Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Milky Way Celestial Rendezvous - 3
Location: Tanabata Special Stage 2
Nazuna Nito Tanabata Dialogue Render

(I-Is this gonna be okay...?)

(Rather than Itsuki clearly not being back to how he normally is, it looks like he’s at his wit’s end?)

(It’s only obvious. He’s in front of a crowd of spectators, and his opponent is fine, the one who planted trauma inside of him.)

(Even though that’s the kind of situation he’s in, for him to make an appearance is strange!)

(He would never do anything unreasonable...or rather, unsightly.)

(I wonder if it really is...for my sake. I wonder if it’s conceited to think so? It’s impossible for that to be the case, right?)

(I threw Valkyrie away and ran off by myself to find a new, peaceful world after all.)

(If it really is for my sake, then I can’t help but feel apologetic...I at least want him to come back safely without any more wounds than he has now.)

(The only thing the me of now can do is pray–to wish...)

(Because I’m no longer in Valkyrie, but Ra*bits now. That’s the life I chose.)

Wataru Hibiki Tanabata Dialogue Render

What a gloomy face you are making, Little Rabbit!

Nazuna Nito Tanabata Dialogue Render

Nnhya?! You startled me~ D-D-Do...Do you have shome bushiness with me, Wataru-chin?!

Wataru Hibiki Tanabata Dialogue Render

Yes! It seems fine will be appearing next, so I must stand on stage as well, you see?

And thus, I will be entrusting the job of commentating and whatnot to you, Little Rabbit ♪

You are a member of the Broadcasting Committee. A professional, yes?

Nazuna Nito Tanabata Dialogue Render

Well I mean, I don’t really mind... But I can’t maneuver a balloon, you know?

Wataru Hibiki Tanabata Dialogue Render

Aah, it is fine if you just do it from the ground normally. It’s about run out of fuel anyway, I’m sure~

I plan to land it on the rooftop. Now then, I will be handing you just the mike and such ♪

Nazuna Nito Tanabata Dialogue Render

Y-Yeah. It seems like you’re rather indifferent to all this, huh Wataru-chin?

Itsuki is your friend, isn’t he? It’s definitely going to turn into a bloodthirsty battle... Do you feel nothing at all?

Wataru Hibiki Tanabata Dialogue Render

Fufufu. Based off what I know of Shu’s personality, going easy on him or not participating would just make him angry.

But for just a little bit, even I cannot fully grasp the movements of my own mind.

I wonder if that is my sin–to think of even that as interesting? ...Aah, us hateful, precious Five Oddballs!

Have we been reduced into “odd” people with such a retrospective meaning?

However, since the moment I decided to become close to Eichi, I have anticipated a development such as this.

And it is not like this is the first time something like this has happened. I clashed with Kanata head-on during the DDD, after all.

That may not justify my actions, however. Through pain and cruelty and pleasure, the clown shall dance with a smile!

Now then, I shall hurry to your side Eichi...☆

Nazuna Nito Tanabata Dialogue Render

Wataru-chin... You’re right, it’s not an issue about simply reaching a compromise.

But I won’t avert my eyes either. I’ll live embracing the pain, at least like how a human would.

Mike switch, on ♪

“Ah~! Ah~! We’ve currently switched presenters temporarily! This is Nazuna Nito from Ra*bits!”

“I can’t raise everyone’s spirits as high as Wataru-chin, but I’ll give it all I’ve got~♪”

“For the second battle in the Tanabata Festival, the two great rivals standing off against each other both belong to equally great champion units! fine is the unit everyone is more familiar with.”

“They’re the strongest group that sits at the top of Yumenosaki Academy!”

“Their opponent, Valkyrie...”

“Are there any members among the audience who remember them? They reigned as the aloof overlord in Yumenosaki Academy before the rise of fine!”

“They are the former ruler–no, Emperor!”

“Because they have been holding back on making their activities public for a while, the extents of their talents are currently unknown! However, even when compared to fine, they are in no way inferior.”

“They could be called veterans of true skill!”

“In other words, this is a battle between the past and current suns who once climbed to the zenith of Yumenosaki Academy...a showdown between the old and the new!”

“You can’t pass this opportunity up! Everyone, please pay close attention~☆”

Eichi Tenshouin Tanabata Dialogue Render

Fufu. It can’t be helped, but Nito-kun is certainly praising Valkyrie quite highly, isn’t he? Well, he did once belong to them, so I suppose it’s only natural he would be partial to them?

“Even when compared to fine they are in no way inferior,” he says...

That’s quite an overestimation. The sleeping lion was roused awake, cut up, and devoured. They should be the same as such mere wreckage.

You all think so as well, right? Wataru, Tori, Yuzuru...?

(Tanabata's Joy) Yuzuru Fushimi Bloomed Full Render

In contrary to your tone, it appears your expression is not very composed... You are in front of the Young Master. Please act confident, even if it is a bluff.

Eichi Tenshouin Tanabata Dialogue Render

Yes, that is the duty of a king after all. I know that...Yuzuru ♪

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render Bloomed

Hey~! What are you two whispering about? The two of you sure have gotten friendly, huh~? It pisses me off!

Wataru Hibiki Tanabata Dialogue Render

You mustn’t sulk, Himegimi. If you are lonely, how about you flirt with me~☆?

(Experience of Summer) Tori Himemiya Full Render Bloomed

Eww, don’t touch me so freely! The only person allowed to rub my head is the President~!

Wataru Hibiki Tanabata Dialogue Render

You also have Anzu-san pet your head often, do you not...? Well, it cannot be helped that your guard is so relaxed. This amount of distance between us is reasonable ♪

Fufufu. We have four members on this side while the other side has two members... It somehow feels as if we are being bullies and thus my heart hurts, Shu ♪

Shu Itsuki Tanabata Dialogue Render

Oho. This is the first time I have heard you have something like a heart.

No matter how many fools you gather, they are the same as rubbish. Normally, I alone would be sufficient enough to scatter you all about...Wataru ♪

Mika Kagehira Tanabata Dialogue Render

Nn? Don’t say such lonely things like that~ I’m with ya too ♪

Shu Itsuki Tanabata Dialogue Render

I told you not to speak onstage unless I gave you permission.

Aah, my enemies, my allies, and the audience are all so overly energetic... As I thought, I cannot get used to these DreamFes or what have you.

However, if we do not do official activities occasionally, they did say they would break up Valkyrie.

And I am sure Tenshouin will always be meddling annoyingly.

(Emperor's Unhealthy Appetite) Eichi Tenshouin CG2
Shu Itsuki Tanabata Dialogue Render

Just this once, I will temporarily exhibit the inside of my treasury.

It truly is bothersome, but I will play with you in my spare small fry.

Eichi Tenshouin Tanabata Dialogue Render

I’m glad that Yumenosaki Academy still has children impertinent enough to speak that way to us.

I didn’t come here to argue with you. Let us begin this stage of ours...♪

Translation: Karen/Yui
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