Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Intimacy Level 2
Koga Oogami sub story part 1
Season: Spring (春) Location: Garden


Hey you, this is my territory. Who gave you permission to wander around here, huh? I’ll rip you to shreds.

Oh, now that I think about it… you’re that little girl who’s been hanging around me too much lately.

You haven’t paid me back for that time, you hear?

Hm? You looking for somethin’? You’re in the way.

Whatever, it’s just stupid… I’ll graciously lend my help to you, so hurry up and find it and get lost.

I’ll say it over and over, this is my territory! I don’t want the irritating smell of women to stink it up. My nose’ll rot!

Mnn, hey you. Is the thing you’re looking for this sheet music?

I picked up your scent on the paper, I know these things. Got a problem with that? Huh?

My sense of smell surpasses that of you ordinary people! I’m a wolf after all…!

…Hey, you. Don’t clap, are you trying to make me look stupid?

Wha? I’m the real thing, not like that stupid vampire givin’ you lip service.

Stuff you ordinary people can’t do is as easy to me as twistin’ a baby’s arm!

Hey, don’t pet me. You’re really trying to make me look stupid? Don’t touch me so easily!

Huh? You’re sayin’ I’m like the dog that idiot Akehoshi’s raising?

Ah, Daikichi. That guy’s a mean one. I try to stay out of his territory.

We’re both the real thing, so there’s stuff we understand about each other.

It’s kinda like respect? Like we acknowledge each other?

But what the hell are you doing, looking for your sheet music? Don’t lose something so important in the first place. You gotta frame it and put it on your wall!

Ahh, you opened the window for some fresh air and it flew out?

Are you a monkey or somethin’? Work that brain some more. You sure Akehoshi’s stupidity didn’t infect you too?

Well, whatever. Hey, you… as thanks for helping you find your thing, help me with harvesting.

What? I said harvesting, what the hell else would you do with a field like this? Quit asking questions, it’s annoying!

I heard there are vegetables here that’ll make that annoying vampire feel like throwing up just from eating ‘em!

I got the seedlings for those. I’ve been growing them in this field for a while.

If I just leave them here, some janitor in charge of this place will take care of ‘em.

That way I can grow weapons against that vampire without having to work!

How about it, I’m smart, right? My mind works different from you ordinary people!


W-What’re you doing? What’s that? Don’t come near me! My nose is gonna fall off!

T-This is… garlic? I see, this is the fruit of the seedlings I grew?!

T-True, it’ll be effective against that vampire. Damn it, it’s gonna do damage on me too, though?!

My nose, my nose hurts! Stop, don’t bring that any closer! I’ll kill you!!

Ughh, you stupid ass vampire!

You didn’t predict I’d suffer this much and tell me your weakness on purpose, did you…?

That son of a bitch! I can’t take it anymore, this day’s been beatin’ me to a pulp!

Oh, before that… Hey you, make sure you don’t lose this music again.

Keep that safe. Sheet music is a rock singer’s soul!

What am I gonna do with the garlic, you said?

Who the hell knows?! You’re so irritating, just take it home and cook with it or something!

Aghh, shit! I wasted my time and it’s all that vampire’s fault!

Take a good look, vampire! I’ll make you regret making a fool outta me!

Translator: YumenoUkihashi
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