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"おや? 転校生ちゃん、今日はちょっと疲れているんじゃないかい? 少し手を出してごらん

Oh? Transfer student-chan, aren’t you feeling a little tired today? Hold out your hand for a bit."

Location: Garden
手を挙げる Raise your hand. Luck Down
Character response: "降伏のポーズかい? 君は問い詰めようってわけじゃない、そう警戒しなくても大丈夫だよ

Is that a surrendering pose? You are not being confronted, it's okay not to be so cautious, you know."

手を引っ込める Pull back your hand. Fever Up
Character response: "Fufu, I'm not going to eat you or anything. I just wanted to check your physical condition by looking at the color of your nails."
手を差し出す Hold out your hand. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Hmm, the color of your nails doesn't look too good... Ahh, you can easily tell how a person’s physical condition is by looking at their nails. By the way, I’m in good condition today…♪"
Correct Choice: Hold out your hand (手を差し出す).

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Hey there. Lovely weather for walking outside today, don't you think? Are you doing some needlework, Transfer student-chan? It doesn't seem to be... mending the outfits, I see."

Location: Garden
衣装の染み抜き Removing stains from costumes. Red fragments
Character response: "衣装を着たまま飲食していたからだね。 時間がないのはわかるけど、衣装は大事にしなきゃね……?

It's because you ate while wearing the costume. I understand that you don't have time, but you must take good care of the costume, you know...?"

余り布でブックカバー Making book covers from left-over cloth. Trust up
Character response: "へえ、そうやって再利用することができるんだね。 うん、見栄えもなかなかいい。 どうだろう、僕にひとつ作ってくれないかい?

Oh, you are able to re-use it like that, huh? Yeah, it looks good. How about you make one for me as well?"

刺繍の練習 Embroidery practice. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "衣装の内側に名前の刺繍だなんて、うらやましいな…… ぜひ僕の衣装にも施してくれないかな?

You're embroidering the names on the inside of the outfits... How nice... Won't you embroider my name on my outfit as well?"

Correct Choice: Embroidery practice (刺繍の練習).

Eichi mini event garden terrace options.png

Hey there, transfer student. I had to eat boring hospital food for a long time, so I'm looking forward to the food in the cafeteria. What do you recommend?"

Location: Garden Terrace
ハンバーグ Hamburger Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "Oh, how nice. Despite my appearances, I'm pretty big on the meat eating, so I like a good-sized meal."
カレー Curry Blue Fragments
Character response: "That's nice. I might not look like it, but I quite like meat, so I'd love something with volume."
オムライス Omurice Blue Fragments
Character response: "Fufu, this looks like something Tori would enjoy. This is the only place where I get the chance to eat commoners' food, so I want to eat lots of things."
Correct Choice: Hamburger (ハンバーグ)

Eichi Tenshouin mini event student council room.png

Hey there. Since you came all the way out here on my behalf, I'll make some tea for you. While you're here, would you like to try a tea blend?"

Location: Student Council Room
ドライフルーツ Dried Fruit Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "見た目も味も華やかで、気分が明るくなるよね。 とっておきのものがあるから用意してあげよう……♪

Both the look and taste is extravagant, it makes you feel great. It is my prized possession so I'll go prepare some...♪"

スパイス Spices Blue fragments
Character response: "You have some unexpectedly ethnic tastes, don't you...? Cinnamon, ginger... would you please tell me what you like?"
ジャム Jam Red fragments
Character response: "転校生ちゃんは甘くて爽やかな味が好きなんだね。 手軽に用意できるから僕も好きだよ……♪

So you like likes sweet and refreshing flavors Transfer student-chan, huh? It's easy to prepare so I like it too, you know...♪"

Correct Choice: Dried Fruit (ドライフルーツ)

Eichi Tenshouin mini event music room.png
Location: Music room
好きな曲を聴いています I'm listening to my favorite song. Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "ふぅん、あんずちゃんのお気に入りのかぁ。どんな音楽か気になるね、僕にも聴かせてくれるかい?

Hmm, your favorite song, is it... I'm curious about what kind of music it is, will you allow me to listen as well?"

新曲を聴いています I'm listening to a new song. Blue Fragments
Character response: "『プロデューサー』として真面目に取り組んでいるようだね。どれ、聴いた感想を聞かせてくれるかい?"
英会語を聴いています Blue Fragments
Character response: "へぇ。英語も上達したいなら僕の講師を教えてあげようか? 飲み込みの早い君ならすぐ上手くなれるよ。"
Correct Choice: 好きな曲を聴いてます

Eichi Tenshouin mini event lockers.png
Location: Lockers
見回りですか Red Fragments
Character response: "そうだね。生徒会長自ら歩いて、学院の状況を見て廻るのも仕事だと思っているよ。"
探検ですか Heart/Fever Up
Character response: "へぇ、探検かぁ……。そのつもりで歩いたら、学院の見回りも一層楽しくなりそうだね……♪"
散歩ですか Red Fragments
Character response: "散歩、と言えばそのとおりかもしれない。見回りのつもりだったけど、そういう表現も悪くないね。"
Correct Choice: 探検ですか

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