Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Unlock in (Upperclassman's Present) Midori Takamine's Idol Road
Midori Takamine Morning Practice 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: Southern Shopping Area
Chiaki Morisawa AI Dialogue Render
*huff* *huff* *huff* *huff*...♪

Yes. Over there, that's Takamine's house, isn't it! ☆ My sixth sense is telling me so...!

Well, it does say “Greengrocer Takamine” on the signboard, and all. It's still early in the morning, so the shop isn't open, but it's a pretty safe bet that this is the place, I think.

Takamine is the kind who can do stuff if he tries, but unfortunately, he has no confidence in himself, so to speak...

At any rate, he has no drive, so nearly the first words out of his mouth are, “Can I go home yet...?” or, “I'm so depressed, I want to die...” or...

It's all just negative expressions, so, you see...

He's only just enlisted in Ryuseitai, I'm sure there are still a lot of things he's unsure about.

The way to deepen one's bonds with someone is... First: special training. Second: special training. Third: special training...☆

And the morning training we've carried out has been good for that, but every time Takamine says something like, “My stomach doesn't feel good...” or, “I overslept, so...” and doesn't show his face, so...

This is where I, the leader of Ryuseitai and also the captain of the Basketball Club should go to pick him up, right!

Yes. This is what it means to be a third year student!☆

Are you watching, second year student me!? I've become a splendid man who goes to pick up his juniors~!

Ha ha ha. If I make a big fuss early in the morning, it'll be a bother to the neighbors, won't it.

Taka... Whoa, the transfer student. That's the transfer student over there, right?

Are you going to the school this early in the morning? You're so diligent, transfer student. Good girl, good girl.♪

There are times when I've accidentally overslept and it looked like I was going to be late, but days when we have morning training are a different matter...!

Hm? Ahh, it's not morning practice for the basketball club, today is morning practice for Ryuseitai.

It's only been a few days since the first years enlisted in the unit, so to get them familiar with us quickly, the best thing is morning training, right.☆

Whoops, now's not the time to be chatting with you, is it.

Takamine--! We're going to morning training! It's not the time to be sleeping, is it! Good morning~!

(Upperclassman's Present) Midori Takamine CG
Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render
*yawwwn* …... What's going on, so early in the morning...?
Chiaki Morisawa AI Dialogue Render
Oh! Takamine. You woke up alright today, didn't you!
Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render
Um... Morisawa-senpai? And even transfer student-san is together with you, what's the matter...?
Chiaki Morisawa AI Dialogue Render
I just met the transfer student here by coincidence. More importantly, Takamine. It's morning training time. Morning training.♪
Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render
Morning training... Uuugh, I'm getting depressed just imagining it...
Chiaki Morisawa AI Dialogue Render
What's wrong, Takamine! Cheer up, Takamine...☆
Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render
I get depressed just from morning training, but then with Morisawa-senpai's loud voice, my spirits sink even more...

I... don't like mornings, you know... No, more than mornings, it's putting in effort that I don't like, but...

Morisawa-senpai, you invited me to the basketball club, and refusing would have been a pain in the neck, so I joined the club just like that...

By the time I realized it, I'd been dragged into joining Ryuseitai too... It's so depressing...

Chiaki Morisawa AI Dialogue Render
Takamine. Did you forget we call it “enlisting,” not “joining”? Then, until you can remember it...☆

The red flames are the mark of justice! The life-giving sun, burning bright red...!

Ryusei Red! Chiaki Morisawa...!

Now, Takamine, you follow after me!

Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render
I don't want to...
Chiaki Morisawa AI Dialogue Render
Wha...! A rebellious phase? Are you in a rebellious phase, Takamine!?
Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render
Please don't grab my shoulders and shake me... Uugh, it's making me dizzy...

I don't even like being in the spotlight, and if I scream some catch phrase, my parents might come out of the house, and all...

Speaking of which, if you're going to do morning training, you need everyone else, too, don't you...? If we dilly-dally around here, won't it cause a bother for everyone...?

Chiaki Morisawa AI Dialogue Render
Yes. There is that, as well, isn't there! And you've finally gotten up the drive for some morning training. There's no helping it, let us boldly withdraw!
Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render
It'd just be better than saying my catch phrase, it's not like I've gotten up the drive for it, but...

Speaking of which, what are you going to do, transfer student-san...? If you just happened to meet up with Morisawa-senpai, there's no need for you to go with us to morning training, is there, you know...?

Hmmm. As a Producer, you're interested in what the practice looks like, so you'll come with us?

You're a serious one, aren't you, transfer student-san...

Even though you've got all sorts of things going on since you just transferred into the school, doing your best at your work as a producer, and stuff, if it was me, I couldn't do it...

But, unlike Morisawa-senpai, you don't make a ton of noise in a loud voice, and all, transfer student-san. You're tiny and cute, so I guess looking at you makes me feel better, maybe...♪

Chiaki Morisawa AI Dialogue Render
Heeeey, Takamine! We can't keep everybody waiting, you know, so let's dash on over. ☆
Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render
I get it, so please don't pull me by the hand...

Transfer student-san, are you okay...? I'm, used to carrying heavy things from the work I do at the greengrocer, so I think I could carry someone like you on my shoulders, senpai...

Huh, transfer student-san? Are you, by any chance, mad at me?

Did I.. say something for somebody to get mad at...? Uwaahh... I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

If you hated me, transfer student-san, I might not be able to go on living...

Chiaki Morisawa AI Dialogue Render
Hmm, Takamine, you sure are quite attached to the transfer student, aren't you...?
Midori Takamine School Dialogue Render
Transfer student-san.. looks like a mascot character that I like, so.. I don't want her to hate me...

Um, I apologize with all my heart, so...! If you don't hate me, I'd be happy...♪

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