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  • I live in USA
  • I was born on April 19
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  • Hello Rin!! It's nice to meet someone who knows Free! ISC or ES!! My name is Kano, I´m new to this, however, I don't have the game. Though I do know the songs of each band!!! But I mostly hear Trickstar... well it´s nice to say hi to you Rin!!!


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  • Hello! I've noticed that you've been adding the transcriptions for the recent events and honestly otsukaresama, I only recently tried doing so for one revival (xmas live) and I can't say it was that easy gathering them... so I was wondering if I could help you out- like with the current event, I already gathered some of Midori's answers...? Just asking bc I don't want to step on toes!

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    • I don't mind at all!  I'd welcome the help, honestly, since usually I'm the only one that does them ahaha.  It'd be great if you could start on Midori honestly since Tomoya still isn't giving me all his responses lmao

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