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"Hm? The box I’m holding? It’s a bento. With a healthy diet in mind, I eat food that I’ve made myself from time to time."
Location: Classroom
肉が中心のお弁当 It’s a bento full of meat. Luck Down
Character response: "It's true that I'm still in the midst of my growth spurt, but I don't have as much of an appetite as athletic people. After all, my motto is 'Everything in moderation.'"
野菜中心のお弁当 It’s a bento full of vegetables. Fever Up
Character response: "I'm eating more than enough animal protein, so it's fine for my body to take a break from it sometimes."
バランスのとれたお弁当 It’s a nicely balanced bento. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "I’m glad that it looks evenly distributed to you too, transfer student. When you cook for yourself, it’s inevitable that your taste preferences will make an influence."
Correct Choice: It's a nicely balanced bento. (バランスのとれたお弁当)
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"It must be tough for you, having to get used to so many things at once. Is there anything I can help with?"
Location: Classroom
アイドルと委員長としての仕事も大変そう It must be tough for you as well, being both an idol and a class president at the same time. Red Fragments
Character response: "I'm sorry that you're worrying about me instead. I'm doing both out of my own volition."
大変だけど毎日が新鮮 It's tough, but every day brings with it something new. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "新鮮か……。うるさいやつらばかりだが、そう思えるなら大丈夫そうだな

Something new, huh...? The guys are always causing a ruckus, but looks like you can get along just fine if you keep up that spirit."

みんなが気にかけてくれるから大丈夫 I'm fine since everyone is being very considerate. Red Fragments
Character response: "I see. I guess there are people taking care of you, too. Good for you."
Correct Choice: It's tough, but every day brings with it something new. (大変だけど毎日が新鮮)
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"Hmm. I usually drink water or green tea, but when you drink green tea, doesn’t it make you want to eat rice crackers?"
Location: Garden Terrace
和菓子が食べたい I want to eat Japanese sweets. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Nerikiri or manju wouldn't be bad, either. You can eat Japanese sweets in the cafeteria during New Years and Higan. You should make an effort to go and try them sometime."
おじいちゃんみたい That sounds like something an old man would say. Yellow Fragments
Character response: "Come to think of it, my grandfather used to eat rice crackers a lot. Since I was so used to that image, it was the first thing that came to mind."
おばあちゃんみたい That sounds like something an old lady would say. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "I see, when I was a child, my grandmother would always put out rice crackers to go along with tea. That’s probably why I’ve gotten used to having rice crackers with tea."
Correct Choice: That sounds like something an old lady would say (おばあちゃんみたい).
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"When I was little, my grandmother used to take me along on trips a lot. Do you like traveling, transfer student?"
Location: Rooftop
疲れるから苦手 I get tired easily, so not really. Red Fragments
Character response: "Indeed, it's pretty tiring to move around some place you're not used to. Well, maybe it's not such a bad idea to make use of the muscles that you don't usually use?"
楽しいから好き It’s fun, so I like traveling. Trust Up
Character response: "It might be a good source of stimulation to experience new things at a new location. It'll be a refresher, too. I like the idea."
みんなと行きたい I want to travel with everyone. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "そうか、合宿か……。そういうのも新鮮でいいかもしれん。衣更と今度プランを立ててみよう

I see, so like a training camp, huh… It’d be a nice refresher. I’ll work it out with Isara."

Correct Choice: I want to travel with everyone. (みんなと行きたい)
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"勉強のほうはどうだ? 『プロデューサー』の仕事で覚えることが多そうだし、手伝えることがあれば言ってくれ"
Location: Classroom
助けてほしい I want you to help me. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "ああ、落ち着け。大丈夫だ、まだテストまで時間はあるから一緒に勉強して対策を練ろう。"
励ましてほしい I want you to encourage me. Blue Fragments
Character response: "が、がんばれあんず! 俺は応援してるぞ。ってことであってるのか?

Y-You can do it, Anzu! I'm here to support you. ...Something like that?"

そっとしてほしい I want you to leave me alone. Blue Fragments
Character response: "そうか。声をかけられることが多いから、おまえもひとりでいたいときもあるんだな。"
Correct Choice: I want you to help me. (助けてほしい)
Hokuto Hidaka Mini Event Dance Room.png

They said Akehoshi started dancing better with the "new practice method", but I don't understand it at all..."

Location: Dance Room
新しい練習法をつくったらいい I hope I can make a new practice method. Red Fragments
Character response: "ううむ。やはり人それぞれに向いたやり方があるから、無理に真似しても近道にはならんな。

Well. After all, there are different methods suitable for different people, it is impossible for everyone to use the same method."

自分に合った練習がいい Practice that suits you is the best. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "ふむ、俺には合ってないようだな。ありがとう、やはり俺は俺のペースで続けよう

Hmm, it doesn't seem to suit me. Thanks, I'll continue at my pace."

きっと『こう』するといい Make sure to do it like this. Red Fragments
Character response: "な、なるほど・・・・・・? 明星のように同時にこうして、ここを・・・・・・ それは合っているのか?"
Correct Choice: Practice that suits you is the best. (自分に合った練習がいい)

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