File:Yuta Aoi Chinese Styled Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Chinese Styled chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Christmas.ogg
File:Yuta Aoi Christmas 2017.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Cinema Theater chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Circle.png
File:Yuta Aoi Circle Icon.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Circus 2 Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Circus Dialogue Render.png
File:Yuta Aoi Circus Performance Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Circus Performance chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Circus Practice Outfit.png
File:Yuta Aoi Circus Practice chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Compatibility Diagnosis.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Cruising Live Outfit.png
File:Yuta Aoi Cruising Live Outfit chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Cruising Live Outfit chibi back.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Cruising Live Practice Outfit.png
File:Yuta Aoi Cut in - 1.oggFile:Yuta Aoi DREAM LIVE Tour Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Defeat - 1.ogg
File:Yuta Aoi ES.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Easter Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Easter Outfit chibi.png
File:Yuta Aoi Easter Outfit chibi back.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Evening - Free Talk 1.oggFile:Yuta Aoi First Dream Outfit chibi.png
File:Yuta Aoi Forest Ferret Outfit chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Fox Costume Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Fox chibi.png
File:Yuta Aoi Ghost Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Ghost Outfit chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Ghost Outfit chibi back.png
File:Yuta Aoi Greeting Event Dance Room.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Halloween Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Halloween Outfit.png
File:Yuta Aoi Halloween chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Happy New Voice Login.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Horse Riding Club Outfit chibi.png
File:Yuta Aoi Horse Riding Club Outfit chibi back.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Horse Riding Club Wear Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Ice Cream Shop chibi.png
File:Yuta Aoi Ice Cream Shop chibi back.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Idle.oggFile:Yuta Aoi Intimate 2nd floor passage.jpg
File:Yuta Aoi Intimate Hallway.jpgFile:Yuta Aoi Jewel Incarnation Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Jewel Incarnation Outfit chibi.png
File:Yuta Aoi Kabuki Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Kimono (Red Team) Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Line from Anime - 1.ogg
File:Yuta Aoi Line from CG (Defiant Type).oggFile:Yuta Aoi Line from CG (Game Mascot).oggFile:Yuta Aoi Line from CG (Leaping Vigor).ogg
File:Yuta Aoi Live Party Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Live Party Outfit chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Manga Profile.png
File:Yuta Aoi Mini Event 1st Floor Passage.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Mini Event Hallway.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Morning - Greeting 1.ogg
File:Yuta Aoi Music Festa Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Music Festa Practice Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Music Festa chibi.png
File:Yuta Aoi Music Festa chibi back.pngFile:Yuta Aoi My Room Choice.oggFile:Yuta Aoi Namja Town.png
File:Yuta Aoi Other - 1.oggFile:Yuta Aoi PE Uniform (Summer and without Hairpin) Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi PE Uniform (Winter) Outfit.png
File:Yuta Aoi PE Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi PE Winter chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi PE Winter chibi back.png
File:Yuta Aoi Parlor chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Parlor chibi back.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Play Ball Outfit.png
File:Yuta Aoi Play Ball chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Play Ball chibi back.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Praise - 1.ogg
File:Yuta Aoi Praise - 2.oggFile:Yuta Aoi Praise - 3.oggFile:Yuta Aoi Praise - 4.ogg
File:Yuta Aoi Praise - 5.oggFile:Yuta Aoi Praise - 6.oggFile:Yuta Aoi Praise - 7.ogg
File:Yuta Aoi RYUSEITAI Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuta Aoi RYUSEITAI Uniform chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Rainy Season Kimono chibi.png
File:Yuta Aoi Rainy Season Kimono chibi back.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Reindeer Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Reindeer Outfit.png
File:Yuta Aoi Reindeer chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Repayment Festival Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Repayment Festival Outfit.png
File:Yuta Aoi Repayment Festival chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi School Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuta Aoi School Uniform From Somewhere Outfit.png
File:Yuta Aoi School Uniform From Somewhere chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Setsubun Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Setsubun Outfit.png
File:Yuta Aoi Setsubun Practice Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Setsubun Practice chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Setsubun chibi.png
File:Yuta Aoi Side as a Student.oggFile:Yuta Aoi Signature.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Stage Play Official.jpg
File:Yuta Aoi Steampunk Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Steampunk Outfit chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Steampunk Outfit chibi back.png
File:Yuta Aoi Steampunk Practice Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Steampunk Practice Outfit chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Steampunk Practice Outfit chibi back.png
File:Yuta Aoi Strawberry Picking chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Strawberry Picking chibi back.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Student Uniform (Winter + Scarf) Outfit.png
File:Yuta Aoi Student Uniform (Winter + Scarf) chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Student Uniform (Winter + Scarf) chibi back.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Student Uniform (Winter + Scarf) mini.png
File:Yuta Aoi Student Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Student Uniform chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Student Uniform chibi back.png
