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Writer: ゆーます (Yuumasu) Requirement: Unlock in (Gleaming Mad Wolf Musician) Koga Oogami's Idol Road
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Season: Summer Location: ES Cafeteria

Finally found ya! The hell are ya doin' over here, Producer?

Must be damn nice, eatin' yer lunch so carefree like that. I've been lookin fer ya the whole freakin' mornin'!

... You were goin' 'round to a couple of the other studios about that time?

Of course I knew without ya sayin' anything. I've been on yer trail this whole time an' just caught up to ya, after all. 

Seriously, if ya noticed I was there, then you should've come on over right away. What, are we playin' tag or somethin'?

You on the phone? Guess I must be buggin' ya if you're in the middle of working, Producer.

I was lookin' fer ya 'cause...

Tch... my stomach's growlin'.

I'm gonna chow down too, so hold up a sec. Don't move a muscle, got it?

(Munch munch...) Today's Daily Special ain't half bad, huh?

They sure didn't skimp. The teriyaki chicken's seasoned well, an' the the cream croquette's breading's got a nice crunch to it.

Havin' this much fillin' on the inside fer that kinda price is a hell of a bargain ♪

Hm? What're you lookin' at? ... You're impressed by how I'm eatin' all this?

If ya want some fried shrimp, then eat some. It's yer own damn food, after all.

It ain't like I'm a glutton or somethin’, it's just that yer the one who ain't eatin' a lot. Even though you're always bustin' yer ass every single day, yer appetite's tiny as ever, yeah? 

Ya need stamina to do all that producer shit too, yanno, so ya oughta follow my lead an' eat more. Want some of my chicken?

The hell're ya hesitatin' for? Sheesh, feels like I've been tellin' ya that fer a while now––

... Say what? Oh yeah, I was supposed to be talkin' to ya about somethin'... Right, I got it!

Ahh dammit, why am I just eatin' here like I ain't got a care in all the world?!

Oi, Producer. About that "Special Outfit"... or whatever the hell the name is... They're one-of-a-kind clothes ya make fer an idol, yeah?

The next one ya make oughta be for me.

All of us in UNDEAD're focusin' on our own paths towards becomin' our own "best selves"... And there's a whole shitton of paths to go on.

So I'm masterin' the school of rock to reach mine. An' soon after that, I'm plannin' on debutin' a song I made, so I've gotta have some badass threads fer when I do, got it?

If I'm gonna be doin' a live by myself, it'd be pretty wrong to wear UNDEAD's uniform. Usin' casual clothes wouldn't be any good either, would it?

Even if I asked a designer to do it, there ain't a guarantee that they'd make somethin' that fit my style so easy either.

So you're a safe bet, as far as that goes, 'cause you've made plenty of UNDEAD's outfits up 'til now.

That's why I'm sayin' you've gotta make a Special Outfit, just for me!

Ya fine with that? Seriously? Yeesh, that was fast.

Damn, kind of a let down that it got settled so easily. I was ready to fight about whatever kinda conditions ya might set too.

You're gonna end up makin' outfits for everyone in the end anyway, it's just that the order's based on whose schedule's open at the time?

Damn, so it really ain't nothin' but luck that someone else didn't ask first?

... Haa? The hell're you apologizin' for? It ain't like ya were tryin' to put it off...

Ahh, so ya thought I'd get pissed, huh. Hell nah, not happenin'. I ain't got a reason to tell ya off, aight?

As a producer, your work's spread across all the agencies. I got an idea of how ya operate.

I don't care, so ya shouldn't worry 'bout it either.

Anyway, about my outfit. ... I know what ya said, but I'm just double checkin' –– yer really good with havin' mine be yer next "Speciall Outfit" project?

'Cause I ain't gonna accept you givin' up when yer makin' it later on!

Haha, ya don't gotta keep noddin' like one of those bobblehead things. Ya ain't gotta worry, I know yer gonna make a badass design worth bein' worn by me. ♪

You're askin' what kinda outfit's cool with me...? Eh, anythin' that's rock'll be good enough.

Haa? Nothin' rock-inspired's comin' to mind? Even though you've been makin' UNDEAD's outfits based on that up 'til now?

... Ya ain't got the details of what it's like, just the big picture?

Aight, lay it on me.

A man with his hair slicked up, chest bare with nothin' but a leather jacket thrown over his broad shoulders sorta feel, huh...

That look's all the way from the goddamn Stone Age...!

That kinda rock's decades old! Are ya takin' a trip back through time or somethin'?!

Ya wanna know what I mean when I'm talkin' about "rock"? It's takin' down the man, freein' yourself from the shackles of society! That's what rock is!

It's 'cause those badasses're singin' with their tremblin' souls that it reaches us!

Fer somethin' more specific though, I... Uh...

(It's definitely gotta be cool, but... what exactly is rock?

That vampire bastard's the definition of rock, but I'd get catch hell if I wore somethin' with that guy's face on it.)

... Forget it, I just don't think it's their anti-establishment attitude that raises their hackles like that.

Ya heard there's a lotta anger in it, so you'll go with whatever gives off a powerful feel?

Just 'cause I ain't got nothin' to put in don't mean ya can try what the hell ya'd like on me. I ain't gonna wear any tacky-ass rock outfit ya think of, no matter how much ya beg me to!

... H-Hey. Don't make it so obvious that you're dejected. ... Yer a girl, so of course ya wouldn't know everythin' there is to know about rock, aight?

... Tch. I'll think of somethin' myself if it comes down to it, so ya'd better be ready for it!

Translation: Peace
Proofreading: Mola
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