Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Intimacy Level 10
Makoto Yuuki sub story part 2
Season: Spring (春) Location: Rooftop

Huh? Transfer student-chan, what are you doing out here?

Sun bathing? I guess a nice day like this does make you want to just lounge under the sun.

Me? I came out to eat a snack?

See? This one. Po**y. Do you want one too, transfer student-chan?

Come on, don’t be shy. I owe you a lot, after all~

There’s the thing with the Student Council, plus we ended up pushing our costumes on you, too.

I feel kind of bad for just dragging you into our business.

I know you keep saying you don’t mind, but it still bothers me.

Sometimes I just think to myself, if transfer student-chan hadn’t met us to begin with, maybe her future could have turned out differently~

Ahaha, shocked that I said something serious?

Since I’m always joking around with Akehoshi-kun, that must have come on as a surprise.

I might seem like I’m never thinking of anything, but I do, actually.

I wouldn’t say I do the kind of serious thinking that Hidaka-kun does, but I still do my own kind of thinking~

Ah, sorry, sorry. It’s not fun talking about things like this when eating snacks, right?

Here, help yourself. I brought other snacks too, so if you have an requests, just say so.

I love snacks, so I’m always carrying them with me~

Ah, but keep this a secret from everyone else.

If Hidaka-kun found out, he’d probably confiscate them.

Akehoshi-kun would probably keep quiet for me, but I feel like he’d accidentally blabber about it to someone~

So that’s why my secret’s probably safest with you, transfer student-chan. You don’t seem like the type to give away secrets so easily.

Also, how should I put this~? I just feel safe with you.

You seem like you’d be able to accept everything with an open mind. That probably gets you caught up in a lot of messes, though.

But that’s probably why everyone relies on you~ I know I always do.

But that makes me seem like a pretty pathetic guy to always be relying on a girl, right…?

Alright, I’ve made up my mind! Transfer student-chan, if you ever have any problems, just count on me. I never hesitate to rely on you, after all♪

To commemorate this moment, here, have one more.

There’s still a lot left, so eat as much as you want~

Translator: Enstars Translates
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