Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino)
Marching Band Tomoya Mashiro - 1
Location: Classroom
Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render

Haah... Haah... Haah...

I-I'm sure that... even that Masked Pervert... w… won't chase me this far, right...?

Uu~ Isn't today the day of SakuraFes?

Since there's going to be tons of people from outside of the school coming too, it's obviously going to be too embarrassing for me to walk around in a vampire costume…!

Even when I tried telling him that it's just an outdoor concert and not some Halloween event,

He just said something insane like how it wouldn't be unusual to wear weird costumes because there's an event going on today...

And plus, a vampire costume would just make it seem like I'm trying to pick a fight with Undead or something.

Haah~... In the end, Hokuto-senpai really is the only one that can put a stop to the president's crazy antics.

No matter how much I try to protest, it never does any good, anyway.

One of these days, I'll become as straightforward as Hokuto-senpai...

(I-I think I just heard footsteps...

Don't tell me it's the president?! No way, no way! I made sure to lose him! I'm sure it's just someone passing by. Yeah, it must be.

Wait, the footsteps stopped in front of the classroom...?)


(You've gotta be kidding me. The classroom door opened... I-I don't have the courage to turn around and check if it's really him!

Hokuto-senpai, please give me strength! Give me the strength to run from that Masked Pervert, please...!)

Wh-when in a tight situation, the best strategy is to retreat.

I can't take this! I don't want to be made into that Masked Pervert's plaything! Anything but that!

Location: Classroom
Marching Band Tomoya Mashiro - 1 Scene Change
Tomoya Mashiro School Dialogue Render

Haah... Haah...

(How about now? Did I lose him?)

... Ack! That Masked Pervert... Just how persistent can he be?!

(He usually gives up right away, so why is he so persistent today...!

Is it because there's an event today? Since there's going to be more people around than usual, he's more motivated to make me his dress-up doll... or something?

UWAAaaaAAaaah... Why is that person so motivated over meaningless things like this…?

With all the trouble he's causing me, I wish he'd at least consider my feelings a bit more...)

Uwah?! While I've been standing around like this, the footsteps have come up right behind me?!

(Darn it... Can I outrun him...?

I-I can't do this anymore. As soon as I lose all my strength, that Masked Pervert's going to make me his prey.

Not to mention, my younger sister comes here sometimes to cheer me on. What if I end up running into her...?)

It's all over... My life as an older brother is gonna be all over...

I have to outrun him, no matter what. This is the only way I can protect my dignity as an older brother!)

Ahh... Haah... I-It hurts...

(Since I sprinted, it's already hard to breathe...

Is the president still coming after me? Dammit. I can't be caught now after I've come all this way.)


(You're kidding, right?! A… A dead end?!

So this is it... huh? I've got no other choice but to stand up to my fate.

Who knows what my sister will say to me if she sees me.

But even so, I only got caught after running away with all my strength. I have to make sure she understand that, at least.)

... Eh? Transfer student-senpai?

E-Ehhhhh?! Where's the Masked Pervert?!

Wait, that was a close one. You almost had me fooled there.

I knew you were a pervert, but I never thought you'd resort to crossdressing!

Did you think you could get me to give in by dressing up as senpai... Huh? You're really her? It's not crossdressing?

That's true—Even if he crossdressed, he wouldn't be able to change his height... Then, you're really transfer student-senpai?

Haaaah... Th-that's a relief. I was able to protect my sense of self...

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