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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Unlock in (Unstopping Pen) Leo Tsukinaga's Idol Road
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Season: Summer (夏) Location: Park



Wha-wha? Before I knew it, it's night time! I wonder where I am?

Aga~in, when I come to my senses, I've been standing in a place I don't know. Could I have been abducted by a UFO?

Ah, that expression just now is really good! As always, I'm the most clear-headed when I'm waking up, seems I can write a magnificent song! As always, I am a genius... ☆

Quickly quickly, before I forget, I'll record my inspiration! My notebook is...

Huhh, my bag's gone! My wallet too! My smartphone, everything's gone!

Aaah, did I drop them without knowing again?

I can't go home like this, what do I do? For my travel expenses I can do nothing but perform on the street, so for tonight, should I mimic Rittsu and sleep outside?

Ah damn, I'm a fool! A genius but a fool! From now on, so that I don't drop my bags and things, should I fasten them to my body?

...By the way. You, what do you want with me?

Yeah you. Since earlier, you've been "sneaking" around behind me, haven't you?

That's great! Then I wasn't mistaken! If I was just imagining things, it would have been really embarrassing, wouldn't it?

I would have looked like I was overly self-conscious, huh! Wahaha ☆ good good~♪

...Huh, now that I've gotten a good look at you, aren't you wearing the Yumenosaki Academy uniform? How could that be, aren't we're an all-boy's school?

But that's a skirt, and you're a girl, aren't you? Huh? Huh?

The general education course? No wait, isn't that a different uniform?

Wait! Don't say it! It's no use if you answer too quickly! Don't ruin an infinitely spreading fantasy with such simplistic answers!

Aah, it's expanding! This wild fantasy shall engulf the cosmos! I can write it, if it is now I can write a hit song~☆

Eh? Starting next school year, Yumenosaki Academy will become co-ed, that's why you transferred there to become the first female student?

That's why I said not to answer, do you listen when someone's talking?

AaAH, it's fading! The divine melody that would have gone down in history, the composition of a genius, it has completely disappeared!

Because of this universe, because of karma! What a waste, a waste!

... (sniff) Eh, right then. I'm Tsukinaga Leo. Have we met anywhere before?

Wait! Let me think! This time for sure, don't snatch away this wonder from me!

Until you say your answer, your existence is infinitely spread across "time" and "space".

That's why for "first introductions," don't say such simplistic responses! What's with that?

Humm, so some kid named "Suou" has been looking for the "Knights" leader?

And you're helping with that? Why? This time, for sure, don't say anything, I'll dream up the answer!

Humm, you're a producer, so when it's possible, you listen to the requests of the idols?

I see, I see, but I'm certainly the leader of "Knights," aren't I?

That's why, don't talk about dull reality! Let me have my wild fantasies! This is what I ask of you, murderer of fantasies...!

Ah, what a wonderful term ♪ "Murderer of Fantasies" can be another name for chuunibyou[1], but I can make a song out of it! Wait just a bit!

It has descended, descended, the inspiration ☆

Aah, I don't have my notebook! But there's a sandbox!

I'll write the musical staff and notes here with my finger, it'll be fine if I buy a college notebook from a convenience store or something before it disappears!

Perfect! Now no one can interrupt my wild fantasies, wahahahaha...☆

Waah, I don't have my wallet either! Even if I go to the convenience store, I won't be able to buy anything, I'm such a fool! It's disappearing, the composition of a genius!

Today alone, how much inspiration, how many seeds of infinitely spreading music!? When such precious compositions fade away, it is an loss for the whole world...!

I'm very sorry, Beethoven! I respect you, Vivaldi! Await the future, Bach! It's hateful, Mozart!

Eh, you're lending me this memo pad? Thank you, I really like you, I love you! Wait just a moment, I'm gonna write this down, so I'll listen to you later, maybe!


...Eh, what? Don't talk to me!

I'm writing my masterpiece right now, grrr!

Wahahaha wait right there, Ruka-tan. Oniichan will now bloom this melody of love with the words that Ruka-tan has spun~♪

...That's why, what's with that, don't pull at my clothes! Don't be a hindrance to my composition~!

Eh, Ruka-tan is my loveliest little sister in the universe, so what?

If you have any complaints about Ruka-tan, I'll fight you to the death, I dare you!

Ngh~... I got it, I got it, if I feel like it, I'll show my face at Yumenosaki Academy. The "Knights" gang is probably looking for me, but why now after so long?

I wonder what there is, though if it's those guys, I think that they can do whatever they want with their own power, right~?

But I mean, I don't really have any interest in "pretending to be an idol"

The monotony of that place was like a suffocating prison, if I stayed there, the shining wings that the gods gave to me will fall off from decay!

It's not as if I can be part of "Knights" after all this time. I'll just become a nuisance, since I'm "a man who can't become King."

Ah, that phrase just now is good too ☆

I can write it, I can write it! This time it'll be a hit song! As I thought, conversing with other people once in a while, it becomes even more inspiring!

I'm grateful for this rediscovery, thanks thanks ☆

...Now that you mention it. It's been some time already, but what name should I call you?

Anzu! Good, isn't it! I wonder if there was some reason that this became your name?

Was it from a traditional point of view? Was it the trend at the time? Or maybe it was from inspiration?

Wait! Don't tell me the answer yet!

For until some foolish children pointed it out, the naked emperor was clad in the world's most beautiful clothes! Wahahahaha... ☆

  1. Do I need to explain chuunibyou? Well in case I do, it's that thing where middle school or high school kids go through this overly conscious phase so they end up making believe they're something else. You can look it up for more info, but for an EnStars example, look at Shinobu.
Translator: Riitranslates
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