Management is a feature that allows you to level up cards, gain affection points, and collect jewels and Yumecoins. Note that you may only manage students from Yumenosaki Academy—this means that cards of the teachers, Eden, or any other collaboration characters cannot be managed.

When you first open the Management page, you will only be able to manage one card at a time. Once you have completed 5 management courses, the second character slot will be unlocked, allowing you to manage 2 separate cards at the same time. Note that if you would like to manage 2 cards at once, they must be of different characters. Currently, you can manage up to 2 cards at once, for a maximum time of 8 hours each.

Note: Some pictures have translations edited in for easier reading.


Management Room
(Note: The second character slot will be locked initially.)

To begin a management course:

    1. Click on the blue + sign button to go to the card selection screen
Management Contents
    2. Click the yellow Change button to select a card. This will bring you to your card list, meaning that cards in the album cannot be chosen. Choose the card that you wish to manage.

     3. (Optional) You can set a Management Item by clicking on the white button in the left box. Currently, the only Management Item is the Schedule Book, which is used to increase the number of Jewels and Yumecoins earned during Management, as well as raise the chance of a Conversation Event occurring upon the completion of the course. This item is consumed once the course is completed, and cannot be used again.

     4. Select the Management Course you wish to do from the list at the right of the screen. The number in the left of the box indicates how long the course will last. The number on the right shows how many times that course has been completed. The number in gray, at the bottom of each box, shows how much AP each course costs. (You will get 10 times the amount of AP you spend as EXP afterwards, e.g. 400 EXP for a 40 AP course.)

     In order to unlock more Management Courses, you must complete each course a certain amount of times. A full #List of Activities and their unlocking conditions can be found at the bottom of this page.

      5. Once you have selected your desired Management Course, click the yellow button at the bottom right to start the course. This will bring you to your character performing whatever action you have assigned to them.
    Management In Progress

     You can check back in on them at any time during the duration of the course by clicking the orange Management button in the Home Menu. Management occurs in the background of the app, so you are free to do whatever you would like while it is running. In fact, time will continue to progress even when the app is closed.

     Tip: Management is a great way to spend AP when you know you will not be playing the game for a few hours. You can set two 8-hour management courses to run in the background while you sleep, for example. This will consume 120 AP, which takes 6 hours to refill, allowing you to not worry about letting your AP sit full for several hours.

     6. The Management Course will complete once its time duration is over. Note that you will receive a phone notification that a course has been completed. You will also see a red exclamation point (!) on the Management button in the Home Menu once a course has been completed. Click on the Management button to see the results of your managing.

     There is a chance that you will unlock a Conversation Event upon completing a Management Course. Each character has a few of these events that they can make an appearance in. A full #List of Conversation Events can be viewed in the Management Details screen.

     7. Once you have completed five (5) Management Courses, the second character slot will unlock. This allows you to manage 2 cards simultaneously.

Management Details

To access this menu, click on the clipboard icon in the main management screen.

Management Details

This screen will show you various statistics regarding your management history, as well as allow you to access the List of Activities and the List of Conversation Events.

  • The first number shows the number of times management courses were started.
  • The second number shows the cumulative amount of time spent managing your cards.
  • The character icons show your top 5 most managed idols, as well as how many times you have managed them.
  • List of Activities: Shows you the full List of Management Activities. It will also display which courses you have unlocked, and which courses you have yet to unlock.
  • List of Conversation Events: Shows you the full List of Conversation Events, and allows you to reread the ones you have unlocked through management.

