File:Ritsu Sakuma Idol Audition 2 Button Previous.jpgFile:Ritsu Sakuma Idol Audition 2 Info.gifFile:Ritsu Sakuma Idol Audition 2 Info Previous.gif
File:Ritsu Sakuma Idol Audition 2 ticket.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Idol Audition 3 Button.jpgFile:Ritsu Sakuma Idol Audition 3 Info.gif
File:Ritsu Sakuma Idol Audition 3 Ticket.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Intimate Event Gym.PNGFile:Ritsu Sakuma Intimate Lecture Hall.jpg
File:Ritsu Sakuma Intimate Music Room.jpgFile:Ritsu Sakuma Jazz Band Outfit.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Jazz Band chibi.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Judgement Dialogue Render.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Kimono (Red Team) Outfit.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Knights Dialogue Render.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Knights Practice Outfit.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Knights Return uniform chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Knights Unit Outfit.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Knights uniform chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Line from Main Story 1.oggFile:Ritsu Sakuma Luoxiaohei Outfit chibi.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Manga Profile.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Mini Event Garden.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Mini Event Garden Space.PNG
File:Ritsu Sakuma Morning.oggFile:Ritsu Sakuma Mukanshu chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma My Room Choice.ogg
File:Ritsu Sakuma Nero Outfit.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Nero Outfit chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Night 1.ogg
File:Ritsu Sakuma Night 2.oggFile:Ritsu Sakuma Normal Event 1.jpgFile:Ritsu Sakuma Normal Event 2.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Normal Event 3.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Official Page Info.gifFile:Ritsu Sakuma Official Page button 2.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Operetta Outfit.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Operetta chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Other - 1.ogg
File:Ritsu Sakuma PE Uniform (White Team).pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma PE Uniform (White Team) chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma PE Uniform (Winter) Outfit.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma PE Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma PE Winter Dialogue Render.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Pajama Outfit.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Pajama chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Phantom Thief chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Praise - 1.ogg
File:Ritsu Sakuma Praise - 2.oggFile:Ritsu Sakuma Praise - 3.oggFile:Ritsu Sakuma Repayment Festival Outfit.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Repayment Festival Outfit chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Ryokan Yukata chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma School Dialogue Render.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma School Uniform (Winter, 3rd Year) chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Setsubun Outfit.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Setsubun Training Wear Outfit.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Setsubun Training Wear chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Setsubun chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Shuten Doji chibi.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Signature.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Skating Practice Dialogue Render.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Skating Practice Outfit.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Sleeping.oggFile:Ritsu Sakuma Special Event 1.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Special Event 2.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Special Event 3.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Sports Festival Dialogue Render.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma StarFes Dialogue Render.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma StarFes Outfit.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma StarFes Practice chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma StarFes chibi.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Starmine Outfit.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Starmine Practice Outfit.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Starmine chibi.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Student Uniform (Winter) Apron Outfit.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Student Uniform (Winter, 3rd Year) Outfit.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Student Uniform Outfit.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Sub Story Tea Garden.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Summer School Dialogue Render.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Summer Uniform chibi.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma Sweets Dialogue Render.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Today's Protagonist (Crown) Outfit.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma Today's Protagonist (Sash) Outfit.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma True Ability 1.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma True Ability 1 Scene Change.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma True Ability 2.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma True Ability 2 Scene Change.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma User's Birthday Celebration.oggFile:Ritsu Sakuma Victory - 1.ogg
