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Writer: 結城由乃 (Yuuki Yoshino) Requirement: Unlock in (Extremely Delusional) Leo Tsukinaga's Idol Road
Leo Tsukinaga Sub Story Part 4.png
Season: Autumn (秋) Location: Hallway
You, don't you know them? Erm, the members of "Knights." Rittsu, Sena, Naru... What's this, it feels like there's one more?

Wait! Let me think! Don't snatch this wonder from me!

It's that "newbie" with the excessively good pronunciation, if I remember right. Ah, that's it, the newbie!

I derived the answer from my conjecture and imagination, so I must have gotten it right! Wahahahaha ☆

Anyway, I'll look for everyone, including the newbie, and get them to perform this masterpiece...!

Hm? You, you're acting restless, aren't you!? By some chance, did you find a UFO?

Where is it? Where where? I've had an alien encounter, you know?

First of all, a greeting! Spaa~ce! Come on, let's do it together! Spaa~ce!

Your pronunciation is good, huh! It's much better than mine! Wahaha, how envious! ☆

Ahh, it's descended, descended, the inspiration!

To be able to write even when I haven't even finished writing that masterpiece, it's unbelievable!

As you'd expect, since I have corresponded with the universe, my inspiration is rising up

I must write, I must write... Waah, but I don't have any more sheet music! But, I have a magic marker!

All the walls, all the floors shall be where my masterpiece will-- Eh? What? Don't talk to me!

I said not to talk to me--... The "Knights" members? Right, right, I remember!

If such a magnificent song is not performed, then it will not see the light of day! To be able to sing a song that I wrote, those guys are pretty lucky, aren't they? Wahahahaha ☆

Alright, I'll throw off this school uniform and dress myself in the "Knights" uniform. I take any form. Such is my alien interaction

In order to indicate "I'm an alien", I thought up the "Spaa~ce" greeting. But reproducing that characteristic voice is difficult

In your case, it seems it is possible to interacting with aliens. Basis? Don't talk about such dull things! It's the power to produce hit songs from fantasies!

Build up the power to fantasize even further! The opera is waiting for that end...

Then, I'll be going ahead! You as well, don't be late arriving~? Wahahahaha ☆

[Scene Change: Outdoor Stage]
Leo Tsukinaga Sub Story Part 4 Scene Change.png
So this is the outdoor stage~! Since I was running around back and forth, I've pointlessly wasted my energy, but it's good that I've finally arrived~

I was not aware that this academy is wide, complicated and mysterious! It is "like I were a rabbit that lost its way in a labyrinth"!

Aah, that phrase just now was good, I can write it. I can write an even more popular song!

Huh, Anzu? You're Anzu, aren't you? What are you doing in a place like this?

-- That is, wait, wai-- Aaaaahh...!

I beg of you don't tell me! Saying that everyone in "Knights" isn't here for their live, I didn't want to hear such a mundane answer...!

...Eh? Those guys aren't at the live? Because I wasn't listening~?

Hmm, the Suou kid was telling me properly? Wait a sec, this time I will fantasize about it!

(Extremely Delusional) Leo Tsukinaga CG2.png
Now now, let's sing, dance and perform, this solitary ensemble!


Wahahaha ☆ As expected it's no good~! It's horribly dissonant! This song is the type that if the guests heard it, they would probably run away as fast as they could!

Hmm? You aren't covering your ears? I'm already used to my own singing, but you haven't gotten used to it, have you~?

Don't force yourself, go on and escape? If you keep listening to my song, there's no guarantee for your safety, you know~?

Hmm. Because you're the "producer," you'll listen to the very end? Wahahahaha ☆ You're pretty interesting, aren't you!

I see that it's impossible to predict your behavior. It's pretty fun! I like you a lot! I love you!

Good, good, for one to exist that exceeds my imagination! I've been waiting for someone like that!

For now, at the extremities of imagination and fantasy, you might hear music being played that no one has ever heard before!

In this world, through the cosmos, let us produce this sound, let us perform it. Our... My solitary ensemble!

Translator: Riitranslates
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