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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
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Location: Outdoor Stage
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Speaking of which, about the right to participate in the SS which everyone wants more than everything....

Do you know how our school decides the participants, the representatives?

And you have to hear this, it's such a masterpiece. It's the unit the son of the household that invests the most in the school belongs to.

It's really true. It's recorded in official documents. I held my stomach as I laughed when I read about it!

Just what are idols? Are they the rich? Or maybe the authority?

That isn't right, students of my beloved Yumenosaki Academy! What shines the most isn't golden coins or jewels, it's our dream, our performance!

That is what is most important; the unit that shines the most should be chosen as the representative, right?

I think that, and I believe that you all think the same.

Which is why I, the student council president, Tenshouin Eichi will now pledge...

We will be holding a Dreamfes to decide our school's representative unit, the ones who are truly the most worthy to participate in the SS.

We will make the unit who wins in the S1 we have dubbed DDD the representatives that will participate in the SS!

Originally the student who invests the most in this school is me.

I and my unit fine should have become the representatives of our school.

But I hand over that right to the unit who wins the DDD. I promise you here and now.

This is your chance to shine the most as an idol.

I hope you will try and participate in the DDD.

Of course, we will also make an appearance in the DDD as one of its participants.

If we were to win then we will normally participate in the SS with our heads held high.

However, I am hoping that another unit will appear that will defeat me and will gain glory as our representative in the SS.

I want you to challenge by betting the weight of your dreams and all of your passion.

I am wishing from the bottom of my heart for the appearance of a unit that will defeat us and that will be chosen as the true representative of our school!

The DDD will be held this weekend. There isn't even a week left so I want you to resolve yourselves before then.

The SS will be held at the end of the year, and you may think it's too demanding to decide a representative now when not even all of the sakura leaves have fallen.

But I will be holding the DDD, putting myself in the precarious position of having to hand over the position of representative to someone else even though I would be sure to have it otherwise.

It would be strange to say that this is to make up for that, but please go along with this selfishness of mine.

Be that as it may, I will also promise to cheer on the winners of the DDD, our school's representatives with all my might for this one whole year.

I will be betting the whole school and will be backing up the representatives. If I don't go at least that far, winning the SS, which is our dearest wish, won't be fulfilled.

We will become one front and concentrate all our efforts for the SS.

The DDD is the preliminary held for choosing the representative of our splendid school, our star of hope!

I want you to throw everything you've gained up until now, all of the dreams that have been growing while I was hospitalized!

If your performance is disappointing, though, we will crush you beneath our feet without any mercy.

...I've talked a little bit too long.

Tomorrow, the teachers will also give you the official notice about the DDD.

You should all consult with your units and decide whether you will participate or not.

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But before that, I am standing on the stage after all... As a special service, fine will show you one of its new songs prepared for the DDD.

Let us offer it up to you as a prelude for the decisive battles to come.

Translation: Freddie24f
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