File:Yuta Aoi Sub Story Part 1.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Sub Story Part 2.jpgFile:Yuta Aoi Sub Story Part 3.png
File:Yuta Aoi Summer School Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Summer Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Summer Uniform chibi.png
File:Yuta Aoi Summer Uniform chibi back.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Sunshower Festa Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Sunshower Festa Practice Outfit.png
File:Yuta Aoi Sunshower Festa chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Today's Protagonist (Crown) Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Today's Protagonist (Sash) Outfit.png
File:Yuta Aoi Toyland Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Toyland Practice Outfit.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Toyland Practice Render.png
File:Yuta Aoi Toyland chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi User's Birthday Celebration.oggFile:Yuta Aoi Victory - 1.ogg
File:Yuta Aoi Victory - 2.oggFile:Yuta Aoi Virtual Offense and Defense.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Voice Sample 1.ogg
File:Yuta Aoi Voice Sample 2.oggFile:Yuta Aoi Voice Sample 3.oggFile:Yuta Aoi Winter CM Outfit.png
File:Yuta Aoi Winter CM Outfit chibi.pngFile:Yuta Aoi Winter Scarf Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuta Aoi mini.png
File:Yuta Aoi mini event AV room.pngFile:Yuta ES.pngFile:Yuta General Summoned 1.ogg
File:Yuta General Summoned 2.oggFile:Yuta Head.pngFile:Yuta Hinata Aoi Happy Birthday 2016.png
File:Yuta Izumi Pair Conversation 1.oggFile:Yuta Izumi Pair Conversation 2.oggFile:Yuta Izumi Summon.ogg
File:Yuta Rei Pair Conversation 1.oggFile:Yuta Rei Pair Conversation 2.oggFile:Yuta Rei Summon.ogg
File:Yuta autograph.jpgFile:Yuta button2.pngFile:Yuta intimate event school gate.png
File:Yuta mini event rooftop.pngFile:Yuta stage play.jpgFile:Yutaa Aoi Voting Poster 2015.png
File:Yuuichi Jose Square.jpgFile:Yuuma Uchida Square.pngFile:Yuuta 2wink normal 1.PNG
File:Yuuta 2wink normal 2.PNGFile:Yuuta 2wink normal 3.PNGFile:Yuuta 2wink special 1.PNG
File:Yuuta 2wink special 2.PNGFile:Yuuta 2wink special 3.PNGFile:Yuuta AOi Official Page info.gif
File:Yuuta Aoi Animate full body.jpgFile:Yuuta Aoi Dengeki FUll Body.jpgFile:Yuuta Aoi Dengeki full body.jpg
File:Yuuta Aoi Idol Audition1 info.gifFile:Yuuta Aoi Idol Audition 1 button.jpgFile:Yuuta Aoi Idol Audition 2 Button.jpg
File:Yuuta Aoi Idol Audition 2 Button Previous.jpgFile:Yuuta Aoi Idol Audition 2 Info Previous.gifFile:Yuuta Aoi Idol Audition 2 info.gif
File:Yuuta Aoi Idol Audition 2 ticket.pngFile:Yuuta Aoi Idol Audition 3 Button.jpgFile:Yuuta Aoi Idol Audition 3 Info.gif
File:Yuuta Aoi Idol Audition 3 Ticket.pngFile:Yuuta Aoi mini event Dance Room.PNGFile:Yuuta Aoi mini event Rooftop.PNG
File:Yuuta Aoi official Page button 2.pngFile:Yuuta Gratitude Anni Button.pngFile:Yuuta Hinata Aoi Voice Actor Info.jpg
File:Yuuta button.pngFile:Yuuta square.jpgFile:Yuzuru's Introduction.png
File:Yuzuru's Introduction2.pngFile:Yuzuru ES.pngFile:Yuzuru Eichi Pair Conversation 1.ogg
File:Yuzuru Eichi Pair Conversation 2.oggFile:Yuzuru Eichi Summon.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi (Card).pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi (Card) Bloomed.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi (Card) Full Render.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi (Card) Full Render Bloomed.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi (Card) Scout CG.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi (Card) mini.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi 1.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi 1st Anniversary.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi 2.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi 2018 Christmas Santa Outfit.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi 2018 New Year.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi 2018 New Year Login.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi 2019 New Year Login.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi 2nd Anniversary.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi 2nd Anniversary Login.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi 2nd DDD Outfit.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi 2nd DDD chibi.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi 3rd Anniversary.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi 3rd Anniversary Outfit.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi 3rd Anniversary Outfit chibi.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi 3rd CD Outfit.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi 3rd CD Outfit chibi.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi 4th Anniversary.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi 4th Anniversary.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi 4th Anniversary Outfit.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi 4th Anniversary Outfit chibi.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi 4th CD Outfit.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi 4th CD Outfit chibi.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi AI Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Academy Idol Uniform Outfit.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Academy Idol Uniform chibi.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Afternoon - Friendly Greeting 3.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Afternoon - Friendly Greeting 4.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Afternoon - Intimate Greeting 1.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Afternoon - Intimate Greeting 2.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Afternoon - Topic 1.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Afternoon - Topic 2.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Afternoon - Topic 3.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Afternoon - Topic 4.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Afternoon - Topic 5.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Anime Chibi.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Anime Fabric Poster.jpg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Anime Faceshot.jpgFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Anime Profile.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Anytime 1.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Anytime 2.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Anytime 3.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Anytime 4.