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A popular composer who is showered in attention even from overseas. Leo is pure and unrestrained, but he cares deeply for his comrades and can sometimes be naive. His singing voice is as if it's playing and changes often, and his performances are overflowing with confidence.

A member of NEW DIMENSION’s Knights.[1]

Ucchu~☆ It's Leo Tsukinaga from New Dimension! I'm part of a unit called Knights! I guess I'm like, our songwriter? Ahaha! I'm active as a composer overseas too, so I'm kinda busy going in and out of Japan all the time. But hey, what kind of unit doesn't travel all over the place these days? No matter where our princesses are from, I'll make songs to bring smiles to every one of 'em! Hey, everybody! I love you all~![1]

Even among the members of my unit Knights, Leo Tsukinaga-san is especially eccentric. He possesses a natural sense for musical composition, but is nigh unmanageable once he gets absorbed in it. He has often tormented my seniors in Knights as well. Yet underneath it all, he is both complex and kind, and he adores us more than anything else. I must also consider what I can do as a leader—knowing that I must stand at the head of Knights strengthens my resolve.[1]

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Ensemble Stars! Profile

Leo has not attended school since his 2nd year spring break. Adores his little sister and wild dreams (inspiration), he flits about as an elusive figure constantly gaining inspiration from a variety of things. The songs he creates are recognized by both himself and others as the music of a genius.

Due to acting like a knight in front of his little sister, she is not aware of his true nature. He is the leader of the unit Knights.


Leo is slightly shorter than an average boy with an average build. His hair is mid length, somewhat untidy and orange, with a low pony tail and bangs that split in the middle. He has light green eyes.

On stage as a member of the unit Knights, Leo wears a dark blue coat with white sleeves and a ruffled tailcoat over a white shirt. There’s a vertical blue line on his sleeves. The sleeves have a blue cuff, with a gold accent to them. His white shirt has a black vertical line in the middle, accented with gold. His shirt collar is blue, which is also accented with gold. On the shirt’s collar there are swirly gold patterns. Where the buttons would usually be, are golden frog closures. On his jacket, there are black epaulettes. The rope on the epaulettes are golden. From his left epaulette are two golden strings, which lead to a blue banner with the fleur de lis symbol on it which is pinned on the right side of his chest. On the back, he wears a cape which is blue on the top end, and white on the underside. There is a golden accent on the blue half of the cape. His pants are dark gray, with thin light gray vertical lines on them. He wears a thick belt with four golden buttons on them. Gold lines adorn the side of the belt. There is a golden chain and a golden rope hanging off his belt. His boots are white, with a black tip. There is a thick black line that goes up the boot along the middle. Near the top and the bottom, there are two black straps that wrap around the shoe which have gold accents. The shoelaces are also gold. He wears black gloves that are fingerless for his pinkie and ring finger.

Ensemble Stars! Appearance

Leo is slightly shorter than an average boy with an average build. His hair is mid length, somewhat untidy and orange, with a low pony tail and bangs that split in the middle. He has light green eyes. At school, Leo wears a dark blue long sleeve jacket under his school blazer. The jacket is always zipped and has a large collar that surrounds his blazer. The collar has a strap with a buckle that keeps it closed. Leo wears a loose black tie with two grey stripes at the bottom, as well as a Yumenosaki Academy symbol above them. His school blazer is unbuttoned.


His eccentric and loud personality often confuses other people, as he doesn’t care about what is considered “childish” and indulges in any activity he might like, ultimately almost always acting on his own volition. Due to his free spirit, he even ends up skipping unit practice, which used to cause Tsukasa to drag him to school (before graduation).

Leo is a forgetful person, not remembering things he deems as unimportant and struggling to remember names as a whole. Despite his forgetful and seemingly clumsy personality, he is insightful and promptly knows when to give advice, as well as analytic and extremely aware about all details about the people he considers close, making him much more competent than he seems at first glance.

His personality underwent a deep change going into Ensemble Stars!, where he acted wildly different compared to his second year self, seeing as he was not as naive and childish as he used to be. Because of this he became much harsher in his approaches even while his kinder intent remained. He always is willing to help someone out, even when his means are questionable. Something that didn't change about Leo is that he still believes that holding grudges is a waste of time, and does his best to keep a positive outlook on his relationships.

