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Bullet points about family, if notable (ie, father is a policeman, younger sister has an inferiority complex, etc).

Early Years

  • He was abandoned by his birth parents and thus lived in an orphanage in his hometown. Because of this, and also fearing it was because of his heterochromia, he is afraid of abandonment in other aspects of his life.[1]
    • During his time in the orphanage, he was a behaved kid who never complained, took care of the younger kids, and always gave good things away. He feared he'd be abandoned if he did otherwise.
    • The younger kids would call him “Mika-nii,” a nickname similar to how he calls Nazuna (“Nazuna-nii”).
  • The first time he met Shu was when he ran away from the orphanage, and was so impressed by him that he joined the academy to see him again.[2]
  • It can be inferred that he was eventually adopted from the orphanage due to his confusion of whether Shu was referring to his birth family or adopted family when "family" was mentioned in conversation.[3]
  • Mika lives together with Shu to avoid commuting from his home in Kansai. In order to pay back Shu for his deeds, Mika has put a portion of the funds earned from idol activities into Shu's household expenses and also sends some back to his home in Kansai.[4]

War Era

Information about what the character was doing, if anything, during the previous year as it pertains to the war. (In the case of first years, their middle school information would go under "early years," but instances such as Tomoya watching Wataru perform when visiting Yumenosaki would go here since it more specifically pertains to the war.)

Last Year (Enstars! Era)

See: Appears In
Information about what the character did during the Enstars! year.

Current Year (Enstars!! Era)

See: Appears In
Information about what the character did during the Enstars!! year.

Next Year

Information about what the character is doing next year, if notable (ie, becomes the leader of their unit, goes on to start a company, continues being an idol with classmate A, etc).


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