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File:Eichi Tenshouin.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin (Card).pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin (Card) Bloomed.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin (Card) Full Render.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin (Card) Full Render Bloomed.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin (Card) Idol Road.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin (Card) Scout CG.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin (Card) mini.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin - Afternoon Royaltea.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin 1.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin 1st Anniversary.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin 2.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin 2018 Christmas Santa Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin 2018 New Year.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin 2018 New Year Login.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin 2018 New Year Login 2.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin 2019 New Year Login.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Anniversary.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Anniversary Login.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin 2nd DDD Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin 2nd DDD chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin 2nd Year School Dialogue Render.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin 3rd Anniversary.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin 3rd Anniversary Outfit.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin 3rd Anniversary Outfit chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin 3rd CD Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin 4th Anniversary.ogg
File:Eichi Tenshouin 4th Anniversary.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin 4th Anniversary Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin 4th Anniversary Outfit chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin 4th CD Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin 4th CD Outfit chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin AI Dialogue Render.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Academy Idol Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Afternoon - Topic 1.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Afternoon Manor chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Agent chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Akunosaki Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Angel Outfit.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Angel Outfit chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Anime Chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Anime Fabric Poster.jpg
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File:Eichi Tenshouin As an Idol.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday(Celebrated).oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday(Celebrated)2.ogg
File:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday(Celebrated)3.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 1.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2017.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2017 1k Stage.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2017 Android Wallpaper.jpgFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2017 Banner.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2017 Campaign.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2017 Gamegift Banner.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2017 Motion.gifFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2017 Scout.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2017 Stage.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2017 Twitter Banner.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2017 Wallpaper.jpg
File:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2018.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2018 1k Stage.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2018 Campaign.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2018 Motion.gifFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2018 Stage.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2018 Twitter Banner.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2019.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2019 Banner.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2019 Campaign.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2019 Scout.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday 2019 Twitter Banner.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday Campaign.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday Course.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday Course 2019.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday Course locations.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday Performance 10% Up.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday Scout.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Birthday Skill 2.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Black Tea Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Black Tea Outfit chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Cafeteria Dialogue Render.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Casual (Junior Coordination) chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Casual (Winter) chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Casual Clothes (Spring) Outfit.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Casual Kouhai Coordination.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Casual Summer Dialogue Render.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Casual Winter.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Casual Winter Dialogue Render.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Checkmate Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Checkmate chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Choir Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Choir chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Christmas.ogg
File:Eichi Tenshouin Christmas 2017.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Circle.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Circle Icon.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Circus Dialogue Render.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Circus Performance Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Circus Performance chibi.jpg
File:Eichi Tenshouin Circus Performance chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Circus Practice Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Compatibility Diagnosis.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Compensation Fes Practice Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Compensation Fes Practice chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Concerto chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Cut in - 1.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Dance Floor Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Dance Floor chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Dance Lesson Practice Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Dance Practice Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Dance Practice chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Defeat - 1.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Dengeki full body.jpgFile:Eichi Tenshouin Diner Live Dialogue Render.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Diner Live Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Diner Live Practice Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Diner Live Practice Outfit chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Diner Outfit chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Dream Star Live Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin ES.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Evening - Free Talk 1.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Favorite Title.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Fine Dialogue Render.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Food Fantasy chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Former fine Unit outfit.PNGFile:Eichi Tenshouin Former fine chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Greeting Event Garden Terrace.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Gunman Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Gunman chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Happy New Voice Login.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Hospital Clothes chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Hospital Clothes outfit.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Idle 1.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Idol Audition 1 Info.gifFile:Eichi Tenshouin Idol Audition 2 Info.gif
