MaM Lesson
Cost: 30 AP Producer Points Gained: 300 EXP Gained: 300
MaM Lesson
Madara Mikejima Special Event Rival 1 Rival 2
(Sudden Encounter) Madara Mikejima mini
(Basukebon) Midori Takamine mini
(Sweating) Izumi Sena mini
Total Stats: 20,070 36,668
Missions: Trophy mini Raise Madara's Trust to 100%
Trophy mini Collect 80 Blue Fragments by Lesson 10
Trophy mini Collect 150 Red Fragments by Lesson 10
Events: Normal Event mini ★★ Event - Leave it to Mama!
Special Event mini ★★★ Event - MaM's Activities
MaM Lesson Madara Mikejima locations

Completing 1 Mission: Diamond ×1 Diamond                   Completing All 3 Normal Events: Diamond ×1 Diamond
Completing All 3 Missions: Diamond ×1 Diamond            Completing All 3 Special Events: Diamond ×1 Diamond

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