Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirements: Intimacy Level 10
Mao Isara Sub Story Part 2
Season: Spring (春) Location: Classroom

Heey, Subaru. I’m here to return the book you lent me~

Huh? He’s not at his desk. Hmm, I thought I could catch him at this time.

Oh, Transfer Student. Perfect timing. Do you know where Subaru went off to?

He heard the sound of coins or something and left? Ahh, that’s definitely something he’d do.

Which means he’ll come back to the classroom. His bag’s still here and it’ll be annoying if we miss each other, so I’ll wait here.

Right, Transfer Student. Could you chat with me while I wait for Subaru?

I’m part of “Trickstar”, but we’re in different classes, right?

I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to you yet, so I always wanted to take my time to do that.

(Still, I don’t know what to talk about now that she’s right in front of me.)

(Should I treat her like my little sister?)

(But she’s the same age as me, so that’s not right.)

(Hmm, what should we talk about…?)

(If I accidentally bring up a weird topic, it’ll be bad if the student council find out.)

(I’m in a dilemma because of being in the student council and “Trickstar”, so it’s not like I can take either side, huh~)

(*Sigh…* I know I did this to myself, but it’s too hard…)

Huh!? Ah, sorry. I was just doing some thinking.

Hm? What kind of book am I returning to Subaru? It’s manga.

It’s a story where the protagonist grows stronger, both mentally and physically, by experiencing the same world over and over again, and goes to save the heroine…

Sounds interesting? So you’re interested in these kind of stories, huh.

This might be prejudice, but I’ve always gotten the feeling that all girls like shoujo manga.

So I thought that you might not be an exception.

Uh, well, there are romantic stories in shounen manga, but most of them are all about battles and that sort of stuff.

But if you’re interested, I’ll lend you some of the manga I like.

Talking about manga with you seems pretty fun anyway~

The books you recommend? Ohh, nice. Giving and taking sounds fun too.

But spare me the lovey-dovey stuff. I always get sleepy with those…

Oh, looks like Subaru’s back. See you later, Transfer Student.

Translation: Creampuffs
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