Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Milky Way Epilogue - 2
Location: Rooftop
Wataru Hibiki School Dialogue Render


So you were in this sort of place. Please do not disappear off to somewhere hard to find without prior notice. You truly are a free-spirited person!

Everyone was worried~ Why are you on the rooftop?

You enjoy high places, don’t you? We are birds of a feather...☆

(Emperor's Unhealthy Appetite) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render


Wataru Hibiki School Dialogue Render

A message came from Sir Butler to say that Himegimi has been safely escorted home.

It seems he received quite a shock this time. It appears he has caught a fever, so I am concerned.

Well, I am sure Sir Butler will attend to him perfectly, so it will probably be alright.

As a sign of thanks for all the times he has visited you, please go see him another day. Of course, I shall accompany you...☆

(Emperor's Unhealthy Appetite) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render


How amaaaazing... Aah, it’s been awhile since I’ve trembled with excitement like this.

I’ve been finely thinking over our competition with Valkyrie, you see? Aah, it’s one discovery after another!

The angle of these fingers! Do you understand?! Why couldn’t I think of this before? It’s amazing!

Judging from the differences in Itsuki-kun’s and my physique some minute adjustments are needed, but it looks like I can use this even now!

La~Lala~...♪ Listen to this syllable! It’s mesmerizing! This interval is truly the most optimal solution!

Itsuki-kun did well to notice this. He’s a Columbus in the making!

Wataru Hibiki School Dialogue Render


(Emperor's Unhealthy Appetite) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

The best part was that one moment...Aah, being unable to share thoughts is so reproachful!

You understand, don’t you Wataru?! It’s “tatatan”[1]! Not “tatan,” but “tatatan”!

(Emperor's Unhealthy Appetite) Eichi Tenshouin CG
(Emperor's Unhealthy Appetite) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

I wonder why? Even though I’ve repeated it a million times, why didn’t I realize this?

This step! You understand, right Wataru?! This is a historical discovery...!

Aah, I can’t stop drooling! Ending after just one time is such a waste! You think so too, don’t you Wataru?!

My Wataru! More–I have to satisfy myself more and more...☆

Wataru Hibiki School Dialogue Render


(Emperor's Unhealthy Appetite) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render


...Aah, I’m sorry. It seems I got a bit excited.

But I couldn’t help it. There’s no way you could experience something like that and remain sane. It was a wonderful Live, wasn’t it Wataru ♪?

Wataru Hibiki School Dialogue Render

I agree with you on that, but if you continue to stand here exposed to the wind without even wiping your sweat off, you will catch a cold you know?

Aah, look, you are staggering.

(Emperor's Unhealthy Appetite) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Fufufu. It’s because it’s been a while since I did a Live with all my strength, and I’ve been reproducing Valkyrie’s performance numerous times afterwards.

It’s to be expected that I’m a little tired.

You don’t mind if I lean on you, do you Wataru?

Wataru Hibiki School Dialogue Render

Go ahead~♪ If you so desire, I will escort you home. Close your eyes, count to three, and I will teleport you to your destination...☆

(Emperor's Unhealthy Appetite) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

That would be a time-saver. How amazing. You’re a magician, aren’t you Wataru...♪?

Wataru Hibiki School Dialogue Render

Fufufu. It would be wonderful if I could truly use magic, but in this worldview tied down by the laws of physics...

Magic is simply art that loses its mystique the moment you gain knowledge of it.

(Emperor's Unhealthy Appetite) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render

Even so, there are so “many” things you–you all[2] can do that I cannot.

The accomplishments that I’ve frantically piled up can very easily be outdone.

I became aware of that once again today. You’re all so unfair. You’re all loved by God.

Hey, Wataru. I...since long ago, have been jealous of you all to the point where I couldn’t stand it.

Wataru Hibiki School Dialogue Render

It is the same for us as well. We think of you as tremendously precious...Eichi.

Every monster and magician has been exterminated by people like you after all.

Arrogant and filled with jealousy, lazy and thus greedy, indulging in lust and controlled by anger...

At the hands of the sinful humans who do as they please while greedily devouring this planet…

The tricks behind every kind of magic have been exposed, reducing them to simple craft.

And thus, demons became more common. For example, even becoming humans.

(Emperor's Unhealthy Appetite) Eichi Tenshouin Full Render


Wataru Hibiki School Dialogue Render

Eichi? Oh my, have you fallen asleep, perhaps?

You truly are a childish person at times.

How pure it must be, to live life with all of one’s strength... I am sure Heaven originally existed for people such as you.

But really, there was no need for you to wander into Hell of your own accord... Well, that is precisely why you are an interesting person ♪

Please wake up, Eichi. With your own feet, let us walk home together. Did you not say that you would walk alongside me? Only you?

Come, open your eyes. Look, look, you can view the Milky Way in its entirety, see?

A reality far more beautiful than any dream...

Even now, it is spreading out into this world. The one who taught me that was none other than you, yes?

  1. He’s referring to dance moves I believe. I realize it doesn’t make sense in ENG but it’s basically the sound a foot makes when it taps.
  2. If it isn’t clear, he’s referring to the rest of the Oddballs and not all the rest of the students.
Translation: Karen/Yui
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