Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Milky Way The Sunshine Following the Rain - 3
Location: Rooftop
(Tanabata's Joy) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

Everyone~ I have finished the preparations for the nagashi somen ♪

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Sorry, I don’t get it. Why are we eating nagashi somen? I mean, it’s got a summer feel to it and it’s nice and all, but isn’t it a bit too peasant-like for us?

(Tanabata's Joy) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

Fufu. It is because on the day of Tanabata, there is a custom of eating noodles.

The noodles look like strings, you see... It seems people believed that if they ate them, they would become good at sewing, apparently.

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Ah, I get it! Since we’re talking about sewing...or rather, weaving, it’s “Orihime,” right?

(Tanabata's Joy) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

Yes. Eat these noodles so you can be able to repair your stuffed animals by yourself, Young Master.

You are always ripping the fabric and coming to me to repair it for you, after all.

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Needlework isn’t a job for nobility to do. You should eat a lot, Anzu, since you’re always making outfits and stuff.

...Nn? Anzu, did you just float something down that wasn’t somen?

Aah, you sent down cucumbers cut into star shapes. Is that to represent “Hikoboshi?”

I feel you. Orihime and Hikoboshi should be together, right~ After all, they can only meet once a year on Tanabata.

Ehehe, Anzu sure is kind ♪

But instead of just always sending the somen down, you should eat too, Anzu.

You’ll be working on the Tanabata Festival nonstop once it’s nighttime. Anzu’s in charge of the management so you’ll be super busy all the time, right?

You might not have time to eat then, so you should take in some nourishment while you can. Yuzuru, put Anzu’s share of the somen and stuff in a bowl for her.

(Tanabata's Joy) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

Understood, Young Master. I have also prepared condiments and other ingredients to the side, so please have as much as you like.

There are also sweet, spicy, and other specially made dipping sauces ♪

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya CG
(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render

*slurp, slurp*...So good ♪

(Tanabata's Joy) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

You mustn’t make sounds while you eat, Young Master. The way you hold your chopsticks isn’t correct either. Well, it is a festival after all, so I suppose I should take it easy?

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Yup, yup. No more scolding me over the little things. But you know~ When did you set up this nagashi somen equipment?

(Tanabata's Joy) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

Ah, yes. While I had finished up decorating with the bamboo grass, there was some leftover bamboo that had already been cut, you see.

The gentlemen from Akatsuki who were building the stage gave it to me.

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Aah, everyone from the student council was working hard at carpentry and building the stage, right?

Well, with all we prepared ourselves beforehand, we were able to put that much more money towards advertisements and stuff, so it’s fine I guess.

(Tanabata's Joy) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

Yes. Thanks to that, it is likely there will be a great amount of spectators. Though it may be an S1, may this not possibly be the biggest one in history?

I wonder if it is permissible to call Anzu-san’s plan a great success ♪

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render

The Tanabata Festival doesn’t start for real until tonight, so you can’t let your guard down yet.

Still, the expected result is far greater than one would expect from a plan by a first-timer. Allow me to praise you, Anzu ♪

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Ah, President. Where were you? We’ve spent so much time working separately, so I was lonely~ Even though we’re in the same unit!

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render

I’m sorry. Before a big Live, I like to be by myself and concentrate for a little bit. I also had something I wanted to talk to Keito about.

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Hmm...I don’t really understand, but look, look President~?

There’s different colors of somen, see, so I collected only the ones that are pink ♪ Look, it’s the color of my hair~ I’ll give them to you, okay President?

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render

Thank you. When you put it that way, all the normal somen makes me think of Wataru’s hair... Now that I think about it, where is Wataru?

(Tanabata's Joy) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

Aah, if you are wondering about Hibiki-sama, he said something about advertising for the Tanabata Festival and flew off in his balloon earlier.

He was causing dust to fly around so I wished to implore him to please give me a break.

However, apparently Anzu-san forgot to assign someone to publicize and serve as an announcer for the day of the event...

So Hibiki-sama took on those roles in the spur of the moment. He is surprisingly attentive to the slightest things.

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Doesn’t he just want to stand out~? I can see him from here, but it looks like he’s shouting something incomprehensible with great joy while scattering fliers around?

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render

You’re right, the balloon is flying.

Fufu, Wataru is always so free, huh. I wonder if I should ask him to put me on a swing like he did for Tori during FlowerFes and accompany him ♪

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render

No way~ It’s scary and you feel sick and it’s the worst. And it’s freezing so you’ll catch a cold.

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render

That would be a problem. The Tanabata Festival is only a long jump after all.

Or rather, it holds a large implication similar to that of prefinals held before a national tour planned during summer vacation. I don’t want to stumble due to my poor health.

It seems that Keito is fired up, though. We from fine should look for the opportunity to show our faces once or twice.

I wish to strongly impress others with my presence while not pushing myself too hard.

However. We must not let our guard down too much. To us, winning is our duty after all.

(Tanabata's Joy) Yuzuru Fushimi Full Render

Understood. Let us perform the King’s Live as perfect as always ♪

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render

Of course! But still, being a spectator at first is nice, huh~♪

The Tanabata Festival is all about who can survive. If we suddenly made an appearance, fine would end up monopolizing the stage.

We have to give those underlings a chance in the spotlight at least once~♪

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render

You’re right. ...Anzu-chan, I didn’t see Valkyrie at the venue, but they’ll also be properly taking part in the Tanabata Festival, right?

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render

“Valkyrie?” I dunno if I’ve heard of them or not... What is that?

Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render

They’re a formidable enemy we must kill today. At least, that’s what I hope.

I’ve thoroughly instigated him after all, and from what I know of Itsuki-kun’s personality he isn’t the type to desert under enemy fire.

But to be unable to have a grasp on their movements is rather ominous. Do you know anything, Anzu-chan?

Hm. So they’re completely enforcing secrecy is it. Have you been to where they practice as well, Anzu-chan?

How unusual. Are you not that close with them?

Well, if they’re practicing, then that means...that they intend on participating in the Tanabata Festival.

If we make a move, do they plan on moving in accordance?

In that case, we must move as soon as possible. Tori, Yuzuru, once you’ve each finished filling your stomachs, let’s start warming up.

It’s a festival that occurs only once a year. We have to make sure we don’t leave any regrets behind.

It seems that Orihime and Hikoboshi will be able to safely meet and enjoy themselves with this rare fine weather after all...

So to have only me not meet the person I’m waiting for would be rather unfair.

Translation: Karen/Yui
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