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Ossu! Be prepared before you enter the dojo!
This guide discusses advanced game mechanics! Make sure you got your basics down first, 'kay?

The Live Challenge is a Music-exclusive mini event. During the event, a new Special difficulty is added to a song already in-game. The player is given five passes at 00:00 JST each day the event is live, allowing them to attempt the featured song, and additional passes may be purchased at the cost of Diamond mini.png 3 Diamonds each. There is no (known) limit to the number of passes one may have.

Special-difficulty charts often feature mechanics that deviate greatly from normal songs. Whenever such mechanics are present, you can check what they entail for the song by tapping on Chart Information (譜面情報) as shown in the image below.

Song special mechanics.png

Chart Information (JP) Translation Notes
Special Chart Type (Tabletop).png
Recommended to play this chart with your device set on a table These charts are intended to be played with more than two fingers. Notes may appear in such a way that forces the use of three or more fingers (e.g., consecutive pairs of notes extremely far apart, or three or more simultaneous notes).
Special Chart Type (Up Down Flick).png
Chart includes up- and down-flicks These up- and down-flicks will often combine with the normal left- and right-flicks, which are still present in this mode. Exercise caution!
Special Chart Type (Speed Change).png
Chart includes extreme speed changes Normal charts will occasionally change the speed at which all notes move, but "extreme" speed changes will include more complex tricks, such as notes appearing instantly, or moving at different speeds at the same time, or the chart appearing to go in reverse.
  • Some Special charts with fewer or less complex speed gimmicks will still have the "Speed Change" chart type used in normal charts instead of "Extreme Speed Change".

Once the event is over, the Special-difficulty chart is added to the song's difficulty selection on the Music Song List, coming with its own set of clear rewards similar to the other difficulties of the song.

Live Unit Screen

The Live Unit Screen for Live Challenges uses the same Unit Select screen used to create units for MV Mode. This prevents you from making use of any Support Skills that may influence accuracy -- your challenge score will rely entirely on your own rhythm game abilities.

Live Challenge Screen 2.png

  • Practice (練習する) - Does not consume tickets. Any high scores set in Practice mode are not official, and will not count for the event leaderboard.
  • Start Live (ライブ開始) - Consumes one ticket per play. Any scores set in this mode are official, will count for the event leaderboards, and may award titles at the end of the event, or based on several factors (i.e., whether the live was cleared, a certain Challenge Rate was achieved, etc.).


Live Challenge scoring.png

Live Challenges are scored using an accuracy-based system, which adds a percentage to your Challenge Rate per note. While combo does not factor into this rate, there are titles which can be earned during Live Challenges for achieving ALL AMAZING!! (100.00%) or a Full Combo.

During Live Challenges, notes can be adjudged as AMAZING, a grade higher than PERFECT; as a result, notes which are only PERFECT will now also display FAST/SLOW feedback if the FAST/SLOW display setting is turned on. The timing windows and associated scoring multipliers for each judgment type are shown below.

Judgment Timing window Multiplier
AMAZING ±33ms ×1.0 (100%)
PERFECT ±50ms ×0.9 (90%)
GREAT ±85ms ×0.5 (50%)
GOOD ±120ms ×0.1 (10%)
BAD ±170ms ×0 (0%)
MISS - ×0 (0%)

The middle and end notes of holds yield half the Challenge Rate of normal and flick notes.

Similar to normal scores, your Challenge Rate also has an associated rank. At 97.5% (S Rank), the associated Live Challenge Professional title will be awarded. Generally speaking, a grade of S or SS is typically necessary to rank within the top 20%. A grade of SSS is usually required to rank within the top 2%, and you will need to come extremely close to an ALL AMAZING!! to rank within the top 0.5%.

Unlike in normal play, it's not necessary to clear the song for an attempt to count towards the leaderboard: even if the song is failed, your score will be submitted as long as a Live Challenge pass is consumed to play the song.

However, some extremely difficult Live Challenges will have lower borders; for instance, Miwaku Geki required a Challenge Rate of only 99.5% to rank within the top 0.5%.

Rank Challenge Rate
C ≥30.000%
B ≥50.000%
BB ≥60.000%
BBB ≥70.000%
A ≥80.000%
AA ≥90.000%
AAA ≥95.000%
S ≥97.500%
SS ≥99.000%
SSS ≥99.500%

There are no Live Challenges being held at this time.

# Challenge Link Song Level Chart Type 1 Chart Type 2 Challenge Dates
01 ONLY YOUR STARS! (Trickstar Ver.) 29 - - 5/24/2021 - 5/30/2021
02 Miwaku Geki 30 Tabletop - 6/24/2021 - 6/29/2021
03 Kiss of Life 30+ - - 7/9/2021 - 7/14/2021
04 Kangei☆2wink Zatsugidan 28+ Up Down Flick - 8/9/2021 - 8/14/2021
05 Matsuriyo Emaki 28+ Up Down Flick - 8/25/2021 - 8/30/2021
06 Unlimited☆Power!!!!! 29 Tabletop - 9/24/2021 - 9/29/2021
07 Melody in the Dark 29+ Up Down Flick - 10/9/2021 - 10/14/2021
08 Emerald Planet 29 Extreme Speed Change - 11/9/2021 - 11/14/2021
09 Blooming World 28 Tabletop - 11/24/2021 - 11/29/2021
10 Holy Angel's Carol 29 Speed Change - 12/24/2021 - 12/30/2021
11 Crazy Roulette 30+ Speed Change - 1/9/2022 - 1/14/2022
12 Melty♡Kitchen 29 Up Down Flick Speed Change 2/9/2022 - 2/14/2022
13 Voice of Sword 29+ Tabletop - 2/24/2022 - 2/27/2022
14 Awakening Myth 31 - - 03/24/2022 - 03/30/2022