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An amiable person whose forte is communication. Currently serving as Yumenosaki Academy's Student Council President. Mao is cheerful and sociable, but has a tendency to involve himself in the troubles of others. With an encouraging, easy-going singing voice, his performances are energetic and full of flair.

A member of STARMAKER PRODUCTION's Trickstar.

Ensemble Stars! Introduction

Mao is a reliable boy who loves taking care of others and never fails to lend a helping hand, even when he complains about it. Even though he is the student council's treasurer, he's also a member of the unit Trickstar, and the two groups often go head-to-head against each other. He doesn't like getting into trouble, but always finds himself dragged into it.

Being a student council member, he does everything flawlessly. He doesn't like being the center of attention, so he often provides support from behind the scenes. Childhood friends with his neighbor Ritsu, who affectionately nicknames him "Maa-kun."


Mao is a boy of slightly shorter-than-average height and an average build. He has red-violet hair that is tied back from the bangs in a small ponytail with a yellow clip. His hair is otherwise short and messy, coming just below his ears. His eyes are a very light green. He wears the school's uniform with the white shirt unbuttoned at the collar and a green tie. He also wears a purple jacket under the school's blazer. His shoes are brown loafers, and he also wears a brown belt.

In the novels Anzu describes him as someone who looks feminine, but as soon as she grabs his hand she realizes that he has really sturdy hands.

[ensemble stars!! stage appearance]

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Mao is a boy of slighty shorter than average height and an average build. He has red-violet hair that is tied back from the bangs in a small ponytail with a yellow clip. His hair is otherwise short and messy, coming just below his ears. His eyes are a very light green. He wears the school's uniform with the white shirt unbuttoned at the collar and a blue tie. He also wears a purple jacket under the school's blazer. His shoes are brown loafers, and he also wears a brown belt.

On stage Mao wears Trickstar's uniform. It includes a red plaid half-sleeved jacket worn over a white v-neck shirt. The rolled up sleeve cuffs of the jacket are white. The lapels as well as the sides and shoulders of the jacket are black, with four tiny golden stars on the edge of the left lapel and golden trimming on the shoulders. He wears matching red plaid pants, with the legs rolled up just under his knees. The uniform has multiple thin golden belts and an outlined star design on the side. He also wears a strap on his left side that's a dull magenta color with a white stripe. On the right side, there's a draped black bandana with a white stripe and dotted with tiny silver specks. He wears magenta colored high-tops with white laces and the tops pulled down, revealing the black lining of the shoes. The outside of the shoes feature a star motif with the name "Trickstar" embroidered under it. On his left arm, Mao wears a magenta wristband and on his right, he wears a black glove with red plaid accents. Mao also wears a gold necklace featuring an abstract design which may be interpreted as a combination of the letters "T" and "S" (from Trickstar), together with a star in the middle.


He is usually very friendly and outgoing to anyone he talks to, although he also acts as the rational mediator when things are getting too out of hand. Mao also readily accepts most work, even if it goes beyond what he's physically capable of doing alone. Although this passionate, hard-working attitude is one of his strong suits, many of his faults lie in it as well.

Due to this behavior, Mao tends to let himself get walked over, as he never wants to let people down or fail to meet their expectations. His feeling of wanting to be good enough for everyone heavily affects his self-esteem, and when his abilities are challenged or seen as replaceable, it leaves him in a rough state of insecurity, sadness, and/or makes him feel that he is not the "strong" child everyone expects him to be.

For this reason, he often keeps his own feelings locked away out of fear of burdening people or making them worry, though he truly is thankful when people worry for him. However, this also causes him to be sensitive to others when they're feeling the same way, and if he can, will attempt to lighten their burden by holding it on his own shoulders. He has a habit of being quite a pessimist, having low self esteem.

In contrast to his nice and reliable persona, Mao can also be blunt and quite rude, often seen in his interactions with Izumi, and his early conversations with Anzu. He describes himself as someone who works behind the scenes and takes on the dirty work, but has mentioned there are times that he loves being in the spotlight, and that being an idol and receiving everyone's attention makes him very happy[1].

He is very self-sufficient and often helps gather information for Trickstar and helps them out from behind the scenes, to the point that he acted much like a producer to his own unit prior to Anzu's arrival. He has commented on himself being much alike the "bass in a band"—difficult to notice, but the pillars that hold things together. He is easily embarrassed, and can quickly feel awkward with Ritsu's over-affectionate behavior, and gets overly concerned with how he behaves around Anzu. Overall, Mao is naturally a mood-lifting and supportive kind of person, and will always do his best to help and watch his friends succeed.



  • Mao's autograph consists of only his first name, rendered in Roman letters. The style is carelessly whimsical.
  • According to Ritsu, he was a crybaby when he was younger.
  • He is allergic to pollen.
  • Ritsu is the root cause of Mao's fear of sharp objects (aichmophobia).[2]
  • When Mao feels uncomfortable, he will touch his neck.[3]
  • He is the youngest and shortest member of Trickstar.
  • In Rockin' Star, it's revealed that he can play the guitar, and in Koga's idol story, Wolf Will Rock You 2, it's revealed that he can also play the bass.
  • He has a tendency to prostrate himself in order to resolve a situation[4].
  • Mao was originally a "gender-swapped" version of Mai Anjo from Ensemble Girls!
  • Growing up, his parents spoiled his sister much more than him, as they believed Mao to be reliable and would be fine even without their attention.
  • He can play soccer and used to be quite good when he was younger.
  • Ritsu is able to successfully hypnotize Mao and put him to sleep using the sound of his singing voice.
  • Mao really admires manga protagonists, and has mentioned several times that he's always wanted to be like them.
  • He is one of the few character who hasn't called Ritsu's sweets disgusting, the other being Rei. He describes them as "novel".
  • He is one of the few characters who knows that Keito is Mizuhanome-sensei.
  • He has been helping the Student Council since his 1st year, but it took him a while to join.
  • During his 1st year, he was one of the top students in his class.[5]
  • Mao's name means cat in Chinese (猫), which Ritsu once joked with him over[6].
  • Subaru’s nickname for him, Sally (Sarii), is a reference to Sally the Witch and Mao is often praised as a magician who can do anything. The title of Mao’s solo song, "MAGICIAN’S PLAY!", also relates to this theme. Tsumugi has commented that Mao uses the same magic as Switch does in Revenge Match - in (!) main story, when fine fought trickstar in DDD, Mao was pit against Wataru for both being "magicians".

Voice Actor Comment

"Isara Mao-kun, the character I was in charge of, is a second year student and a member of the Basketball Club. He's the kind of character who, just when you thought he was being a little blunt and unsociable, turns out to be surprisingly friendly and attentive. I guess that's why he seems to have a lot of lines which suggest a worrywart tendency (laugh)." (Enstars!)

"" * (Enstars!!)

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