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Season: Spring - After Graduation (春)
Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Chapters: 13 Translation: Shoe
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Story Notes


  • "school currency" is apparently something you earn from school jobs and winning dreamfests-- you can use it to borrow practice rooms, pay for outfit costs, buy things in the store and cafeteria, and payment for violating school rules (from this site)
    i don't recall the source (perhaps a magazine or something, maybe even the main scenario bc oh my god it's been forever) but it sounds legit!!

Chapter - 1:

Chapter - 2:

  • "shoe didn't tetora call tsukasa "tsukasa-kun" in restaurant gacha" yes, yes he did.... yay, inconsistency!
  • tsukasa also calls shinonon "shino-kun" in tea party (written by akira-sensei) while he calls him "hajime-kun" in this and starry night (written by yuuki-sensei) so, god i don't know any more
  • when tsukasa asks anzu to pat his head, he uses "boku" (like shinonon) rather than his usual "watashi"... i'm assuming it's him trying to act cute rather than a genuine mistake on the writer's part (edit: apparently it was on purpose but there were so many questions about it so they changed it to "watashi" I'M LEAVING THIS NOTE HERE FOR POSTERITY)
  • if you weren't aware, mitsuru oftens ends his sentences with "da ze" which, doesn't exactly MEAN anything so I haven't adapted it into anything in my translations but it does make him sound really rude (in a japanese pov) because he also doesn't bother with keigo lmao........... son

Chapter - 3:

  • "I hate this useless body of mine": he literally calls it a piece of junk (ポンコツ)

Chapter - 4:

  • apparently write the kanji for people (人) on your hand and "drinking"/"swallowing" it up is a way of calming your nerves — drinking in japanese can also mean "overwhelming" or "suppressing" in japanese, so that might be the origin? there are versions of the "method" that tells you to do it three times too
  • destroy me mitsuru first called shinonon 水虫 (mizumushi), which means athlete's foot. he then tried 水草 (mizukusa, aquatic plant. it can also be pronounced "suisou") and shinonon realized that he was trying to say 水臭い (mizukusai, or standoff-ish/distant)
  • medal games are really fun but i'm personally terrible at them

Chapter - 5:

  • if you're not reading along in-game, dialogue in quotation marks signifies the speaker talking in their mikes!
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