Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Milky Way Celestial Rendezvous - 4
Location: Tanabata Special Stage 2
Eichi Tenshouin Tanabata Dialogue Render

(What is this?)

(Was Valkyrie this kind of unit...?)

Mika Kagehira Tanabata Dialogue Render


Eichi Tenshouin Tanabata Dialogue Render

(That child is an eyesore...I’m sure Itsuki-kun instructed him to do so, but his placement is rather bothersome more than clever.)

(Yuzuru and Tori are being toyed with by those movements one can only call bizarre.)

(They’re becoming disturbed. Even if we were to go rescue them, Wataru and I are similarly being restrained by Itsuki-kun, so it’s hard to move.)

(What is it, this difficulty I can’t put into words?)

(The form of the proposed showdown was to have both units show off their performances at the same time...)

(It was a similarly formatted Live to Duel, that specialty of Knights'.)

(Of course, we didn’t arrange a meeting beforehand nor did we do a rehearsal together, so there’s no way anything has been settled.)

(Both units are just doing what they want to.)

(Or at least, that should be the case. A consistent Live is progressing. I’m even feeling a sense of unity.)

(At this rate, rather than a Live showdown, it’s instead a joint Live. An elaborately prepared Live perfected by compiling the results of diligent study, at that.)

(But normally something like that should be impossible. What is this? An abnormal situation is in progress...)

(It’s becoming different from any other Live we’ve experienced up until now.)

(At that underground stage... In that poor light where people’s eyes wouldn’t be able to see, Valkyrie caused grotesque flowers to bloom through some mysterious process.)

(Aah, how disgusting.)

(I wanted to see that, so I thoroughly provoked them and dragged them out on stage but...)

(I’m starting to regret that choice. These are most likely some kind of poisonous flower you mustn’t put in your mouth.)

Mika Kagehira Tanabata Dialogue Render


Eichi Tenshouin Tanabata Dialogue Render

(Hm. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen that boy sing, but was he always that skilled?)

(In the past, he used to serve as Itsuki’s back dancer–an inconspicuous existence.)

(So I can understand why his dancing skills are so polished. However, even his singing is exceptionally excellent.)

(No. Would it even be right to evaluate that as “excellent”?)

(It’s a distorted vocal accompanied by a pain that lasts terribly in your ear...with only a paper-thin difference between it and stress.)

(In order to please our guests, the very first thing we as idols must rectify is the pronunciation of our singing voice.)

(They nurtured that, honed it, and sublimated it into art.)

(Mastering one’s technique entirely as it’s written in a textbook is faster and more reliable. However, they pass through the path adorned by thorns.)

(They experience a touch of insanity at the ends of implacability.)

(On a path all avoid, they press on as heretics one can’t even look at... They arrive at the very depths of the inside.)

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render Bloomed

Uuu~...? I don’t understand, I don’t get it! What are you?! You’re a bother!

Even though you’re doing both a similar song and dance, it’s oddly out of sync. It’s gross! It irritates me~!

(Tanabata's Joy) Yuzuru Fushimi Bloomed Full Render

Young Master! We are in the midst of a performance. Please focus!

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render Bloomed

But, but, it’s a weird feeling! I-I didn’t think we’d be fighting against something like this!

What’s with those movements? That’s too much of a burden on yourself! Your bones and stuff will break! Isn’t that dumb?

Are you crazy or something? Why would you purposely choose a more difficult and inconvenient method?

Mika Kagehira Tanabata Dialogue Render

Nnah? Are ya talkin’ to me by any chance?

That’s no good~ If I talk on stage, Oshi-san will get upset. And besides, even if ya ask me, I dunno the answer ♪

I’m just doin’ it how Oshi-san taught me to do, see~?

(Tanabata's Joy) Yuzuru Fushimi Bloomed Full Render

Kagehira-sama. I must say, I cannot find that very admirable. It appears you are a holder of skill greater than I have thought.

That is why you should receive proper guidance. By doing so, you will receive proper value in the future.

There are surely good things waiting for you in the future. Please do not waste that talent of yours.

Mika Kagehira Tanabata Dialogue Render

Nn~ Even if ya say such difficult things, I won’t understand ya, Yukkun.

I don’t really get it, but since Nazuna-nii left and all...

And since Mado-nee can’t move on her own, even if I’m a failure or a good-for-nothin’, I’m Oshi-san’s only doll.

At least on stage I am. That makes me happy, ya know ♪

I can be useful! Even someone like me! Oshi-san is a true genius whose hand can reach to the heights farther than anyone else! An artist out of a billion people!

I believe in him, always!

Even someone like Oshi-san has times where he gets tired and can’t move. That’s where I come in! Whether it’s serving tea or nursing him, I’ll do anything. That’s what makes me satisfied!

Even if I have the dirt-stained, filthy wings of a crow! Even if they break and it hurts and I can only fly a little!

If I can guide Oshi-san even one millimeter for just a moment!

If I can be useful to Oshi-san even a tiny bit, then I’ll sell off everything and anything! Even my own life and existence!

If it’s for him, then I don’t need a future or a tomorrow...!

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render Bloomed

T-That’s definitely weird... I don’t understand... It’s the life that your Papa and Mama gave to you, you know? It’s your life, you know?

There’s no good explanation for you to just throw it away so easily like that, right?

(Ah... Is this what Hibiki-senpai was talking about? That a person’s surroundings are what make them up?)

(I’m a son of the Himemiya family. From the moment I struggled out and was born, I was blessed.)

(I can’t do something like throw away everything that I have...)

(No matter how much I say I’m doing my best! I don’t want to make Papa and Mama sad. I can’t put something like my life at stake!)

Translation: Karen/Yui
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