Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Unlock in (Sudden Encounter) Madara Mikejima's Idol Road
Madara Mikejima Sub Story Part One
Season: Spring (春) Location: Outdoor Stage

Ooi! Over here~! Yahooooo☆

Ooh, no response?

When I shout “Yahoo!” I wish you’d return with another “Yahoo!” like echoes from a mountain, but well, I guess you’re a tad too tiny to be a mountain.

Here’s for a once in a lifetime encounter![1] All that aside, I’m happy to meet you!

My name is Mikejima Madara, and I’m your partner for today’s part time job!

Yeah yeah! We’re here to clean and strike the stage! Idols can sing and dance all they want, but someone needs to clean up after them, right?

This stage set’s prolly going to find more uses in the future, so we need to wipe everything sparkling clean!

Look, here are the cleanser and the mop… thoough, before that, you’d better change your clothes first.

Yep, change into something you can get dirty! Liike jersey or a shirt you can use for cleaning work… Have something like that with you?

I don’t mind lending mine, but it’ll look a little too big on you.

Laugh a hearty laugh! No need to bow your head soo deeply! You haven’t gotten used to things here, and all!

Be that your efforts end up in failure, I want you to persist on and build up experience, until you grow into a big woman!

A little bird told me you’re the transfer student, is that right?

Then nothing you can do! It’s all right! You are just like a newborn, setting your foot in this world for the first timeee!

Mama’ll spoil you kindly like treasure! Let me lift you up high and high~☆

…Hmm? Oh my? Could you possibly be Anzu-san?

Let me take a look at your face.

And give me a smile, say cheese…☆

Aah, I knew it! I know that smile! How nostalgi~c! It’s Anzu-san, it’s Anzu-san! You’ve grown so big!

An unlikely reunion brought by the quirk of fate! What a strange twist to happen. I’m happy to meet you again!

Hahaha! If you can’t remember me, that’s fine. We were both practically in kindergarten back then.

Didn’t we use to play sometimes at the public park in the neighborhood? Tag and hide-and-seek and stuff!

I almost never forget people I’ve met! But still, to think I’d see you again in a place like this!

There’s nothing happier! This is why life’s so fun☆

Hmm? That’s right! Remember me now? It’s Mama!

Hahaha! I would always play the mother when playing house—even as a kid, I really liked taking care of people~♪

If you shorten the name Mikejima Madara, you’ll get Mama, so everyone’s taken to calling me Mama somehoow!

Hahaha! Children have such honest, sweet naming sense!

But—Anzu-san, you were the only one who never called me Mama till the end…♪

Yeah! No worries, no worries! I do realize I’ve been holding you up high in my excitement! Let me put you down now… Gently…

…so I fake, when I lift you up instead! ☆

Hahaha! You’re angry, you’re angry! I’m sorry, really; whenever someone orders me to do something, I have this bad habit of wanting to do the opposite.

People have this tendency to care too much for surroundings and copy others just because—but I feel that’s a little dangerous…

Considering everyone’s so different and interesting, that’s such a pity, riiight?

I get creeps when everyone wears the same look! Makes me want to gift them with masks!

Anzu-san, do you want a mask? I have some cute ones too, like this Usagi-san here! You can have it for just 300 yen! Come and buy, come and buy!

To celebrate our reunion today, I’ll give you a discount of 50 yen!

Hmm? Right, this stand is my personal belonging, yeeah? When there’s a festival… or I guess they call it a DreamFest these days—I sell stuff in the premises of Yumenosaki, and on some of the other days too!

A thriving business! If you spot my stand, I hope you’ll drop by and make a purchase! My takoyaki is the stuff!

Wait here, Anzu-san! Before a day of hard work, let’s have a meal! I’ll present you with festival food!

With the friendship discount, you can have it for just 300 yen…☆

Have it while it’s cheap! Come and take a look! We give out extras for each purchase!

Hmm? ‘Rather than that, let’s get to work’, hmm?

Right, right! Work is important! Well done! You have impressed Mama! You’ve grown so admirably, Anzu-san♪

However, this is this and that is that! Look at how well this takoyaki turned out! At least have a plate, okay?

This time I’ll hold back the tears and give you a free service—just go take them, you thief…☆

Yummy? Yep, thank you! The dashi soup is my secret!

Hmm? ‘Let’s start the work once we’re done eating’, is it? Noow you’re scolding me. Like this, I can’t tell which of us is the Mama! Talk about thrilling☆

Oh-hoh? So Anzu-san; because you’re a Producer, instructing idols is also part of the job?

Spoken like a true adult! Hahaha! True what they said about children’s ability to grow without the parents!

…Oops! Damn, that’s the student council! I’ll be escaping, so I’m leaving the rest to you!

To tell you the truth, I have nothing to do with the ‘on-campus part time job’ you’ve taken, Anzu-san!

While setting up my stand, I saw the stage was dirty and started cleaning on my own, that’s all!

So I had nooothing to do with anything! Hence the student council will scold me when they see me; I’ll be taking my leave for a bit!

But if it looks like you need help, I can come back for you later, Anzu-saan!

And so farewell—reluctant I may be! Let us meet again, Anzu-san! It was a blessing to meet you, but life is full of goodbyes!

Parting from one’s beloved is suffering! But with a smile, your life will be full of roses! That’s why, if you find that you can’t smile, please call for me!

Mama will always be your ally, Anzu-san! See you, then! Bye-byeee…☆

  1. For the italicized text: in the original Japanese, he uses Yojijukugo/four-character idioms.
Translator: kotofucius
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