Management Items

Item Effect How to obtain Expires
Schedule Book
Schedule Book
Increases the number of Jewels and Yumecoins earned during Management, raises the chance of a Conversation Event occurring upon the completion of the course. Special campaigns Never

List of Activities

Activity Speeds
Management Duration EXP per hour Affection Pts per hour
30 mins 200 2
1 hr 200 1
2 hrs 150 0.5
4 hrs 100 1
8 hrs 75 0.375
List of Activities
Management Activity (JP) Management Activity (EN) Duration Affection Points Gained Activity Required to Unlock # of Completions Needed to Unlock
振り付け確認 Choreography Rehearsal 30 min. 1 Point n/a n/a
準備運動 Warm-Up Exercises 30 min. 1 Point n/a n/a
勉強 Studying 30 min. 1 Point Added 9/11/18 n/a
宣材写真の撮影 Head Shot Photographing 30 min. 1 Point n/a n/a
筋トレ Weight Training 30 min. 1 Point n/a n/a
廊下のお掃除 Cleaning the Hallway 30 min. 1 Point n/a n/a
バスケの授業 Basketball Lesson 30 min. 1 Point Added 11/26/18 n/a
演技練習 Acting Practice 30 min. 1 Point Added 5/13/19 n/a
間食 Snack 1 hour 1 Point Weight Training 1 time
ダンス練習 Dance Practice 1 hour 1 Point Choreography Rehearsal 1 time
発声練習 Speech Practice 1 hour 1 Point Choreography Rehearsal 3 times
ウォーキング Walking 1 hour 1 Point Warm-Up Exercises 1 time
縄跳び(初級) Jump Rope (Basic) 1 hour 1 Point Added 9/11/18 n/a
商店街でビラ配り Handing out Fliers (Downtown) 1 hour 1 Point Added 9/11/18 n/a
サッカーの授業 Soccer Lesson 1 hour 1 Point Added 5/13/19 n/a
ティータイム Teatime 1 hour 1 Point Added 11/26/18 n/a
軽食 Quick Meal 2 hours 1 Point Snack 5 times
休憩 Break 2 hours 1 Point ? ?
宿題 Homework 2 hours 1 Point Studying 1 time
PV撮影 PV Shooting 2 hours 1 Point Head Shot Photographing 1 time
書類の整理 Sorting Documents 2 hours 1 Point Cleaning the Hallway 1 time
テニスの授業 Tennis Lesson 2 hours 1 Point Basketball Lesson 5 times
ステージ設営手伝い Helping with Stage Construction 2 hours 1 Points Added 5/13/19 n/a
歌唱練習 Singing Practice 4 hours 2 Points Speech Practice 5 times
ジョギング Jogging 4 hours 2 Points Walking 5 times
仮眠 Nap 4 hours 2 Points ? ?
PV撮影(ロケ) PV Shooting (On Location) 4 hours 2 Points PV Shooting 5 times
縄跳び(上級) Jump Rope (Advanced) 4 hours 2 Points Jump Rope (Basic) 5 times
学院のお掃除 Cleaning the School 4 hours 2 Points Cleaning the Hallway 5 times
ライブ音源確認 Live Sound Test 4 hours 2 Points Added 11/26/18 n/a
ライブ映像確認 Checking Live Show Footage 4 hours 2 Points Acting Practice 5 times
食事 Meal 8 hours 3 Points Quick Meal 5 times
ソロパート練習 Solo Part Practice 8 hours 3 Points Singing Practice 5 times
テスト勉強 Studying for a Test 8 hours 3 Points ? ?
筋トレ(上級) Weight Training (Advanced) 8 hours 3 Points Weight Training 5 times
備品の整理 Sorting Fixtures 8 hours 3 Points Sorting Documents 5 times
繁華街でビラ配り Handing out Fliers (Business District) 8 hours 3 Points Handing out Fliers (Downtown) 5 times
音響設営手伝い 8 hours 3 Points Helping with Stage Construction 5 times
アフタヌーンティー Afternoon Tea 8 hours 3 Points Teatime 5 times

