Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirements: Unlock in (Paranoia) Mika Kagehira's Idol Road
Mika Kagehira sub story part 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: Garden Space


Hmmm~...? Mhaaaa~...?

(‘m doo~med…! ‘m real, real nervous~...!)

(Ughh~ Workin’ with people I dunno! I dunno what to say to ‘em. And if they say somethin’ snobby to me, I won’t be able to bounce back!)

(Strangers are scary!)

(But yanno~... Mentor can’t do a thing, so our war funds are hittin’ rock bottom, ‘n all.)

(Way things are goin’, we won’ even be able to put rice on the table, will we?)

(If I bumble it up, we’ll go bankrupt, huh? They’d judge that continuing our unit activities’d be untenable, and disband Valkyrie, wouldn’t they?)

(‘n on toppa that, the student council’s got their eyes on us, so everyone’s bein’ cold with us, ‘n all?)

(Auughh! ‘n I’m broke, yanno. I can’t use my allowance for activities money, either, ‘n all!)

(I just gotta do a “school part time job,” don’t I? I ain’t got another choice!)

(It wouldn’t do if Valkyrie was gone when Mentor makes his comeback someday!)

(Awwwright... I’m gonna put a li’l effort to it ‘n do my best~ Where’s my candies? It puts a li’l cheer in me to pop somethin’ sweet in my mouth, eheheh~♪)

(Huuh? There’s a hole ‘n my uniform’s pocket! Did my candies fall out somewhere?)

(I gotta fix my habit of walkin’ into li’l nooks, don’t I? My uniform’s all tattered up here ‘n there, ain’t it?)

(Ohh, if I asked Mentor, I wonder if he’d patch up the torn parts...?)

Bwah? Uh, wassat? Ya... got some business with me?

Huh!? Somethin’ I dropped? Ya picked up my candies for me?

Thank ya kindly~...♪ Umm, yer doin’ trash pickup for a “school part time job,” too?

‘Zat so? If that’s the case, we’re buddies, ain’t we~ Huh!? My name’s Kagehira...

M- my first name? Uhhh~ Do I have to tell ya? It’s Mi- Mika. In hiragana... Mika. It’s like a girl, ain’t it~ I don’t really like it much, ya know.

That is... Yer... a girl? Ya are wearin’ a skirt ‘n all, ain’t you. Yer from the regular section or somethin’? Thank goodness, if there’s a girl with me, I feel better, yanno...

I’m… a li’l afraid of men, yanno~♪

Way back, I was raised ‘n a place full of girls, so… ‘m used to that, a bit.

The idol section of Yumenosaki Academy’s like a boy’s school, so I didn’t wanna enter the school, but...)

Mentor... an acquaintance of mine invited me, so, see, I came with ‘em, yanno.

Ah, sorry. I started talkin’ on ‘n on ’bout m’self. Somehow, yer easy to talk to. ♪

‘m… pretty shy, but… Jus’ don’t stare too much at me, alright? I... don’t like bein’ looked at too much, yanno~?

Huh!? My eyes’re pretty? Thank ya kindly~... The first time I meet people, they’re relatively curious ‘bout ‘em, or else they’re afraid of ‘em, but…

Ya complimented ‘em, didn’t ya? Yer a weird kid, ain’t ya~♪

Well. There’re people who say some pretty mean stuff, too, yanno. Like “Did you put one wrong eye in, I wonder?” and stuff... Ah! The one who said that was Mentor, wasn’t it...

Huh!? Naw, right now I jus’ have my two parents, yanno. I don’t have any big sisters er li’l sisters.[1] Ya sure ask a lotta questions for a first time meeting, don’t ya? ’s like an omiai[2], ain’t it. ♪

Now then, I wanna ask some questions, too, don’t I? What’s yer name?

Hmmm, Anzu? ‘s it okay if I call ya Anzu-chan? ‘s it too familiar?

