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Makoto Yuuki Idol Story Part 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: Intelligence Bureau's Secret Headquarters

Welcome, Producer-chan, to the secret headquarters of our Intelligence Bureau...☆

Just kidding~. There's still a lot more to do before the base itself is complete, so we're just renting out this room for now.

Fufun. With Cospro's Saegusa-kun backing the whole thing, we've got state of the art technology that makes the whole place feel like something out of a Sci-fi flick ♪

We're aiming to make it the headquarters of this building's -- of Ensemble Square's -- Intelligence Bureau.

We're a division who specializes in collecting and controlling information from every nook and cranny we can reach. Sort of like the CIA, you could say.

It's treated like a club within the dorms, but it's got a huge budget and they plan to use us to help with work in the building.

Like one of Yumenosaki Academy's committees... Does that make sense?

Yeah. Aoba-senpai and Shinobu-kun are members of it as well, so they'll be able to help with the Intelligence Bureau's work.

Nito-senpai's situation... well, it’s a little more complicated. Right now, he's stepped outside of the industry, so it might cause an issue with the law if we touch on more classified information.

Anyway, we have a full set of capable people running this place even outside of Saegusa-kun, so I think everything'll be ready soon enough...

If things go better than expected, then this'll be one heck of an organization, huh?

In this day and age, information really is the greatest weapon ♪

Mhm. As the main producer for Ensemble Square, also known as ES, you're in a special position as well.

So I want you to get as much use out of our Intelligence Bureau as you can.

If there's any information you need, just say the word. I can tell you everything from the most recommended spot in the building to the annual income of any idol you can think of ♪

Unfortunately I can't do it on the basis of “Because we’re friends!”, so you'll have to put in a request for each and every one...

But I'll share any info I can -- within reason, of course.

You can count on me, Producer-chan ♪


Ah, sorry. I couldn't stop myself from sighing... Do you mind if I vent a bit?

For some reason, I've felt kinda scared lately. In Trickstar, I was always the kind of person who lagged a step behind.

I always felt like I had to work so hard just to stay on their heels.

I mean, of course Trickstar never treated me any differently because of that, and they relied on me all the same...

But to outsiders, wasn't I always seen as a "kid who can't do anything"?

To be honest, being in that position gave me some peace of mind.

Every time I made a mistake, I'd excuse it somehow by saying "It is what it is," or "I'll try harder next time," and encourage myself even more--

But I'm in a notable position now. Like I said just before, I've been entrusted with handling something that's kind of influential...

This time, I'm behind everyone.

But that doesn't mean I've disappeared.

Ahh, right. I'm the chief of the Intelligence Bureau, at least on paper.

I think it'd fit Saegusa-kun more than me, but... for some reason, he doesn't want the top spot.

Well, it's true that if he becomes the chief executive, it'll be hard for him to move as he likes, so I get his feelings on that...

I just wonder if I'm good enough... It's nerve wracking.

It doesn't fit me at all, does it? I mean, the idea of me, Makoto Yuuki, being at the top of this huge organization, as the head chief of the Intelligence Bureau, ordering others, "Wait on my command!" [1]

Isara-kun's the Student Council President at Yumenosaki Academy now too, among other things...

Seriously, we should be able to do whatever we want no matter who says what!

I mean, it feels like it's getting harder and harder to find things that I love doing as much as Trickstar.

Of course, the more I "do something" the more influence I'll get, but--

Just because I can do something doesn't mean I should.

If we go wild now, there'll be enormous damage to everyone else.

The more people we get involved, the more likely we'll trample on them without meaning to.

When that happens, the ones who'll suffer the most will be the weaker people no one knows. Back then, we were "nobodies" too--

We hated that, so we ran with all our might so we could hurry and shine.

As a result, we crushed a lot of people who were like the "former us"...

Thinking about it like that, I'm scared.

Ahaha... Of course, I'm probably just overthinking things.

Especially talking big like Trickstar's so important, saying "We're so strong, we're afraid we'll hurt those around us." [2]

But I think we have to consider those kinds of things too, even if it takes time.

No matter how much we‘d like to put it off, we have to start growing up sometime.

We become idols when someone loves us.

But if all we did is scream about love, yet only end up hurting others... that would be the worst.

Since I really don't know what the right answer is, do you think it's okay if we learn together?

I'll do whatever I can for you as thanks.

I'd be happy if we could support each other from now on, Producer-chan.

  1. This may be referencing a quote from a famous period drama called Mito Komon, following a retired daimyo and his two retainers; he’s comparing himself to that person, essentially, by saying this.
  2. While not a direct reference to anything in particular, this was a common fear held by some of the Five Eccentrics and by Madara Mikejima now.
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