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Marionette ~Part 2~
マリオネット ~後編~
Marionette ~Part 2~ (Episode)
Episode 6
Air Date August 11, 2019
Dub Release September 8, 2019
Blu-Ray Volume 2
Chapters Reminiscence * Marionette:
Stand By Me - Masquerade 3

The sixth episode of the Ensemble Stars! Anime Adaption by David Production. The opening song is Stars' Ensemble, and the ending song is メイド・イン・トキメキ♪ (Made in Tokimeki♪). The commercial break illustrations are from (Sovereign's Puppet Show) Shu Itsuki and (Trashy Feelings) Mika Kagehira. After the episode aired, Reminiscence * Marionette was also made available to read in-app until the 25th.


Hajime and Tomoya talk on the phone. Nazuna is seen back in Jin's office, receiving some medicine for his throat. He goes to drink tea in the garden terrace until he overhears other students trash-talking Valkyrie and the Five Oddballs. A flashback into Shu's past bullying is seen, and he awakes to being princess-carried by Kuro. The two talk on the rooftop, and despite Kuro's worry, Shu is determined to challenge fine. In the following days, Shu becomes brutally strict during Valkyrie's practice, and both Nazuna and Mika also practice on their own time. On the day of the dreamfes, before Valkyrie's turn, Hokuto and Wataru perform Sleeping Beauty. As Valkyrie performs, the music and lights suddenly go out, causing them all to freeze. As Nazuna tries to bring up the courage to sing, Mika does so first, and slowly Shu joins in. When they finish and leave the stage, they encounter fine, and Eichi gives Shu a devastating message that crumples him to his knees and turns him into a shut-in for a long period. The next year, Nazuna is putting up Broadcasting Committee recruitment posters until Tomoya runs in, being harassed by Wataru. Wataru brings up past events before asking Nazuna to raise Tomoya and referencing the rest of Ra*bits as well. After Hajime wanders in and the three talk, the time returns to the present day, and Nazuna warns Subaru to watch out for Eichi.

Character Appearances in Order

Characters in italics are seen but do not speak during the episode.

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