Mika Kagehira
"I dunno too much what’s right an’ what’s wrong... I can’t trust my own feelings."
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Class 2-B
Club Handicraft Club
Age 16-17
Height 171cm
Weight 54kg
Handedness Right-handed
Blood Type B
Birthday December 26th
Likes Clothes with long hems
Dislikes His own eyes, others' gazes
Family Parents
Hobby Collecting Stuffed Toys
Specialty Cat's Cradle
Voice Actor Jun Oosuka (大須賀純)
First Debut (Game)
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Being all alone as a first year, he admires Shu because he called out to him. He is currently getting along with him in the handicraft club. He harbors complicated feelings about Nazuna, who left their unit. He has an honest and gullible personality, but can easily become lonely and broody.

He likes cute and scary things, but has very few friends because he has difficulties finding people who share his interests. He has a complex about his girlish name and mismatched eyes.

He is not good with controlling his emotions, most of the time they control him rather the opposite. As he is dependent on Shu, he has shown that he can also accomplish many tasks on his own but is afraid of failure.

He describes himself as not being able to accomplish anything and that he is only a ‘doll’ used to obey orders, however, it has shown that he is able to complete many things on his own without the guidance of any others.

He is also an extremely hard worker, and often finds it hard to take breaks. He even goes as far as working on his own birthday to get money for his unit, which is in a bad financial crisis. He shows signs of fatigue and has even fainted from the poor condition his body is in. Many friends have expressed concern of his condition, some saying he gets thinner each time they see him.

He shows extreme amounts of loyalty to his friends and will do almost anything for those he cares about. For example, he was willing to put up any kind of fight to protect his unit which was in critical danger of being shut down. When he loves something he never lets it go and never takes back his word.

While he may be bad with expressing emotion, his true intentions always get out sooner or later whether it’s on accident or on purpose. For example, he used to treat the Producer harshly, as Shu would, and would say that Valkyrie does not need a producer. However, as time passed he got more friendly with the producer and has told her a lot of his true opinions.


Mika is a young man with a skinny build. He has mid-length tousled dark green hair. His eyes have heterochromia iridium; his right eye is a light golden color, while his left is aqua. At school, he wears his school blazer unbuttoned over his navy blue sweater. His white shirt is untucked and unbuttoned at the collar, and he wears a black long-sleeved shirt underneath. He wears a blue tie loosely around the collar, purple sneakers and loose plaid pants.

On stage, Mika wears Valkyrie's uniform. It consists of a black, dark-rose colored coat over a buttoned black shirt and a dark-rose ribbon around his neck. His coat has three-quarter length sleeves, and he wears long black leather bracelettes on his forearms. He also wears a black stud earring in his left ear and a black feather earring in his right.


  • Mika speaks in the Kansai dialect.
  • Mika often carries around candies to eat. He has stated that nice sweets make his stomach upset, and prefers something that an amateur would make, such as a half burnt cake, and also cheap candies.
  • Mika's autograph consists of only his first name, rendered in hiragana. It also features a small candy drawing.
  • He's very similar in looks and personality to Suzu Kuromori from Ensemble Girls. This has been stated many times by other characters (by Anzu in Mika's first sub-story, by Chizuru Yakumo in the light novel and by Mika himself in Milky Way).
  • It was revealed in Reminiscence*End of the Marionette's Strings that Mika lives together with Shu to avoid commuting from his home in Kansai. In order to pay back Shu for his deeds, Mika has put a portion of the funds earned from idol activities into Shu's household expenses and also sends some back to his home in Kansai.
  • Though he is part of the Handicrafts Club, Mika is only an amateur at sewing, usually only fixing up dumped stuffed dolls rather than creating things. However, he has attempted to make an outfit for Nazuna's birthday in Reminiscence * Marionette, as shown in his card, (Trashy Feelings) Mika Kagehira, though Shu had secretly worked up on some of the places Mika messed up on.
  • It is most blatantly stated in Human Comedy that Mika was abandoned by his birth parents and thus lived in an orphanage in his hometown, taking care of the younger children there. Because of this, and fearing it was because of his heterochromia, he is afraid of abandonment in other aspects of his life.


