File:Koga Oogami Student Uniform (Summer Last Year's Appearance) Outfit.pngFile:Koga Oogami Student Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Koga Oogami Sub Story Idiot 4.png
File:Koga Oogami Sub Story My Turf.pngFile:Koga Oogami Sub Story Part 2.pngFile:Koga Oogami Sub Story Part 3.png
File:Koga Oogami Summer Last Year's Appearance Outfit chibi.pngFile:Koga Oogami Summer Lesson Outfit.pngFile:Koga Oogami Summer Lesson chibi.png
File:Koga Oogami Summer School Dialogue Render.pngFile:Koga Oogami Summer Vacation Dialogue Render.pngFile:Koga Oogami Surfer chibi.png
File:Koga Oogami Today's Protagonist (Crown) Outfit.pngFile:Koga Oogami Today's Protagonist (Sash) Outfit.pngFile:Koga Oogami UNDEAD Dialogue Render.png
File:Koga Oogami UNDEAD Full Body.jpgFile:Koga Oogami UNDEAD Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Koga Oogami UNDEAD uniform chibi.png
File:Koga Oogami User's Birthday Celebration.oggFile:Koga Oogami VOting Poster 2015.pngFile:Koga Oogami Vacation Fashion Outfit.png
File:Koga Oogami Victory - 1.oggFile:Koga Oogami Voice Actor Info.jpgFile:Koga Oogami Voice Sample 1.ogg
File:Koga Oogami Voice Sample 2.oggFile:Koga Oogami Voice Sample 3.oggFile:Koga Oogami Winter CM Outfit.png
File:Koga Oogami Winter CM Outfit chibi.pngFile:Koga Oogami Winter Casual Outfit.pngFile:Koga Oogami Wolf at Heart Outfit.png
File:Koga Oogami academy idol uniform chibi.pngFile:Koga Oogami intimate event in front of lecture hall.pngFile:Koga Oogami intimate event light music club room.jpg
File:Koga Oogami intimate event light music room 2.pngFile:Koga Oogami magazine preview.jpgFile:Koga Oogami mini.png
File:Koga Oogami mini event 1st floor passage.pngFile:Koga Oogami mini event grower barn.pngFile:Koga Oogami mini event hallway.png
File:Koga Oogami mini event hallway 2.pngFile:Koga Oogami mini event hallway 3.pngFile:Koga Oogami mini event school grounds.png
File:Koga Oogami normal event 1.pngFile:Koga Oogami normal event 2.pngFile:Koga Oogami normal event 3.png
File:Koga Oogami special event 1.pngFile:Koga Oogami special event 2.pngFile:Koga Oogami special event 3.png
File:Koga Oogami student uniform chibi.pngFile:Koga Oogami sub story part 1.pngFile:Koga Rei Pair Conversation 1.ogg
File:Koga Rei Pair Conversation 2.oggFile:Koga Rei Summon.oggFile:Koga Stage Play Official.jpg
File:Koga Yuzuru Pair Conversation 1.oggFile:Koga Yuzuru Pair Conversation 2.oggFile:Koga Yuzuru Summon.ogg
File:Koga autograph.jpgFile:Koga button.pngFile:Koga button2.png
File:Koga square.jpgFile:Kogalivevent1.pngFile:Kohaku 2018 Banner.png
File:Komatsu stage play.jpgFile:Kominami stage play.jpgFile:Konishi stage play.jpg
File:Konpeitou.pngFile:Koori Cyber.pngFile:Kouga stage play.jpg
File:Koutaro Hashimoto Square.jpgFile:Koutaro Nishiyama Square.jpgFile:Kung Fu 13% Up.png
File:Kung Fu Banner.pngFile:Kung Fu Banner2.pngFile:Kung Fu Epilogue 1.png
File:Kung Fu Epilogue 2.pngFile:Kung Fu Master Part-Timer 1.pngFile:Kung Fu Master Part-Timer 2.png
File:Kung Fu Master Part-Timer 3.pngFile:Kung Fu Master Part-Timer 4.pngFile:Kuro's Introduction.png
File:Kuro's Introduction2.pngFile:Kuro's Phone.pngFile:Kuro Birthday Banner.jpg
File:Kuro General Summon 1.oggFile:Kuro General Summon 2.oggFile:Kuro General Summoned 1.ogg
File:Kuro General Summoned 2.oggFile:Kuro Gratitude Anni Button.pngFile:Kuro Head.png
File:Kuro Kiryu.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu (Card).pngFile:Kuro Kiryu (Card) Bloomed.png
File:Kuro Kiryu (Card) Frameless.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu (Card) Frameless Bloomed.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu (Card) Full Render.png
File:Kuro Kiryu (Card) Full Render Bloomed.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu (Card) Idol Road.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu (Card) Scout CG.png
File:Kuro Kiryu (Card) mini.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu (Continuatino) Donning Chivalry Scene Change.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 1.png
File:Kuro Kiryu 1st Anniversary.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 1st Year (Injured) Summer School Dialogue Render.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 1st Year Appearance (Injured) chibi.png
File:Kuro Kiryu 1st Year Appearance (Injured) chibi back.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 1st Year Appearance (Summer) Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 1st Year Appearance (Summer, Injured) Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu 1st Year Summer School Dialogue Render.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 2.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 2018 Christmas Santa Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu 2018 New Year.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu 2018 New Year Login.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 2019 New Year Login.png
File:Kuro Kiryu 2nd Anniversary.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 2nd Anniversary Login.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu 2nd Year Appearance (Summer) Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu 2nd Year School Dialogue Render.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 3-B Lesson Normal Event 1.PNGFile:Kuro Kiryu 3-B Lesson Normal Event 2.PNG
File:Kuro Kiryu 3-B Lesson Special Event 1.PNGFile:Kuro Kiryu 3-B Lesson Special Event 2.PNGFile:Kuro Kiryu 3rd Anniversary.png
File:Kuro Kiryu 3rd Anniversary Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 3rd Anniversary Outfit chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 3rd CD Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu 4th Anniversary.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu 4th Anniversary.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 4th Anniversary Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu 4th Anniversary Outfit chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 4th Anniversary Outfit chibi back.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 4th CD Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu 4th CD Outfit chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu 4th CD Outfit chibi back.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu AI Dialogue Render.png
File:Kuro Kiryu AKATSUKI Dialogue Render.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu AKATSUKI Uniform (2nd Year Hairstyle) Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu AKATSUKI Uniform (2nd Year Hairstyle) chibi.png