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Archery (Red Team and Anchor) Outfit.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Archery Uniform (Red Team Anchor) chibi.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Archery Uniform Outfit.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi As an Idol.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Autumn Afternoon - Greeting 1.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Autumn Evening - Greeting 1.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Autumn Morning - Greeting 1.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Autumn Night - Greeting 1.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday(Celebrated).ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday(Celebrated)2.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday(Celebrated)3.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2017.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2017 Android Wallpaper.jpgFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2017 Banner.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2017 Campaign.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2017 Gamegift Banner.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2017 Motion.gifFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2017 Scout.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2017 Stage.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2017 Twitter Banner.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2017 Wallpaper.jpg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2018.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2018 1k Stage.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2018 Campaign.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2018 Motion.gifFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2018 Stage.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2018 Twitter Banner.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2019.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2019 Banner.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2019 Campaign.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2019 Scout.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday 2019 Twitter Banner.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday Banner.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday Campaign.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday Course.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday Course 2019.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday Course locations.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday Performance 10% Up.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday Scout.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Birthday Skill 2.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Butler Uniform Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Casual (Winter) chibi.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Casual Summer Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Casual Winter Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Cheerful Response 1.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Cheerful Response 2.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Christmas.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Christmas 2017.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Circle.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Circle Icon.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Circus 2 Dialogue Render.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Circus Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Circus Performance Outfit.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Circus Performance chibi.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Circus Practice Outfit.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Circus Practice chibi.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Club - Afternoon Greeting 1.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Club - Evening Greeting 1.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Club - Morning Greeting 1.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Club - Night Greeting 1.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Compatibility Diagnosis.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Cut in - 1.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Cut in - 2.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Cut in - 3.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Cut in - 4.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Cut in - 5.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Cut in - 6.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Dance Lesson Practice Outfit.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Dance Outfit chibi.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Dance Practice Outfit.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Dancefloor Practice Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Day Off - Afternoon Greeting 1.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Day Off - Evening Greeting 1.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Day Off - Morning Greeting 1.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Day Off - Night Greeting 1.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Defeat - 1.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Defeat - 2.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Defeat - 3.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Dengeki full body.jpgFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Dream Star Live Outfit.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi ES.png
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Evening - Free Talk 1.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Evening - Free Talk 2.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Evening - Free Talk 3.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Evening - Free Talk 4.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Evening - Free Talk 5.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Evening - Free Talk 6.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Evening - Friendly Greeting 3.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Evening - Friendly Greeting 4.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Evening - Intimate Greeting 1.ogg
File:Yuzuru Fushimi Evening - Intimate Greeting 2.oggFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Fine Dialogue Render.pngFile:Yuzuru Fushimi Flower Fes Dialogue Render.png
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