List of Conversation Events

Management Stories
Story Title
Characters Featured
Tetora – 1 Tetora Head Midori Head
Tetora – 2 Tetora Head Shinobu Head
Tetora – 3 Tetora Head Kanata Head
Tetora – 4 Tetora Head Kuro Head
Hajime – 1 Hajime Head Tomoya Head
Hajime – 2 Hajime Head Subaru Head
Hajime – 3 Hajime Head Nazuna Head
Hajime – 4 Hajime Head Eichi Head
Tomoya – 1 Tomoya Head Hokuto Head
Tomoya – 2 Tomoya Head Wataru Head
Tomoya – 3 Tomoya Head Tetora Head
Tomoya – 4 Tomoya Head Wataru Head
Hinata – 1 Hinata Head Sora Head
Hinata – 2 Hinata Head Yuta Head
Hinata – 3 Hinata Head Kuro Head
Hinata – 4 Hinata Head Chiaki Head
Midori – 1 Midori Head Chiaki Head
Midori – 2 Midori Head Kanata Head
Midori – 3 Midori Head Hajime Head
Midori – 4 Midori Head Tetora Head
Tori – 1 Tori Head Yuzuru Head
Tori – 2 Tori Head Izumi Head
Tori – 3 Tori Head Hinata Head
Tori – 4 Tori Head Makoto Head
Shinobu – 1 Shinobu Head Makoto Head
Shinobu – 2 Shinobu Head Mao Head
Shinobu – 3 Shinobu Head Midori Head
Shinobu – 4 Shinobu Head Nazuna Head
Yuta – 1 Yuta Head Hinata Head
Yuta – 2 Yuta Head Souma Head
Yuta – 3 Yuta Head Koga Head
Yuta – 4 Yuta Head Rei Head
Mitsuru – 1 Mitsuru Head Madara Head
Mitsuru – 2 Mitsuru Head Adonis Head
Mitsuru – 3 Mitsuru Head Sora Head
Mitsuru – 4 Mitsuru Head Arashi Head
Tsukasa – 1 Tsukasa Head Arashi Head
Tsukasa – 2 Tsukasa Head Yuzuru Head
Tsukasa – 3 Tsukasa Head Tori Head
Tsukasa – 4 Tsukasa Head Leo Head
Sora – 1 Sora Head Tsumugi Head
Sora – 2 Sora Head Natsume Head
Sora – 3 Sora Head Yuta Head
Sora – 4 Sora Head Shinobu Head
Subaru – 1 Subaru Head Hajime Head
Subaru – 2 Subaru Head Chiaki Head
Subaru – 3 Subaru Head Mitsuru Head
Subaru – 4 Subaru Head Mao Head
Hokuto – 1 Hokuto Head Wataru Head
Hokuto – 2 Hokuto Head Tomoya Head
Hokuto – 3 Hokuto Head Subaru Head
Hokuto – 4 Hokuto Head Hinata Head
Makoto – 1 Makoto Head Izumi Head
Makoto – 2 Makoto Head Nazuna Head
Makoto – 3 Makoto Head Hokuto Head
Makoto – 4 Makoto Head Subaru Head
Souma – 1 Souma Head Adonis Head
Souma – 2 Souma Head Keito Head
Souma – 3 Souma Head Eichi Head
Souma – 4 Souma Head Kanata Head
Adonis – 1 Adonis Head Koga Head
Adonis – 2 Adonis Head Kaoru Head
Adonis – 3 Adonis Head Madara Head
Adonis – 4 Adonis Head Mitsuru Head
Natsume – 1 Natsume Head Subaru Head
Natsume – 2 Natsume Head Tsumugi Head
Natsume – 3 Natsume Head Wataru Head
Natsume – 4 Natsume Head Sora Head
Koga – 1 Koga Head Rei Head
Koga – 2 Koga Head Hinata Head
Koga – 3 Koga Head Makoto Head
