Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Milky Way Celestial Rendezvous - 1
Location: Tanabata Special Stage 2
Keito Hasumi Tanabata Dialogue Render

...Whoops. This isn’t the time to be committing seppuku.

Sorry, Kiryuu, Kanzaki... Looks like the student council members who were in charge of constructing the venue are having some trouble. I’ll have to head over there for a moment.

(Tanabata Contest) Kuro Kiryu Full Render

Yeah, the student council members are waving their wands and calling to us. I see. Well, guess there’s no helping it then.

It’s a shame since we won and all, but looks like Akatsuki will be leaving the stage for a sec.

Akatsuki’s performance is constructed with Hasumi-danna as the center. If he’s missing, we won’t be able to show them a perfect performance.

(Master Swordsman's Dance) Souma Kanzaki Full Render Bloomed

Hm? Be at ease, Kiryuu-dono! Even if it is just me and Kiryuu-dono, as Akatsuki we will be able to demonstrate a rich dance performance...


(Tanabata Contest) Kuro Kiryu Full Render

Read between the lines, Kanzaki.

Nazuna Nito Tanabata Dialogue Render


Keito Hasumi Tanabata Dialogue Render

Well, that’s the situation. The Tanabata Festival conditions state that whoever wins gains the right to remain on stage.

But the choice to remain or not depends on the unit’s decision.

We will be leaving the stage for now. It is regretful that we must allow another unit to make an appearance but the situation calls for it... There’s no helping it.

While I am a part of Akatsuki, I am also the Student Council Vice-President. I cannot be cutting corners in that area of work.

If I overlook any operational troubles, then the Tanabata Festival will end in failure.

Just like how the loser must in accordance to the rules, we victors will also leave the stage voluntarily.

Regardless of whichever unit shows up next, the early bird is the one who gets the worm.

You lot from Ra*bits are certainly young and full of energy...

There’s a possibility you can continue to stand on stage and perform. If that’s what you desire, then no one can interfere.

The audience may get lose interest if the same group performs for a second time, but if the other party changes then it keeps things fresh.

That’s why, if you wish to do so then keep on fighting.

I don’t think this makes up for the hardships you faced during that S2 where almost all of the audience had left.

I don’t have that sort of obligation to you. We silently believed during those days that that was the right thing to do.

However. I do feel like we did some wrong to you slightly... I wish to relieve that concern of mine, even if only slightly.

It seems like you’ve polished up your talents somewhat, so I have no worries leaving the rest to you.

Nazuna Nito Tanabata Dialogue Render

Keito-chin...T-Thank you. You’re letting us perform again, aren’t you?

Keito Hasumi Tanabata Dialogue Render

Don’t give me your thanks. I beg of you. ...Farewell then, Ra*bits. I expect a good fight from you all.

Nazuna Nito Tanabata Dialogue Render

Y-Yeah. What should we do, guys? Do you still have energy? If so, we’ll be taking up their offer and fighting again~♪ Or are you tired already?

(Lighted Path) Mitsuru Tenma Full Render Bloomed

Not at all! On the contrary, I’ve finally warmed up my body yanno~♪

(Persevering) Hajime Shino Full Render Bloomed

To tell you the truth I’m exhausted but... I’ll do my best. I’m happy just from having another chance to have the audience look at us.

One of my wishes was granted ♪

(True to Himself) Tomoya Mashiro Full Render Bloomed

It’s Tanabata after all. I can still go on too, Nii~chan ♪

Nazuna Nito Tanabata Dialogue Render

I see. You’ve gotten strong, haven’t you all...♪

Then let’s get fired up and do our best once more!

If it’s us, who’ve deepened our bonds and grown...

No matter what unit we go up against, we definitely won’t lose ♪

Eichi Tenshouin Tanabata Dialogue Render

Ohh, no matter what unit you go up against, you say? That’s quite the boast there, Nito-kun ♪

Nazuna Nito Tanabata Dialogue Render

Geh...T-Tenshouin! Does fine intend to come on stage?!

Eichi Tenshouin Tanabata Dialogue Render

Do you have a problem with that? Both of the units who fought in the first battle leave the stage.

Which unit stands on stage next is a matter of which gets there fastest, right?

That’s what you said, isn’t it, Keito? So it doesn’t matter if we show up ♪

Keito Hasumi Tanabata Dialogue Render

Eichi... What are you thinking? You have no stamina at all. If you show up now at the opening act you’ll quickly lose your breath, you know?

Eichi Tenshouin Tanabata Dialogue Render

I’d like for you to not misjudge me. It seemed that no matter what, you wouldn’t listen to my request, Keito...

So since there’s no choice, I’m doing it myself. If I collapse from fatigue, it’ll be your fault, okay?

Keito Hasumi Tanabata Dialogue Render

Eichi. Ra*bits may be inexperienced, but they’re starting to show signs of growth. It may be easy to crush them here, but I can only see that as a disadvantage in the long run.

You should be investing in them for the future you love so much.

During peacetime you should treat soldiers as if they are babies and be affectionate with them. In wartime you should use them as consumable goods.

That’s the art of war, but now is not that time. What are you so impatient about, Eichi?

If you’ve been reduced to a tyrant who meaninglessly massacres people, then even I will turn my back on you.

Even if you die, I won’t hold a memorial service for you. I’ll watch you fall into Hell.

Eichi Tenshouin Tanabata Dialogue Render

How unlike you. Are your glasses cloudy, perhaps? Back then, everyone was easygoing and naively interacting with each other, making them degenerate, and causing the Yumenosaki Academy of old to become corrupt.

There’s no way you don’t remember that, right?

Do you wish to return to that period? If so, then I’m truly disappointed in you.

I can’t think of you as a friend anymore. From this moment on I’ll display you on a shelf of unwanted goods. A confused ally is more troublesome than an enemy, after all.

First I’ll turn Ra*bits into a bloodbath, and then I’ll execute the corrupted Akatsuki.

If you want to call me a tyrant, then by all means do so. I have no time for a standstill or backtracking... Understand, Keito?

Translation: Karen/Yui
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