Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Automatically unlocked
Madara Mikejima Idol Story 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: Seisou Hall Gates

Hahaha! Wonderful, wonderful! So this is Seisou Hall?[1]

What a fine building! Brand new and freshly built— It's even more beautiful than I thought it'd be! It feels like it's so well-made that even if I were to go on a full rampage, it wouldn't just crumble away!!

So durable it puts you at ease! I'd been thinking about what I'd do if it were the type of place that I could destroy too easy!

Aaaaaanyway, thanks for showing me how to get here... Anzu-san! Apparently, Seisou Hall bans women from entering, so I guess this is where we part ways?

Actually, thinking about it, isn't the kanji for "sou" in "Seisou" the same kanji used in the "Kana" of Kanata-san's name? Doesn't this place feel like it might have sooome connection to Kanata-san's group?

Hmmm... I heard that his people used to own this land, before the Tenshouin Conglomerate bought it... and then they built Seisou Hall on top... Something like that. Hence why they added the "sou" character to the name, out of some kind of obligation... You kiiinda get the sense they feel beholden to the land's original owners, huh?

Mmmm? "I don't care, just stop making me ride on your shoulders and put me down"...?

Hahaha! So Anzu-san's the type to get shy easy, huh! C'mon, there's no problem here, is there? This is just a biiiiiit of casual skinship between childhood friends ♪

Hmmmm... Soooo, you're embarrassed because passersby are staring, huh?

Ahh, that's right! You've been shy ever since you were an itty-bitty kid, right? Sorry, sorry!! I wasn't considerate enough! Then, I'll set you down just like you asked... There we go ♪

Hahaha. Light as a feather as always, huh, Anzu-san? Are you eating enough? Mama is worried!

Huh? Hmmm... "Please be clear whether you're trying to be my mom or my childhood friend." I have nothing to say for myself! You got me!

But, you know... I don't want to throw either role away ♪

Hmm? "What's wrong with us just being idol and producer"? Welllll, there's nothing wrong per se, but—

The more distant we are, the more it feels our sense of kinship is fading! It's so lonesome!

So that's why! I refuse to follow the directive Eichi-san's people apparently laid out, where we have to refer to you as "Producer" only! To me, you'll always be my childhood friend... that adorable, itty-bitty Anzu-chan ♪

Hahaha, you look dissatisfied...! Guess I shouldn't treat you too much like a kid, hmmmmm?

Oh? That's not it? You're worried about me not following any rules and acting rebellious? And that I'll be mistreated if I make the top dogs mad?

Hahaha! No need to worry! You sure are kind, huh, fretting over me soooo much! ♪

Oh? That's not it either? You're saying I've been kind to you, so you're just repaying the favor?

There's no need to feel indebted! I am, after all, your childhood onii-chan— isn't looking out for you just a natural part of that?

Huh? This still doesn't feel real to you? It doesn't actually feel like we're childhood friends?

Yeah, I guess it wouldn't— I mean, even if it doesn't, I don't mind![2] I just don't want to see you keep pushing yourself into overworking!

Whether I'm your mama or your childhood friend, isn't it only natural I'd want to be there for you? Going forward, I want you to rely on me if anything happens...!!

Well... I prooobably can't really be relied on as I am now, anyway. I've been half-disowned by my household, and MaM, which didn't keep up with the changing times, has gone on hiatus.

Huh? Yeah... It has to do with my... other childhood friend, Kanata-san. I ended up having a bit of a blowout with my parents because I was solving an issue involving Kanata-san's household[3]...

We had a head-on collision, and now it feels like we're in a cold war... It became kiiiiinda hard to keep living at home, so I had to move to the dorms.

Well—It's pretty much an informal rule that ES idols should live in the dorms anyway, even if they don't really have family problems.

Even I had to follow the rules for once, since this offer was pretty much a godsend for me.

But in exchange, I won't have to worry about any basic life necessities while I'm here...

I may be repeating myself, but my relationship with my parents freezing over has had preeeetty serious repercussions on my life.

MaM's duty is to fly all over Japan and around the world, making each and every festival a blast... Buuuut, I was only able to do that through my parents' connections, so it's become that much more difficult to continue.

Which is why MaM is going on hiatus, and lately I'm just doing normal idol work under my own name— Madara Mikejima.[4]

That in itself is satisfying enough, and getting by will be a breeze from hereon...

There's nothing left for me to really enjoy. I'm sometimes struck by an overwhelming emptiness.

Just taking requests as they come, just doing generic idol work as a generic idol, just doing jobs that anyone can do...

The more I live like this, the more I feel myself fading away. I... I feel like I'm starting to forget who I am, now.

I envy those other idols who can shout, "This is who I am!" without any hesitation, shining and glittering brightly all the while...

... Oh, I started venting without warning, huh? Sorry for dumping this on you! That was rude of me!

I'm fine, so I don't want to see you look so worried... Anzu-san.

As you can see, I'm preeeetty big and strong, so no matter what happens, I'm right as rain!

I've always, always walked alone, kicking down all my troubles as I went. That won't change. I won't change. And if I really do have to break things off with my parents—

This would still be the only way Madara Mikejima knows how to live.

  1. Seisou Hall (星奏館 seisoukan), the name of the Ensemble Square dorms, literally means "Star Harmony Building." May also be seen as "Starmony Dormitary" in other stories.
  2. See Shinsengumi for context.
  3. See Meteor Impact for context.
  4. For the benefit of new Japanese players who may not be sure how to read the kanji used in his name, Madara introduces himself here with hiragana readings of his name.
Translation: adriessene
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