He is impulsive in nature, and there are many times when he does not think things through before speaking, and unintentionally hurts the other person due to his eccentricity and spontaneity, as well as does things on a whim with no plans beforehand whatsoever. He goes to great lengths for inspiration, and can start composing a new piece anywhere any time, this is a habit that gains him lectures by Keito, since he ends up scribbling on the school’s walls with crayons without permission.[2]

He doesn’t shy away from using somewhat hurtful means to achieve certain results, purposefully creating conflict to rile people up being the most common of them. However, in his heart, Leo is a truly kind and caring person, who wishes nothing more than the best for his friends and family, although not always being able to demonstrate it in a proper manner.


Leo's first name could be a reference to the astrology sign, Leo, which is represented by a lion. "Leo" is also the Latin word for lion, taken from Ancient Greek. His last name consists of two characters, the first (月) meaning "moon" and the last (永) meaning "eternity", or "forever”.

Lionheart could likely be a reference to his name, which is a short story in Izumi’s point of view written by Akira as a bonus short story for the third volume of the Ensemble Stars novel. Leo was also called the "king" of Knights through Enstars!, which adds on to the definition of his name, since the lion is commonly known as the king of the jungle.


  • Leo's autograph consists of his full name rendered in kanji and katakana respectively.
  • His younger sister is Ruka Tsukinaga from Ensemble Girls!.
  • The Knights members call him "king" (Ou-sama) or leader.
  • In official information given, Leo is right-handed. However, in many official images, he seems to be able to use both hands equally well, which implies that he's likely ambidextrous.
  • Sometimes while he is completely engrossed in his composing, he will forget his surroundings and even his own name in extreme cases.
  • He has an awful sense of direction and constantly gets lost without meaning to.[3]
  • He believes in aliens, and even claims to have communicated with them; he even claims to have been abducted by them.
  • He calls the academy's studio "Sena House" because it smells like Izumi's house.[4]
  • Leo can drive a car after graduation. This was first revealed by his sister Ruka in Ensemble Girls!, and was then shown in Requiem - Prologue.
  • Sora described his color as "Looking at the earth from the moon[5], and as "wider, deeper, just a little bit sad, but at the same time the happiest color ever"[6].
  • Leo claims to have been abducted with no recollection of what happened, and that's why he has been absent for half a year. It is eventually revealed that he had been traveling the world thanks to Madara taking him overseas, and that was when he had met an "alien" who knew Japanese.[7]
  • In the Dark Night Halloween event, Leo claims that he wants to retire from idol work, but will probably be yelled at by "that Suou person".
  • During his one year absence, it is hinted he met Ruri Amamiya from Ensemble Girls!, who taught him his "Ucchuu" catchphrase.
  • On multiple occasions in the past, he has found Rei passed out and had to wake him up.
  • Leo calls Eichi a "blockhead emperor" and thinks of their past relationship as Eichi treating Leo like a "toy".[8]
  • He and Eichi became friends while Leo stayed in the hospital with a broken arm. Later, as Eichi was making plans to reform Yumenosaki Academy, he created and tested the DreamFes system on Chess (a mega-unit Leo was leader of at the time). Once Chess broke into pieces, one of them a unit Leo and Izumi named "Knights", Eichi chose the audiences so that Knights would gain popularity. Afterwards, Eichi then made audiences out of the students that Knights had defeated, which resulted in a sharp decline in Knights' popularity, effectively making them outcasts.[9]
    • Madara reveals in Checkmate that Leo's broken arm was due to him protecting Little John, a cat in the archery club, from delinquent students.
    • Izumi states that after the events in their second year (yet to be fully explored in canon), Leo confined himself to his room, forcing himself to compose songs to the point of biting down on his own hand.

Voice Actor Comment

"I would never have expected to be thrown into such a tightly-knit team, least of all as the leader, so I was pretty surprised! (lol) At first, I was worried that I wasn’t cut out for the responsibility of voicing the leader, but it turned out that he has a lot of interesting quirks, so it was actually strangely entertaining. Those quirks must be a huge nuisance to all the other members, though (lol). I’ll do my absolute best not to disappoint all of you fans who supported me or hold back the four Knights who made this unit what it is, so please continue to support Knights in the future. Also, if it’s not too much to ask, though he’s late to the party and a fickle leader, please let Tsukinaga Leo drag you into his pace. I’m sure he won’t bore you!" (Enstars!)

""[10] (Enstars!!)

Leo Tsukinaga
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