File:Ritsu Sakuma Victory - 2.oggFile:Ritsu Sakuma Voice Actor Info.jpgFile:Ritsu Sakuma Voice Sample 1.ogg
File:Ritsu Sakuma Voice Sample 2.oggFile:Ritsu Sakuma Voice Sample 3.oggFile:Ritsu Sakuma Voting Poster 2015.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma academy idol uniform chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma apron uniform chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma cook uniform chibi.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma mini.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma mini event garden terrace.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma mini event rooftop.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma student uniform chibi.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma sub story part 1.pngFile:Ritsu Sakuma sub story part 2.png
File:Ritsu Sakuma sub story part 3.pngFile:Ritsu Tsukasa Summon.oggFile:Ritsu and Koga A2 Tapestry.jpg
File:Ritsu autograph.jpgFile:Ritsu button.pngFile:Ritsu button2.png
File:Ritsu event 1.pngFile:Ritsu event 2.pngFile:Ritsu mini event garden terrace kitchen options.png
File:Ritsu mini event hallway options.pngFile:Ritsu sakuma magazine.pngFile:Ritsu sp event 1.png
File:Ritsu square.jpgFile:Ritsu stage play.jpgFile:Riverbank in Sing (Enstars Country) Background.png
File:Riverbank of Fireflies.pngFile:Riverbank of Fireflies (Night - Bright).pngFile:Riverside at Camping Site.png
File:RoAaLL.pngFile:Robin Hood Banner.pngFile:Robin Hood Banner2.png
File:Robin Hood Epilogue - 1.pngFile:Robin Hood Epilogue - 2.pngFile:Robin Hood The King and His Merry Men - 1.png
File:Robin Hood The King and His Merry Men - 2.pngFile:Robin Hood The King and His Merry Men - 3.pngFile:Robin Hood The King and His Merry Men - 4.png
File:Robin Hood The King and His Merry Men - 5.pngFile:Rock Festival Stage.pngFile:Rock Festival Stage (Afternoon).png
File:Rock Festival Stage (Night - Bright).pngFile:Rocket Start Epilogue.pngFile:Rocket Start Prologue 1.png
File:Rocket Start Prologue 2.pngFile:Rocket Start Set Theory 1.pngFile:Rocket Start Set Theory 2.png
File:Rocket Start Set Theory 3.pngFile:Rocket Start Set Theory 4.pngFile:Rocket Start Set Theory 4 Scene Change.png
File:Rocket Start Set Theory 5.pngFile:Rocket Start Set Theory 6.pngFile:Rocket Start Set Theory 7.png
File:Rocket Start Sparse Flash 1.pngFile:Rocket Start Sparse Flash 2.pngFile:Rocket Start Sparse Flash 3.png
File:Rocket Start Sparse Flash 3 Scene Change.pngFile:Rocket Start Sparse Flash 4.pngFile:Rocket Start Sparse Flash 5.png
File:Rocket Start Sparse Flash 6.pngFile:Rocket Start Star Gazer 1.pngFile:Rocket Start Star Gazer 2.png
File:Rocket Start Star Gazer 3.pngFile:Rocket Start Star Gazer 4.pngFile:Rocket Start Star Gazer 4 Scene Change.png
File:Rocket Start Star Gazer 5.pngFile:Rocket Start Star Gazer 6.pngFile:Rocket Start Star Gazer 7.png
File:Rocket Start Star Gazer 8.pngFile:Rockin' Star - 10.pngFile:Rockin' Star - 11.png
File:Rockin' Star - 12.pngFile:Rockin' Star - 9.pngFile:Rockin' Star - Chapter 1.png
File:Rockin' Star - Chapter 1 Scene Change.pngFile:Rockin' Star - Chapter 2.pngFile:Rockin' Star - Chapter 2 Scene Change.png
File:Rockin' Star - Chapter 3.pngFile:Rockin' Star - Chapter 4.pngFile:Rockin' Star - Chapter 5.png
File:Rockin' Star - Chapter 5 Scene Change 1.pngFile:Rockin' Star - Chapter 5 Scene Change 2.pngFile:Rockin' Star - Chapter 6.png
File:Rockin' Star - Chapter 7.pngFile:Rockin' Star - Epilogue.pngFile:Rockin' Star - Prologue.png
File:Rockin star ch8.pngFile:Rockin star chapter 12.pngFile:Rockin star epilogue.png
File:Rocking star chapter 10.pngFile:Rocking star chapter 11.pngFile:Romantic Comedy Prologue.png
File:Rooftop.jpgFile:Rooftop.pngFile:Rooftop (Cloudy).png
File:Rooftop (Evening).pngFile:Rooftop (Night - Bright).pngFile:Rooftop (Press Conference Venue).png
File:Rooftop (Sepia).pngFile:Rooftop Full.pngFile:Rook (Monster).png
File:Rose Garden Performance 13% Up.pngFile:Rosicrucian Story - 1.pngFile:Rosicrucian Story - 2.png
File:Rosicrucian Story - 3.pngFile:Rosicrucian Story - 3 Scene Change.pngFile:Rosicrucian Story - 4.png
File:Rosicrucian Story - 5.pngFile:Rosicrucian Story - 5 Scene Change.pngFile:Rosicrucian Story - Epilogue 1.png
File:Rosicrucian Story - Epilogue 2.pngFile:Rosicrucian Story Banner.pngFile:Rosicrucian Story Banner2.png
File:Round Game Banner.pngFile:Round Party Dance 13% Up.pngFile:Rowdy Boys on Stage Dance 15% Up.PNG
File:RpTzYZxUCmc.jpgFile:Rui stage play.jpgFile:Ruka Tsukinaga.png