File:Eichi Tenshouin Idol Audition 2 Info Previous.gifFile:Eichi Tenshouin Idol Audition 2 button.jpgFile:Eichi Tenshouin Idol Audition 2 ticket.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Idol Audition 3 Button.jpgFile:Eichi Tenshouin Idol Audition 3 Info.gifFile:Eichi Tenshouin Idol Audition 3 Ticket.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin JINS Glasses.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin JINS Glasses Closeup.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Kimono (White Team Leader) Outfit.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Knights Killers Dialogue Render.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Knights Killers Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Knights Killers chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Last Year's Appearance Outfit.PNGFile:Eichi Tenshouin Last Year's Appearance chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Line from Anime - 1.ogg
File:Eichi Tenshouin Line from Anime - 2.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Line from Anime - 3.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Line from CG (Angel of the Holy Night).ogg
File:Eichi Tenshouin Line from CG (Emperor's Unhealthy Appetite).oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Line from CG (Revival Diner).oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Line from Main Story 2.ogg
File:Eichi Tenshouin Luoxiaohei Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Mad Hatter Chibi Ultimate.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Mad Hatter Outfit.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Magnolia (No Brooch) Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Magnolia Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Magnolia chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Manga Profile.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Meteorangers Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Morning - Greeting 1.ogg
File:Eichi Tenshouin My Room Choice.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Namja Town.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Night - Topic 1.ogg
File:Eichi Tenshouin Noble's Formal Attire chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Official Page Button 2.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Official Page info.gif
File:Eichi Tenshouin Other - 1.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin PE Uniform (Red Team).pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin PE Uniform (Red Team) chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin PE Uniform (Winter) Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin PE Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Pilot Outfit.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Pilot chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Praise - 1.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Praise - 3.ogg
File:Eichi Tenshouin Praise - 5.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Praise - 6.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Praise - 7.ogg
File:Eichi Tenshouin Praise - 8.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Quarrel Festival Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Quarrel Festival chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Resort Live Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Resort Live Outfit chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin School Dialogue Render.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Shinsengumi Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Shinsengumi Outfit chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Side as a Student.ogg
File:Eichi Tenshouin Signature.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin StarFes Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin StarFes Outfit chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Starfes Dialogue Render.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Starry Night Festival Practice Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Student Costume Outfit.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Student Costume chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Student Uniform (Winter + Scarf) Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Student Uniform Outfit.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Sub Story Part 2.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Sub Story Part 3.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Summer School Dialogue Render.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Summer Uniform Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Summer Uniform chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Tanabata Dialogue Render.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Tanabata Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Tanabata Practice Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Tanabata chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Today's Protagonist (Crown) Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Today's Protagonist (Sash) Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Toyland Outfit.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Toyland chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Underdoctor chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin User's Birthday Celebration.ogg
File:Eichi Tenshouin Vacation Fashion Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Vacation Fashion chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Victory - 1.ogg
File:Eichi Tenshouin Victory - 2.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Voice Actor Info.jpgFile:Eichi Tenshouin Voice Sample 1.ogg
File:Eichi Tenshouin Voice Sample 2.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Voice Sample 3.oggFile:Eichi Tenshouin Voting Poster 2015.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin Waiter Outfit.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Waiter chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin Zodiac Rabbit chibi.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin academy idol uniform chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin fine Rose chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin fine Uniform Outfit.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin fine uniform chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin intimate event Garden.PNGFile:Eichi Tenshouin intimate event classroom.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin intimate event dance room.jpgFile:Eichi Tenshouin mini.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin mini event garden.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin mini event garden 2.jpgFile:Eichi Tenshouin mini event lockers.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin mini event music room.png
File:Eichi Tenshouin mini event student council room.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin student uniform chibi.pngFile:Eichi Tenshouin sub story part 1.png
File:Eichi White Team 2018.pngFile:Eichi Yuzuru Pair Conversation 1.oggFile:Eichi Yuzuru Pair Conversation 2.ogg
File:Eichi Yuzuru Summon.oggFile:Eichi autograph.jpgFile:Eichi button.png
File:Eichi button2.pngFile:Eichi fine special 1.PNGFile:Eichi fine special 2.PNG
File:Eichi fine special 3.PNGFile:Eichi mini event garden terrace options.pngFile:Eichi square.jpg
File:Eichi stage play.jpgFile:Element - 1.pngFile:Element - 10.png
File:Element - 11.pngFile:Element - 12.pngFile:Element - 12 Scene Change.png
File:Element - 13.pngFile:Element - 14.pngFile:Element - 14 Scene Change.png
File:Element - 15.pngFile:Element - 16.pngFile:Element - 17.png
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