File:Kuro Kiryu AKATSUKI Uniform (2nd Year Hairstyle) chibi back.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu AKATSUKI Uniform chibi back.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu AKATSUKI Unit Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu AKATSUKI uniform chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Academy Idol Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Academy Idol Uniform chibi back.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Afternoon - Topic 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Afternoon - Topic 2.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Anime Chibi.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Anime Fabric Poster.jpgFile:Kuro Kiryu Anime Faceshot.jpgFile:Kuro Kiryu Anime Profile.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Anytime 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Anytime 2.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Anytime 3.ogg
File:Kuro Kiryu Anytime 4.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Anytime 5.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Appearance From One Year Ago Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu As a Student.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu As an Idol.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Autumn - Afternoon Greeting 1.ogg
File:Kuro Kiryu Autumn - Evening Greeting 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Autumn - Morning Greeting 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Autumn - Night Greeting 1.ogg
File:Kuro Kiryu Azure Dragon Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Azure Dragon chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Azure Dragon chibi back.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Birthday(Celebrated).oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday(Celebrated)2.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday.jpg
File:Kuro Kiryu Birthday.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2017.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2017 Android Wallpaper.jpgFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2017 Banner.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2017 Campaign.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2017 Gamegift Banner.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2017 Scout.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2017 Stage.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2017 Twitter Banner.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2017 Wallpaper.jpgFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2018.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2018 1k Stage.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2018 Campaign.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2018 Motion.gif
File:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2018 Stage.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday 2018 Twitter Banner.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday Campaign.jpg
File:Kuro Kiryu Birthday Course.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday Course locations.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday Performance 10% Up.jpg
File:Kuro Kiryu Birthday Scout.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Birthday Skill 2.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Camellia Train Live Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Camellia Train Live Outfit chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Camellia Train Live mini.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Casual (Winter) Dialogue Render.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Casual Spring Last Years Appearance Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Cats and Camellia train bloomed dialogue render.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Cats and Camellia train dialogue render.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Chocolat Fes Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Chocolat Fes Outfit chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Christmas.ogg
File:Kuro Kiryu Christmas 2017.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Cinderella Dialogue Render.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Circle.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Circle Icon.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Compatibility Diagnosis.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Compensation Fes chibi.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Cooking chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Cooking chibi back.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Cut in - 1.ogg
File:Kuro Kiryu Cut in - 2.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Cut in - 3.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Cut in - 4.ogg
File:Kuro Kiryu Cut in - 5.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Cut in - 6.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Cycler Jersey Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Cycling Jersey Outfit chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Cycling Jersey Outfit chibi back.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu DEADMANZ Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu DREAM LIVE Tour Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Daikagura Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Daikagura chibi.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Deadmanz Last Years Appearance Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Defeat - 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Defeat - 2.ogg
File:Kuro Kiryu Defeat - 3.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Dengeki full body.jpgFile:Kuro Kiryu Diner Live Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Diner Live Outfit chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Diner Live Outfit chibi back.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Diner Live Practice Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Evening - Free Talk 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Evening - Free Talk 2.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Flower Festival Outfit.jpg
File:Kuro Kiryu Flower Festival Outfit chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Flower Festival Practice Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Dialogue Render.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Gakuran Outfit.jpgFile:Kuro Kiryu Gakuran uniform chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Gang Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Gang Outfit chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Gang Outfit chibi back.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Gravekeeper Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Gravekeeper chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Greeting Event Dojo.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Hanafuda Outfit chibi.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Hanafuda Outfit chibi back.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Idle 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Idle 2.ogg