File:Ruka Tsukinaga Circle.pngFile:Ruka Tsukinaga Mini.pngFile:Ruler's Truth Sample.ogg
File:Runway Banner.pngFile:Runway Banner2.pngFile:Runway Chapter 1.png
File:Runway Chapter 2.pngFile:Runway Chapter 3.pngFile:Runway Chapter 4.png
File:Runway Chapter 5.pngFile:Runway Chapter 6.pngFile:Runway Chapter 6 Scene Change.png
File:Runway Chapter 7.pngFile:Runway Dance 10% Up.pngFile:Runway Epilogue.png
File:Runway Epilogue Scene Change.pngFile:Ruppa prof.pngFile:Ryo Kitamura.jpg
File:Ryokan Yukata Outfit Ritsu Sakuma.pngFile:Ryota Osaka Square.pngFile:Ryu stage play.jpg
File:Ryuseitai.pngFile:Ryuseitai Layer.gifFile:Ryuseitai school cards.png
File:Ryuseitai unit cards.pngFile:Ryuuseitai lesson.pngFile:S.png
File:S1 3.jpgFile:S2 3.pngFile:SHINING STAR Sample.ogg
File:SORA~.pngFile:SPYCY BREEZE Sample.oggFile:SS - Chapter 1.png
File:SS - Chapter 10.pngFile:SS - Chapter 11.pngFile:SS - Chapter 12.png
File:SS - Chapter 13.pngFile:SS - Chapter 14.pngFile:SS - Chapter 15.png
File:SS - Chapter 16.pngFile:SS - Chapter 17.pngFile:SS - Chapter 18.png
File:SS - Chapter 19.pngFile:SS - Chapter 2.pngFile:SS - Chapter 20.png
File:SS - Chapter 21.pngFile:SS - Chapter 22.pngFile:SS - Chapter 23.png
File:SS - Chapter 24.pngFile:SS - Chapter 25.pngFile:SS - Chapter 26.png
File:SS - Chapter 27.pngFile:SS - Chapter 28.pngFile:SS - Chapter 29.png
File:SS - Chapter 3.pngFile:SS - Chapter 30.pngFile:SS - Chapter 31.png
File:SS - Chapter 32.pngFile:SS - Chapter 33.pngFile:SS - Chapter 34.png
File:SS - Chapter 35.pngFile:SS - Chapter 36.pngFile:SS - Chapter 37.png
File:SS - Chapter 38.pngFile:SS - Chapter 39.pngFile:SS - Chapter 4.png
File:SS - Chapter 40.pngFile:SS - Chapter 41.pngFile:SS - Chapter 42.png
File:SS - Chapter 43.pngFile:SS - Chapter 44.pngFile:SS - Chapter 45.png
File:SS - Chapter 5.pngFile:SS - Chapter 6.pngFile:SS - Chapter 7.png
File:SS - Chapter 8.pngFile:SS - Chapter 9.pngFile:SS Dome Venue (Lobby).png
File:SS Dome Venue (Outside).pngFile:SS Dome Venue (Waiting Room).pngFile:SS Dome Venue (Waiting Room) Full.png
File:SS NE 1-1-.pngFile:SS NE 3-1-.pngFile:SS Real Venue.png
File:SS Real Venue Full.pngFile:SS SE 1.pngFile:SS SE 3.png
File:STARSEEK WAYFARER Sample.oggFile:SUPER NOVA REVOLU5TAR Sample.oggFile:S 108830751.jpg
File:S 16654384.jpgFile:Saeki stage play.jpgFile:Saga Stage.png
File:Saga*Clashing Rebirth Live.oggFile:Saga*Clashing Rebirth Live.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Rebirth Live Banner.png
File:Saga*Clashing Rebirth Live Hiyori.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Rebirth Live Hiyori Tomoe locations.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Rebirth Live Hokuto.png
File:Saga*Clashing Rebirth Live Hokuto Hidaka locations.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Rebirth Live Jun.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Rebirth Live Jun Sazanami locations.png
File:Saga*Clashing Rebirth Live Tori.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Rebirth Live Tori Himemiya locations.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Emergency.png
File:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Hiyori Tomoe Normal Event 1.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Hiyori Tomoe Normal Event 2.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Hiyori Tomoe Normal Event 3.png
File:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Hiyori Tomoe Special Event 1.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Hiyori Tomoe Special Event 2.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Hiyori Tomoe Special Event 3.png
File:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Hokuto Hidaka Normal Event 1.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Hokuto Hidaka Normal Event 2.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Hokuto Hidaka Normal Event 3.png
File:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Hokuto Hidaka Special Event 1.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Hokuto Hidaka Special Event 2.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Hokuto Hidaka Special Event 3.png
File:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Jun Sazanami Normal Event 1.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Jun Sazanami Normal Event 2.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Jun Sazanami Normal Event 3.png
File:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Jun Sazanami Special Event 1.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Jun Sazanami Special Event 2.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Jun Sazanami Special Event 3.png
File:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Normal1.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Normal2.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Normal3.png
File:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Rare1.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Rare2.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Rare3.png
File:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Tori Himemiya Normal Event 1.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Tori Himemiya Normal Event 2.pngFile:Saga*Clashing Reverse Live Tori Himemiya Normal Event 3.png
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