Koga – 4 Koga Head Yuta Head
Ritsu – 1 Ritsu Head Mao Head
Ritsu – 2 Ritsu Head Leo Head
Ritsu – 3 Ritsu Head Tsumugi Head
Ritsu – 4 Ritsu Head Mika Head
Mao – 1 Mao Head Ritsu Head
Mao – 2 Mao Head Midori Head
Mao – 3 Mao Head Shinobu Head
Mao – 4 Mao Head Izumi Head
Yuzuru – 1 Yuzuru Head Tori Head
Yuzuru – 2 Yuzuru Head Eichi Head
Yuzuru – 3 Yuzuru Head Leo Head
Yuzuru – 4 Yuzuru Head Tsukasa Head
Arashi – 1 Arashi Head Mitsuru Head
Arashi – 2 Arashi Head Mika Head
Arashi – 3 Arashi Head Adonis Head
Arashi – 4 Arashi Head Madara Head
Mika – 1 Mika Head Shu Head
Mika – 2 Mika Head Arashi Head
Mika – 3 Mika Head Yuzuru Head
Mika – 4 Mika Head Shu Head
Keito – 1 Keito Head Kuro Head
Keito – 2 Keito Head Souma Head
Keito – 3 Keito Head Mao Head
Keito – 4 Keito Head Yuzuru Head
Eichi – 1 Eichi Head Keito Head
Eichi – 2 Eichi Head Hajime Head
Eichi – 3 Eichi Head Tsukasa Head
Eichi – 4 Eichi Head Ritsu Head
Kaoru – 1 Kaoru Head Kanata Head
Kaoru – 2 Kaoru Head Rei Head
Kaoru – 3 Kaoru Head Souma Head
Kaoru – 4 Kaoru Head Koga Head
Izumi – 1 Izumi Head Nazuna Head
Izumi – 2 Izumi Head Makoto Head
Izumi – 3 Izumi Head Kaoru Head
Izumi – 4 Izumi Head Tori Head
Chiaki – 1 Chiaki Head Kaoru Head
Chiaki – 2 Chiaki Head Tetora Head
Chiaki – 3 Chiaki Head Shu Head
Chiaki – 4 Chiaki Head Midori Head
Shu – 1 Shu Head Mika Head
Shu – 2 Shu Head Kuro Head
Shu – 3 Shu Head Natsume Head
Shu – 4 Shu Head Tsumugi Head
Madara – 1 Madara Head Leo Head
Madara – 2 Madara Head Mitsuru Head
Madara – 3 Madara Head Arashi Head
Madara – 4 Madara Head Adonis Head
Kuro – 1 Kuro Head Tetora Head
Kuro – 2 Kuro Head Shu Head
Kuro – 3 Kuro Head Chiaki Head
Kuro – 4 Kuro Head Souma Head
Wataru – 1 Wataru Head Eichi Head
Wataru – 2 Wataru Head Hokuto Head
Wataru – 3 Wataru Head Keito Head
Wataru – 4 Wataru Head Tomoya Head
Kanata – 1 Kanata Head Souma Head
Kanata – 2 Kanata Head Madara Head
Kanata – 3 Kanata Head Rei Head
Kanata – 4 Kanata Head Kaoru Head
Rei – 1 Rei Head Yuta Head
Rei – 2 Rei Head Koga Head
Rei – 3 Rei Head Ritsu Head
Rei – 4 Rei Head Natsume Head
Nazuna – 1 Nazuna Head Shinobu Head
Nazuna – 2 Nazuna Head Tori Head
Nazuna – 3 Nazuna Head Tomoya Head
Nazuna – 4 Nazuna Head Hajime Head
Leo – 1 Leo Head Tsukasa Head
Leo – 2 Leo Head Ritsu Head
Leo – 3 Leo Head Izumi Head
Leo – 4 Leo Head Keito Head
Tsumugi – 1 Tsumugi Head Natsume Head
Tsumugi – 2 Tsumugi Head Sora Head
Tsumugi – 3 Tsumugi Head Mika Head
Tsumugi – 4 Tsumugi Head Hokuto Head

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