File:Kuro Kiryu Idle 3.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Idol AUdition 1 Button.jpgFile:Kuro Kiryu Idol Audition 1 Info.gif
File:Kuro Kiryu Idol Audition 2 Button.jpgFile:Kuro Kiryu Idol Audition 2 Info.gifFile:Kuro Kiryu Idol Audition 2 Info Previous.gif
File:Kuro Kiryu Idol Audition 2 ticket.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Idol Audition 3 Button.jpgFile:Kuro Kiryu Idol Audition 3 Info.gif
File:Kuro Kiryu Idol Audition 3 Ticket.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Kabuki Outfit.jpgFile:Kuro Kiryu Kabuki chibi.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Karate Dialogue Render.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Karate chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Karate chibi back.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Karate gi Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Kimono (Red Team) Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Knights Killers Dialogue Render.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Knights Killers Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Knights Killers Uniform chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Last Year's Appearance chibi.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Last Year's Appearance chibi back.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Line from Anime - 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Line from Main Story 1.ogg
File:Kuro Kiryu Login 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Login 2.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Login 3.ogg
File:Kuro Kiryu Mafia chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Manga Profile.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Martial Arts chibi.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Martial Arts chibi back.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Mini Event Dojo.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Mini Event Garden Terrace.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Mini Event Hallway.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Mini Event Stairs.PNGFile:Kuro Kiryu Mini Event place.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Morning - Greeting.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Morning - Topic 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu My Room Choice.ogg
File:Kuro Kiryu My Room Choice 2.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Night - Topic 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Night Watch Dialogue Render.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Night Watch Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Night Watch chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Official Page Button 2.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Official Page Info.gifFile:Kuro Kiryu Onigashima Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Onigashima Outfit chibi.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Opera Practice Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Other - 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Other - 2.ogg
File:Kuro Kiryu Other - 3.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Own Clothes (Winter) Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Own Clothes Winter chibi.png
File:Kuro Kiryu PE Uniform (Winter) Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu PE Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu PE Winter Dialogue Render.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Praise - 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Praise - 2.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Quarrel Dialogue Render.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Quarrel Festival Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Quarrel Festival Uniform chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Repayment Festival Dialogue Render.png
File:Kuro Kiryu School Dialogue Render.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu School Uniform (Winter + Cat Cafe Apron) Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Scroll of the Elements Outfit.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Scroll of the Elements Practice Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Scroll of the Elements chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Scroll of the Elements chibi back.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Second Prince Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Second Prince chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Second Prince mini.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Seinen Comic Outfit chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Seinen Comic Outfit chibi back.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Shinsengumi Dialogue Render.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Shooting Star Festival Yukata Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Shooting Star Festival chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Signature.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Sportswear (Red) Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Sportswear (Red) chibi.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Spring Afternoon - Greeting 1.ogg
File:Kuro Kiryu Spring Evening - Greeting 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Spring Morning - Greeting 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Spring Night - Greeting 1.ogg
File:Kuro Kiryu Sticker Added.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Student Uniform (Winter) chibi back.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Student Uniform (Winter and Cat Cafe Apron) mini.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Student Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Sub Story Lunch Suggestion 1.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Sub Story Lunch Suggestion 2.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Sub Story Lunch Suggestion 2 Scene Change.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Sub Story Part 1.pngFile:Kuro Kiryu Sub Story Part 3.png
File:Kuro Kiryu Summer - Afternoon Greeting 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Summer - Evening Greeting 1.oggFile:Kuro Kiryu Summer - Morning Greeting 1.ogg
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