Line Play Puzzle Tan Tan Collaboration


Start: 12/28/15 at 15:00 JST
End: 1/12/16 at 23:59 JST


  • The first button on the right is the quiz. You will receive story chapters for answering each of the questions correctly. Stories can be read later on Hajime's sub story section ingame.
  • The second button on the right will take you directly to the Special Event Lesson.
  • The third button on the right will show you the rewards, where you will be able to claim (TanTan) Hajime Shino after meeting the requirements, idol road includes two new unlockable costumes.


Quiz Questions:

  1. What is this character's name? *a picture of the Panda Mascot*
  2. What is the animal behind the "?" ? *a picture from Line Puzzle Tantan game, whereby a white rabbit was blurred out*
  3. What is the object behind the titles? *a picture of a game stage from Line Puzzle Tantan game*

Quiz Answers:

  1. タンタン, たんたん (tantan in English works as well.)
  2. うさぎ, ウサギ or 兎 (rabbit in English works as well.)
  3. 竜、りゅう or ドラゴン (dragon in English works as well.)

Cost: 20 AP Producer Points Gained: XXX EXP Gained: 200
Line Puzzle Tan Tan Collaboration
Hajime Shino
Special Event:
Rival 1:
Rival 2:
(TanTan) Hajime Shino mini
(Passionate Red) Chiaki Morisawa mini
(Sewing Expert) Kuro Kiryu mini
Total Stats: 18,870 35,587
Trophy mini Collect 120 Fragments of each Color.
Trophy mini Raise Hajime's trust to 100%
Trophy mini Collect 120 Red Fragments by Lesson 10
Normal Event mini ★★ Event
Special Event mini ★★★ Event
Line Puzzle Tan Tan Collaboration Hajime Shino locations

Reward Requirements
Story mini
Story: Line Puzzle 1 Go to the Event Banner
Story mini
Story: Line Puzzle 2 Complete Quiz 1
Story mini
Story: Line Puzzle 3 Complete Quiz 2
Story mini
Story: Line Puzzle 4 Complete Quiz 3
(TanTan) Hajime Shino mini
(TanTan) Hajime Shino Complete the Line Puzzle Tan Tan Lesson with all banners and trophies.

  1. There is an English version available.
  2. In the game, there are mascot characters called Pets. You can equip them while on "Adventure" or "Battle" play mode, whereby different members would give different power ups or bonus that help you complete the stage.
  3. The whole of Ra*bits are available as Pets(Rare Grade), obtainable by the Premium Summon using Gems, or via Quest World.
  4. Availability in Quest World:
  - Tomoya : 28 Dec 7pm to 29 Dec 11:59pm (GMT +9)
  - Mitsuru : 30 Dec 12pm to 30 Dec 11:59pm (GMT +9)


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