A man who can flexibly rush to people's aid no matter the task, be it festivals or a revitalization project. Cheerful and bold, he closes the distance between himself and others, no matter who they may be. With a gentle, light singing voice, his performances are daring, but mindful of others.

He works as a solo unit by the name of MaM under New Dimension, but at the moment he is mainly active as a member of Double Face with Kohaku Oukawa.

Enstars! Introduction

A reckless and lively character. He has the habit of suddenly appearing at any place to help people out, and disappearing just as fast. He loves smiles and will come flying at the mention of festivals, no matter where.

He is in his own solo unit called MaM.


Madara is a very tall, strong, and energetic young man. He has long spiky brown hair that stops just above his shoulders with bangs parted to the right. He styles his hair in a half ponytail with braids on both sides. He has teal eyes.

[enstars!! stage appearance]]

Enstars! Appearance

Madara is a very tall, strong, and energetic young man. He has long spiky brown hair that stops just above his shoulders with bangs parted to the right. He styles his hair in a half ponytail with braids on both sides. He has teal eyes. He wears the school's uniform with the blazer unbuttoned along with the usual white shirt, untucked and unbuttoned at the collar, and a green tie. He wears dark red shoes with black laces and white soles.

On stage he wears MaM's uniform. It includes black, grey, and white jacket with gold lining. The jacket’s collar, main body, and top side of the sleeves are black; the inside, sleeve cuff, and underside of the sleeve are grey; and the button area is white with three gold diamond snapped buttons. In the left side of his collar is an eight-pointed gold star embroidery with a blue center. Under the jacket he wears a green vest with gold buttons over a long sleeved white shirt that’s tucked in. His pants are black with a brown silver studded belt that also has the same star shape as on his jacket. His pants are tucked into brown cowboy boots. Around his waist is a long red scarf with tasseled ends; over the scarf are three gold chains, one chain made up of large star shapes. He wears a red scarf loosely around his neck with a spike circular broach attached on the left side. He also wears black gloves on both hands. His uniform also has a black fedora with grey belt, with five gold stars on the belt.


Madara has a jolly, outgoing demeanour, and brings a smile wherever he goes. He’s overly-friendly, but that doesn’t prevent his occasional brutal honesty. Many characters find his vigour to be annoying, but they don’t dislike him as a person.

He calls himself "Mama" in an effort to project the accepting, maternal nature of mothers, as well as the fact that Madara wants to experience the failure that comes with being unable to truly assume this role. He makes an effort to act very motherly to those around him, and he often requests for everyone to refer to him as “Mama”, though very few do.

He travels far and wide, making him an elusive figure. He always lives in the moment and follows his whims. However, in anyone’s hour of need, he can be found helping out in any way he can.

He is fiercely protective of those who he cares about, and will go to any length to keep them safe, even if this means defying moral and social norms. He threatens anyone who would endanger the happiness of the people close to him, and would resort to physical violence if the need arose.

He is extremely physically affectionate, and has no sense of personal space whatsoever. He frequently lifts up fellow idols, carrying them around in a display of both strength and endearment. He’s always singing praises about those around him, such as complimenting them on their appearance or appeal.

He lists being compared to others under his dislikes, as he feels isolated for his talents. He’s extremely skilled; fluent in multiple languages, able to play a variety of instruments, a powerful fighter, and a highly skilled idol to boot. He doesn’t like when people praise him as better than them for his talents. He acts as a solo unit for personal reasons, but frequently gets lonely, and uses his privileges as a solo unit to join in the fun with others.


Madara's first name (斑) means "spots" or "speckles"; however an alternate meaning of his name, if read as mura, can mean "capricious/fickle", denoting his unpredictable personality. Mikejima (三毛縞) means "tricolor stripes", as mike (三毛) means "calico" or "a cat with three colors of fur" (often calico or tortoiseshell cats) and jima (縞) means "stripes," relating to Madara's overall cat motif.


  • At Starmony Dorm, he shares a room with Sora, Subaru and Wataru.
  • Madara shares his birthday with his voice actor Toriumi Kousuke, which is on May 16th.
  • Madara often speaks in four-character compound idioms.
  • He can fluently speak multiple languages. Among these, English is specified.
  • He can play the piano, cello, and violin.
  • He is good at cooking.
  • He loves motorbikes, and owns one. He calls his motorbike "Baby-chan."
  • Upon Aquarium's release, the main story writer Akira tweeted that if RYUSEITAI are the heroes in Enstars, then Madara is the anti-hero.
  • He is Rei's "successor." Madara often comments various techniques he displays are things Rei taught him.

Voice actor comment

"The recording sessions finished well without a hitch. During the performance, I strived to portray a feeling of 'though he causes people to become irritated, there's just no way to dislike him; in addition he's very cute' sort of feel to the character." (Enstars!)

"" * (Enstars!!)

Madara Mikejima
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