taking supplements."
Correct Choice: Supplement (サプリメント)

Izumi Sena mini event hallway
"ちょっとぉ、あんた気ぃ抜いてるでしょ〜? アイドルじゃなくても姿勢ぐらい気にしなよ。"
Location: Hallway
前には・・・・・・ Heart (Fever)
Character response: "前には出ないからって言っても、裹方じゃあんたが一番前なんだから。堂々としてもらわなくちゃ困るの。"
お腹が・・・・・・ My stomach... Blue Fragments
Character response: "お腹周りを気にするんなら、なおさら姿勢を良くしなよ。お手本なら目の前にたくさんいるでしょ?"
腰が・・・・・・ My lower back... Blue Fragments
Character response: "はぁ? 腰が痛いとか、日頃の姿勢の悪さがでてるんでしょ~? ほら、背筋伸ばして! 重心は真っ直ぐ!"
Correct Choice: 前には…

Izumi Sena mini event fountain
"あんた、ときどき俺の顔見てるよね? 言いたいことがあるなら言ってよ、視線ってけっこうわかるんだからさぁ。"

"You keep looking at my face? If you have something you wanna say, say it. Your glances are pretty obvious, ya know."

Location: Fountain
何か考えてますか? Are you thinking about something? Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "俺が考えてることなんか、 決まってるでしょ ? いまの時問ゆうくんはちゃんと有意義に過ごせてるかな…


疲れてますか? Are you tired? Red Fragments
Character response: "確認とらなくても、あんたの目にはそう見えるってことでしょ。周りに気づかれるようじゃ、俺もまだまだだねぇ。"
肌が綺麗 Your skin is pretty. Red Fragments
Character response: ""
Correct Choice: 何か考えてますか? (Are you thinking about something?)

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