Writer: 結城吉野 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirements: Unlock in (Awkward Everyday) Mika Kagehira's Idol Road
Mika Kagehira a nice day to meet 2
Season: Spring (春) Location: Practice Room

Thank goodness the practice room’s empty.

(I actually wanted to book the soundproof practice room and practice with Mentor, but…)

(He doesn’t seem to be feelin’ well today either, so he can’t come along.)

Mentor is already perfect so he doesn’t needs to practice, but my singin’ and dancin’ are both much worse than his.

So I gotta practice lots to make sure I don’t drag him down. Nfufu, I’ll work hard~ ♪

(Nnha? Where did I leave my dancin’ shoes?)

(Did I forget them in the classroom? Or the Handicrafts Club room? Nnhaaa, I can’t remember!)

...Nn? It sounded like someone was knockin’ at the door just now.

Yeah, someone’s a-knockin’. Did some other unit want to practice here, and that’s why?

Kagehira Mika of Valkyrie is already usin’ this room. If ya wanna practice, can ya move somewhere else…?

Wait, Anzu-chan? Didn’t we bump into each other this morning as well? Today sure is full of meetings.

What did ya need in the practice room? Hmm? You’re checkin’ all the rooms one by one, and if they’re empty you’ll open them up for practice?

Why are ya even doing that, anyway?

Checkin’ on places for units to practice is part of a Producer’s job too, is it? I don’t really get it.

Eh? Anzu-chan, I could ask you to do the same too?

I-I won’t ask somethin’ like that! I’m not gonna accept ya as our Producer.

Anzu-chan is my… our enemy.

...But I’m poor. I can’t even save up enough school currency to book the soundproof practice room…

Nnhaa, what a pickle. ...Eh? You wanna stay and watch me practice?

There’s no way I’d say okay to that!

Nnha, um… sorry. Don’t get mad at me for yelling, please?

Oh, I’m glad ya aren’t mad.

You’re really weird, Anzu-chan. Most people won’t wanna get close to someone who acts cold to them.

Myself, if I was turned away by someone I didn’t know well, I’d withdraw and not try again. You’re a strong one. ♪

I-I wasn’t praisin’ ya! I was just callin’ ya shameless.

Well, I guess if it’s just watchin’ me practice then Mentor won’t have a problem with it. So watch properly.

Umm, where did I leave my dancin’ shoes… I can’t even practice without those.

...Inside my bag? Hold on, I’ll check there~ ♪

Nn? Nnha, looks like they fell into the bottom of my bag. Thanks, Anzu-chan…

Mmhm… that’s one shoe on~ ♪

I’m bad at balancin’, ya see. If I don’t use the wall to support myself while puttin’ on my shoes, I’ll fall over.

Nfufu~ Now I’m all ready.

♪ ~ ♪ ~

Nn? Are you praisin’ my singin’? Thanks~ ♪

But Mentor is way better than me at both singin’ and dancin’. I think you’d be blown away if ya watched him practice.

Mentor is perfect. He’s really strict, and won’t allow bein’ off by even a millimeter from either himself or anyone else at all.

Anyway, my only place is at Mentor’s side. Valkyrie is where I belong.

I don’t think Mentor really cares whether I’m followin’ him or not. He always tells me things like I can leave him if I want.

But I’m still gonna follow Mentor.

I don’t wanna move to another unit now. It’s because I’m in Valkyrie, next to Mentor, that I can shine.

...Why did I tell ya all this? Yer supposed to be Valkyrie’s enemy, but I don’t really hate ya that much.

Yer kind, Anzu-chan, Ya gave me sweets when I was hungry, and helped me with school part time jobs.

...If that’s all part of some plan, then you’d be a really bad person. But that’s not what I feel…?

Do you still have time, Anzu-chan? I wanna try to dance the whole song, but I’m slow so I’ll probably trip and fail halfway.

I’ll probably keep on practicin’ until it gets dark… I shouldn’t hold a girl back too late, though.

So ya can go back already… Ya stayed to watch me all the way, yer really a strange one.

(Awkward Everyday) Mika Kagehira CG2

It’s alright. I’ll do a whole song and dance through just for ya. Nfufu, I’m grateful~ ♪

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