Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Unlock in (Return Order) Leo Tsukinaga's Idol Road
Leo Tsukinaga Sub Story From Pen to Paper
Season: Spring (春) Location: Library
Tsumugi Aoba (Card) Full Render Bloomed

(Mm~hm, mm~hm... I'm stumped. As I suspected, I don't really have much artistic sense... which is a problem, since library committee duties require you to make an endless number of posters.

People aren't likely to read a poster if it's only text, so I wanted to add a few illustrations. But, I can't think up a single idea...

Since art is Keito-kun's specialty, I thought maybe I should ask him... But it seems he's awfully busy with student council work as usual.

Well, it's not as if I'm in any kind of rush... So why don't I do the best I can at my own pace?)

(Sugar Box) Leo Tsukinaga Full Render

Wahaha! It's gushing up, it's gushing up— Inspiration's gushing forth—!!! If it's me as I am now, I can write a masterpiece... ☆

Tsumugi Aoba (Card) Full Render Bloomed

Nnnn. Tsukinaga-kuuuun, if at all possible, I'd like if you could please be quiet in the library. Okay?

Well, I'm since the only one in here... I guess because kids these days don't have much interest in literature... I suppose it's all right if you're loud.

(Sugar Box) Leo Tsukinaga Full Render

Ohh!? When'd you show up, Obaa-chan!?[1] I was concentrating so hard I didn't even notice you!

Y'know, feels like every time I see you your hair just gets shaggier and shaggier! If it keeps going, it's gonna get so overgrown you're not even gonna be able to see in front of you!

And! If your bangs get any longer, aren't your eyes just gonna get worse and your spectacles just gonna get thicker and thicker? But! I don't mind! The more a person sticks out, the easier they are to remember!

Anyway! Obaa-chan! Gimme gimme ♪

Tsumugi Aoba (Card) Full Render Bloomed

I see you register me as "someone who'll give you something every time you meet."

Buuuut, I suppose I don't mind. It's much, much better than being forgotten.

(Sugar Box) Leo Tsukinaga Full Render

Huuuh~? Obaa-chan's suddenly all gloomy? What's wrong! Cheer up!

When one person gets depressed, it brings down everybody's mood!

Tsumugi Aoba (Card) Full Render Bloomed

Ahaha. You're always cheery, aren't you? I'm jealous.

It might just be due to old age, but, no matter what I do, I always end up feeling tired. Or maybe it's because I have awful posture? My shoulders are always so painfully stiff, too...

(Sugar Box) Leo Tsukinaga Full Render

Wahaha! How'd you get so old all of a sudden, Obaa-chan? Did you go visit the Palace of the Dragon King? Tell me, what was it like? The scent of that lacquer-box you weren't meant to open?[2]

Hey, hey, actually, you guys just got that one newbie, right? That one who's got the wires crossed for all five of his senses?

He sees sound, but does he smell it too? What's it like for him when he listens to my songs?

I'm interested! Introduce me! And then—in exchange!—I'll lend you our newbie, too!

Tsumugi Aoba (Card) Full Render Bloomed

No, I'm not sure I'd be any more willing to introduce you even if you were to lend me a stripling I don't know very well...

That aside, it's pretty unusual for you to come to the library.

Ummm, I'm guessing you're here because you're looking for a book or something? If you can let me know what the title is, I'll go and bring it for you~ I know where pretty much every book in the library is.

(Sugar Box) Leo Tsukinaga Full Render

Nope! I'm not here 'cause I'm looking for a specific book! Don't sweat it!

'Sides, it's fun sometimes to do the searching all by yourself~ I'm just gonna be looking at poetry anthologies and stuff like that today.

Can't be getting myself into a slump again, so I wanna get regular stimulation to avoid it.

Well~ I'll just pick up whatever I find. I've always liked looking at things like picture books and poetry anthologies anyway.

Mm, it's more like... If I try to read anything like a full length novel, my vision starts blurring, and I lose focus...

When I'm reading, my thoughts start to wander away down some side street, and I forget what the story was about... So I can't really finish anything that's too long.

Tsumugi Aoba (Card) Full Render Bloomed

Ah~ I sort of understand what you mean.

The e-book reader I use has a dictionary tool, so I end up looking up the meaning of each word one by one to learn each definition by heart... So it's a little difficult for me to finish things, too.

(Sugar Box) Leo Tsukinaga Full Render

Wahaha, I get it. Technology makes things wayyyy too convenient by having too many options~

Like, me, I'm still learning how to use software for composing and stuff. It's got a ton of options for all sorts'a instrumental sounds, so sometimes I dunno where to even begin 'cause there's just way too many places to start.

It's kinda like, if you get too much freedom, you just end up not knowing what to do.

Tsumugi Aoba (Card) Full Render Bloomed

Ahh, so you have the same problem, too~...

It's as I've always thought— Though it may be an outdated, old method, writing with pen to paper is simplest and easiest to understand.

(Sugar Box) Leo Tsukinaga Full Render

Oh yeah, actually, what's up the the pen and paper you have out, anyway? You're already kinda bookworm-y, so are you in the middle of writing a novel, too?

Wahaha! ☆ Stare at a blank page all you want, but, no matter how hard you pray, a masterpiece isn't just gonna pop up from nowhere! First you have to write! The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

Tsumugi Aoba (Card) Full Render Bloomed

Mmm, I know that, but my hands just won't move.

Oh, but I'm not writing a novel— I'm making a poster.

They're posters for things like explaining how to use the library in a way that's hopefully easy to understand, or to request people who haven't yet returned their library books to please return them.

(Sugar Box) Leo Tsukinaga Full Render

Ohh? Sounds fun! Lemme help! I looove doing anything creative! ♪

Tsumugi Aoba (Card) Full Render Bloomed

Ahaha~ It isn't really meant to be fun; it's just work.

But, if I had to be honest, it's been pretty difficult making so many posters all by myself. If you're willing to lend a hand, it'd be a huge help.

Thank you very much. You really are a good boy, Tsukinaga-kun.

Honestly, since I'm a former member of fine, I've been wondering if you hate me along with Eichi-kun.

But you, and the Three Oddballs, too... all of you treat me normally.

Oh, though... They're not part of the Three Oddballs, but the last two of the former Five Oddballs, Natsume-kun and Shu-kun... I get on their nerves often.

I prefer how they treat me; it puts me at ease.

(Return Order) Leo Tsukinaga Full Render Bloomed

Nah, it's just that something like hating someone and being mad at them exhausts me. I guess you could call it a weakness...

Like, our Sena, every day he's huffing and puffing all angry over something or another. It's pretty impressive.

No, well, I guess it's my fault, too, for basically always doing things that make him angry.

But when someone sings with a smile, they resound nicer than anything else. Instead of muttering about grudges all the time, I wanna make happier and happier songs! It's just waaaay more constructive.

Anyway! Look, look! I just tried making a poster!

How's this sound? "If you don't return your borrowed books, His Majesty the Emperor's gonna brutally murder you!" ♪

Tsumugi Aoba (Card) Full Render

... As I thought, you still resent us a little bit, don't you, Tsukinaga-kun?

  1. Leo refers to Tsumugi as "Obaa-chan" (Grandma) because the last few letters of "Aoba" (oba) sound similar to the "oba" used in "obaa-chan."
  2. A reference to the fairytale about Urashima Taro, who loses his effectively eternal youth by opening a forbidden lacquer-box, the smoke within instantly aging him into an elderly man.
Translation: adriessene
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