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Writer: 日日日 (Akira) Requirement: Automatically unlocked
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Season: Spring (春) Location: Studio

♪~ ♪~ ♪~

... ugh, dammit. Somethin' about this still doesn't feel right.

What a pain! This new song I'm tryin' to write here's s'posed to show up the rest of society, all the other idols, and, most of all, those damn upperclassmen of ours!

... w-whoa?! How long were you there, Producer? You've seriously got like, no presence at all.

Ah, nah, you ain't gotta apologize for that... uh, so, did you need me for somethin'?

You didn't? You saw me when you were passin' by and just decided to watch?

Like you've got time for that. You better be workin' out there, Producer.

Aahn? It's cool 'cause you have a break between jobs right now? Keh. So now you're a real expert at mouthin' off huh?

Well, s'all good as long as you're having fun with it and takin' it easy. It's like you're on cloud nine with how satisfied you've been lookin' lately. ♪

Enough to make a guy jealous, even. Seems like I went and ran into a wall...

Not to get caught up in a pity party or anything, but if you've got time hear me out for a sec.

It comes with the territory anyway, don't it, Producer?

Okay. Sooo, let's see... where should I start... I don't have much experience relyin' on other people.

.... nnhh, all right. Have a listen to my song first. That'll probably sum things up faster than a bunch of gripin'.

♪~ ♪~ ♪~

... that's about where I'm at, only this's my brand new song. You get where I'm stuck, right?

Hm? I mean, "my"song basically means it doesn't belong to UNDEAD.

No doubt you know already, but right now we're actin' separate within the school and the agency.

Our main focus is still UNDEAD though, as a group of four.

We're way more popular that way, and it's not like there's anywhere else to set myself aflame and just live.

It's more than us just having issues with tryin' to take part in school activities, now that half of our members have graduated. It's like...

It sucks havin' to depend on a bunch of graduates all the time. It feels unfair to the rest of the students.

So me and my partner Adonis are gonna act on our own at school and gain a buncha experience.

Then we'll take everything we built up and let it all out during UNDEAD's agency related work.

Our upperclassmen are actively takin' on new work and all kinds of new challenges.

Who the hell knows about the rest of 'em, but we ain't a friendly squad of losers who're clingin' to each other 24/7.

That way each of us can master our own way and reach our "personal best".

If we can be at our best together after perfectin' ourselves, then, no matter where we go, UNDEAD'll become the best and the strongest and never know defeat.

That's about the direction UNDEAD's been headin' in lately. What d'ya think? It feels cool as hell, right? Like in a, "this is a man's way of life!" kinda way. ♪

.... but, man. I'm tearin' my hair out a little over it.

I'm used to it bein' just the four of us, all the way down to my core.

Back when I was just a brat, there should've been tons of ways for me to express myself.

I chose this 'cause it was supposed to let me show off and gloat.

But. It was so frustrating when no one would even listen to my voice, like I was some insignificant little puppy.

I struggled about, snarlin' and snappin' at anyone and everyone to just "look at me!".

Before I knew it, it was like I didn't know a thing about who "I" was or what I was so desperately tryin' to say...

I was so damn impatient that I'd end up makin' myself fly off the handle.

My heart was screamin' out, "the hell's wrong with you, Oogami Koga?!".

Just who are you, anyway, and what d'you even want?

That might've been a blessing in and of itself, though.

It's not like I've gotta keep living like I'm all alone, shiverin' out in the cold, just stuffin' my face with whatever kibble's right in front of me or anything.

I can get by if I show off a trick or two, be sheltered and have everything provided for me. But that wouldn't be who I am.

I'm not some happy-go-lucky mutt or whatever. I'm a proud lone wolf! Or at least I was, y'know, back in the day... augh, dammit!

Where'd I go off to, huh? Help me find me. Go stick posters up all over downtown that say "MISSING"!

But first, I need t'write this new song so I can do my own thing.

Rock'n roll's the music that stirs my soul. I've been weirdly into it since I was a brat.

So. That's why it still feels like I'm right here.

If you notice anything off about it while listen', anything that isn't like me at all, don't hold back on pointing it out right away.

We'll discipline it out of me and turn me into the strongest, most awesome Oogami Koga-sama that the whole world'll be proud of! Rock'n roll!

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ... !

Translation: Mandy
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