‘s alright? ‘m happy~ Yer a good kid, ain’t ya? Ya picked up my candies ‘n all, too. ♪

As my thanks, I’ll give ya this candy. ‘though it’s kinda chipped up, see, but this’s all I got left. Here, say “ah”... ♪

‘s it tasty? Yeah, it is, ain’t it... If I go pickin’ up garbage, I wonder if I can pick up some candies, too? Let’s do our best workin’ together, ‘kay? ♪

Yeah. I... work pickin’ up trash... that is- this is my first time workin’ at a school part time job, yanno.

Seems like yer used to it, ‘n all, Anzu-chan. I’d be happy if ya taught me ‘bout all kinds’a stuff. ♪

Thank goodness, yanno. That there’s a nice person here. I… was real, real nervous.

I’d done trash pickin’ up a lot way back when, so ‘m used to it ‘n all. I don’t think I’ll slow ya down too much, but…

Huh? Ya want me to rely away on ya, ‘cause it’s the job of a producer to take care of the idols... ya say?

What’s that all about? Ya... ya ain’t a producer by any chance, are ya?

Now that ya mention it, I heard there’s a girl producer who transferred into Class A... Ya ain’t the fabled “transfer student-chan” are ya?

The one they say led those Trickstar guys ‘n struck down the student council... fine?

Huh!? Ya ain’t really leadin’ ‘em? Wait a sec! I don’t get it! ‘m gettin’ confused! But, yer the second year Class A’s “transfer student-chan,” ain’t you?

‘f that’s the case, it’d make some sense. A kid from the regular section can’t come into the areas for the Yumenosaki idol section without goin’ through real hassle of a process, ‘n all.

Ya wouldn’t go through all that trouble gettin’ in jus’ to pick up garbage, would ya? ‘n on toppa that, if I look at ya close, that ain’t wunna the regular section’s uniform’s, is it?

...Ahh, izzat how it was?


I’ve been tricked, yanno! Gyahh! ‘f I knew that, I wouldn’ta even talked to ya!

I’ve been betrayed, yanno! Even though I thought maybe ya were a nice, good kid, n’ all. That we might’a been able to be friends!

If yer involved with Trickstar, yer an enemy, ain’t ya!? An enemy of we, the Valkyrie!

I’ve been tricked! ’s so cruel, cruel, cruel, ain’t it! Wh- whadda ya tryna do? Pickin’ up my candies, tellin’ me my eyes’re pretty!

‘s all a lie, huh!? Naw, it was all a trap, wasn’t it!?

Deceivin’ me…! Trickin’ me! Ya thought ya could use me, din’t ya!? Mmm, ahhh! I ain’t gonna believe anythin’ anymore!

Ughh, I’m goin’ back! To where Mentor is!

Don’t- don’t ya come near me again! Yer abominable! Ya little cheeeeat!

Huh!? ... What to do ‘bout the trash pickin’ up? Mm, mmmmm? ‘s a li’l irresponsible to abandon a job ya already took on, ain’t it?

Mmmm... Then, jus’ this one job, I’ll do together with ya. I want the money ‘n all.

Valkyrie’s in trouble for lack’a funds. He who don’t work, neither shall he eat, ‘n all.

Huh!? ‘f we’re in trouble, talk to ya ‘bout it... ya say? There might be somethin’ ya can do... ya say?

There ain’t! Talkin’ like yer all grown up! Pisses me off, yanno!

‘member it well! ‘cause I ain’t recognizin’ ya as a producer!

  1. Anzu is asking about Mika's family because he resembles Suzu Kuromori from Ensemble Girls. Suzu was Anzu's best friend during her time at the Kimisaki school.
  2. An "omiai" is a formal interview in contemplation of marriage. It's often a part of arranged marriages between individuals who had not met one another before the interview. Omiai (either the interviews or the whole arranged marriage process) is not a very common practice anymore, but still exists.
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