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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Automatically unlocked
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Season: Spring (春) Location: Café Cinnamon


... Huh? Ah, what's up, Producer ♪

Whoops, that was too casual a greeting, wasn't it? My bad~, I just can’t get used to the idea of acting professionally, no matter how much I try...

Though honestly? There's two certain people in Trickstar who don't care that much about it in the first place.

So I gotta be the one to cover up for them by being more careful.

If I roll up speaking like that during professional work, there's no way I'll be taken seriously by adults.

Ahaha. But you’re the same age as me, so I can’t help but talk to you as a friend.

I really shouldn't, though. You're a producer, so I oughta respect you properly as a work partner.

A-hem. The weather's pretty nice today, isn't it Miss Producer--

Huh? “Stop, you’re gonna make me laugh”? But I was genuinely trying to be serious about this, y’know~?

Alright, alright. I'm pressed for time too, so let’s get this work done already.

Yeah. I'm Yumenosaki Academy's Student Council President, and you're the producer who's got her fingers in pretty much every agency ES has...

So why don't we talk shop while spending time together?

I'd like to keep in step with you, no matter what positions we find ourselves in.

So I'd be happy if we could meet up every now and then.

You're pretty busy now too, right? -- We’re both students of the same academy, so meeting in the Student Council office would’ve been good too, but...

That’s also a problem in and of itself, considering our positions. If you look like you’re favoring me over the other idols, and I to you over other producers, we’re bound to garner some animosity.

No one likes it when people play favorites, after all~. And besides, we’re the guys who got rid of the inequality within Yumenosaki, so something’s wrong if we start repeating their mistakes all over again[1].

To tell you the truth, I don't really want to worry too much about it, but... I tend to be kinda dense...

And I tend to mess up when dealing with others's more subtle feelings too, like jealousy and envy.

So I'd rather leave that to someone who can, y’know?

There’s all kinds of people in the world, so I think we’d have best sailing by leaving certain jobs for the right people, but...

As ideal as that'd be, it doesn't really end up that way.

Huh? Ahaha, sorry for complaining so much.

At school, I gotta puff out my chest, arrogantly proclaiming that "I'm the Student Council President, Mao Isara!" and such...

I can’t take it easy, nor get comfort from anyone, so I think I’m mentally drained...

Eh, you’re offering to pat my head and tell me "There, there"? Stop that, I'm not a baby you know...

Ahaha, it feels like you've started to joke around more lately.

Is your secret to success settling the other party's nerves with a joke, Producer? There’s something I could learn here~♪

Alrighty, I'll follow your example and become a student council president who can put a smile on anyone's face.

No~w then, with that pledge renewed... Let's talk about work like we should.

I've run into a little problem lately, see.

Yumenosaki Academy was on a steady decline before, but since regaining its fame last year it's seen an explosion of new students coming in.

Like, I think we jumped by maybe two or three times the amount of people from the year we joined in -- though part of that is because of the increase in courses.

But y'see~, the thing is, this boom would be way more of a boon if the school'd gotten bigger with it, too.

Well, even if I tell you, it's not like you can help any either... But anyway, that's why there's been a load of new faces in the idol course.

At the moment, we really just don’t have enough jobs for all these people.

There's some saying that deals with mischief and nothing to do, right? What was it again… It completely slipped my mind.

Yeah, "Children with nothing to do will find mischief to make[2]," that’s the one.

I won’t put the newbies down and label them as "children" or anything, but no good comes out of giving young people nothing to do with their time.

I mean, that was why things had gotten so bad during the time when we enrolled into Yumenosaki Academy in the first place.

At least for now, it's pretty peaceful thanks to the better management from last year...

But still, if I’m careless, Yumenosaki Academy might have a relapse and fall back into the state it was before... That'd be a bad end for sure.

I'd like to nip trouble in the bud before it sprouts, but in a way that doesn't make anyone unhappy either.

That's why, Producer... If you're ever short of hands at ES, or there's a spot that needs to be filled on a project--

Please come to me about it every single chance you get.

I'll distribute the jobs to any idle newbies we've got.

I'm pretty bad at leaving others to do work in my stead, but, well... I’ll do my best to adapt quickly to this situation and properly distribute everything.

It probably feels like a huge gamble for ES to give these complete novices, who don't know their strengths, any work, though.

But please, please try to give us whatever possible -- I’m even willing to go there with you and prostrate myself for the job if I have to.

I’d like you to give these new-born stars the chance to shine.

You and I were both amateurs at the start, and it's thanks to those opportunities that we're able to do so much now.

I wanna give them that same chance to create their own future. That's why I'm asking for your cooperation, Producer.

  1. In Ensemble Star's previous main story, those who had more fans were given an extra edge in budgeting, lives, and scorings; this made it near impossible for fledging units to make a name for themselves, as they were unknown and weren't given a chance whatsoever, and many idols fell due to this rough treatment. An example that comes up in the previous main story is when Ra*bits, a then new unit, were planned to perform after Akatsuki, one of the units considered a powerhouse in Yumenosaki Academy; as soon as Akatsuki had finished their performance, every person in the audience left, and Ra*bits performed to a near-empty auditorium.
  2. The more common phrase someone'd use is "Idleness is the root of all evil" or "Idle hands are the devil's workshop", but the more literal interpretation is used due to Mao pointing out a specific kanji in the follow-up sentence.
Translation: Peace
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