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Character Name Mika's Nickname Nickname for them
Anzu (Protagonist) · Anzu-chan (あんずちゃん)

· The rumored Transfer student-chan (噂の『転校生ちゃん』)
· The Producer girl (プロデューサーのやつ)

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Hajime Shino · Kagehira-senpai (影片先輩) · Hajime-kun (創くん)
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Hinata Aoi · Kagehira-senpai (影片先輩) · Hinata-kun (ひなたくん)
Midori Takamine mini
Midori Takamine · Kagehira-senpai (影片先輩) · Midori-kun (翠くん)
Mitsuru Tenma mini
Mitsuru Tenma · Mika-chan-senpai (みかちゃん先輩)
Shinobu Sengoku mini
Shinobu Sengoku
Sora Harukawa mini
Sora Harukawa · Kage-niisan (影にぃさん)

· Mika-chan-san (みかちゃんさん)

· Harukawa-kun (春川くん)
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Tetora Nagumo
Tomoya Mashiro mini
Tomoya Mashiro · Kagehira-senpai (影片先輩) · Tomoya-kun (友也くん)
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Tori Himemiya · Kagehira-senpai (影片センパイ) · Tori-kun (桃李くん)
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Yuta Aoi · Kagehira-senpai (影片先輩) · Yuuta-kun (ゆうたくん)
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Hokuto Hidaka
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Koga Oogami
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Makoto Yuuki · Kagehira-kun (影片くん) · Yuuki-kun (遊木くん)
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Mika Kagehira · Ore (おれ)
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Ritsu Sakuma · Mikarin (みかりん) · Ritsu-kun (凛月くん)
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Souma Kanzaki · Kagehira-dono (影片殿)
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Subaru Akehoshi Mikkii (ミッキ~) Akehoshi-kun (明星くん)
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Yuzuru Fushimi · Kagehira-sama (影片さま) · Yukkun (ゆっくん)
Chiaki Morisawa mini
Chiaki Morisawa · Kagehira-kun (影片くん)
Eichi Tenshouin mini
Eichi Tenshouin · That kid (あの子)

· Kagehira-kun (影片くん)

· You (あんた)
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Kanata Shinkai · Mii-san (み〜さん)
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Kuro Kiryu · You (てめぇ)

· Kagehira (影片)

· "Ryuu-kun"-san (『りゅ~くん』さん)

· Kiryu-sempai (鬼龍先輩)

Leo Tsukinaga mini
Leo Tsukinaga · Shu’s favorite kid (シュウのお気に入りの子)

· Mika (ミカ)

· Tsukinaga-senpai (月永先輩)
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Nazuna Nito · Mika-chin (みかちん) [Past]

· Kagehira (影片)

· Nazuna-nii (なずな兄ィ)
Rei Sakuma mini
Rei Sakuma
Shu Itsuki mini
Shu Itsuki · Kagehira (影片)

· Failure (失敗作)

· Oshi-san (お師さん)
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Tsumugi Aoba · Mika-kun (みかくん) · Tsumu-chan-senpai (つむちゃん先輩)
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· Kunugi-sensei (椚先生)

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Reimei Academy
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Daikichi mini
Daikichi {{{Nickname46}}}
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Ruka Tsukinaga Mini
Adonis' Sisters

Voice Actor Comment

"I’m Jun Oosuka, the voice of Kagehira Mika. I did a double take when my manager sent me a message saying, “You’re going to be in Enstars!” When they showed me the character settings for Mika-kun, I had to do a triple take.  I don’t even remember how many times I had to look at the script when they gave it to me… I think I must have stretched out my neck with all the double takes lol.  Mika-kun… He’s a good kid, admirable and lovable.  He’s the sort of guy you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off if you had him as a friend.  Please show him some love and produce him.  (In Kansai Dialect) Valkyrie is the best!"

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